Tennis Player Warned After Yelling 'Son of a Biscuit' During Match

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 16, 2014

No! Shut the front door!

Sorry, I probably shouldn't use harmless euphemisms around here. There's a persnickety tennis official out there who might read it and become offended.

If you ever believed you faced pointless censorship at your place of business, be glad you don't work with the chair judge who officiated a recent match at the ATP Sarasota Open.   

Chris Chase of For The Win spotted footage of the chair judge issuing a warning to American pro Donald Young for words he shouted after a lost point.

What filth poured forth from Young's mouth? What vileness utterance did he spew that so polluted the sanctified air of Sarasota?

He yelled "son of a biscuit."

The same phrase a youth pastor shouts after missing a chord on his acoustic guitar is the one that nearly earned Young a penalty. He couldn't believe the judge was serious. 

"I said 'biscuit!' " Young said. "Come on. Don't give me crap for that, man…I said 'son of a biscuit'…is that a problem now?"

Indeed, it is a problem now, which begs the question: What other phrases don't fly around this judge? Let's throw some out there:

"Son of a bee sting."


"Cheese and rice!"

"Good gravy!"

"Oh fudge!"

No doubt all of these lines would be considered wrong and morally corrupt in the eyes of our good friend, the chair judge.

Fortunately for Young, he went on to win the match and advance to the middle school round, where "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" and other such phrases are accepted.

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