Russell Westbrook's Fashion Once Again Steals Show with Leather Shirt at Presser

Steven Cook@@stevencookinFeatured Columnist IVApril 25, 2013

Hold the phones; Russell Westbrook is sweeping the nation with another insane fashion statement. This one comes just after he hammered the Houston Rockets for 29 points in a 105-102 win to push his Oklahoma City Thunder to a 2-0 lead in their series. 

A tweet from ESPN personality J.A. Adande shows what Westbrook decided to sport before strutting out to the postgame press conference. 

Holy leather. 

Westbrook's efforts to put on something bizarre have exceeded everyone's expectations. Insane colors on bow ties with knit sweater vests are one thing. But a straight leather jacket with a potential turtleneck? 

Talk about uncomfortable.

Westbrook just dominated Game 2 with 29 points, five rebounds, four assists and four steals while jacking up 26 shots on the night.

On top of that, he spent much of the night in a wrestling match with Rockets guard Patrick Beverley, who wouldn't leave Westbrook alone. He even got a rise out of the Thunder star on a few occasions.

You'd think he'd be a little bit tired after such a night.

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Westbrook continues to push the boundary between style and oddity, which has been well documented by his personal Instagram account. Here, you can see his bizarre swag on a nightly basis. 

In last season's playoff run, Westbrook defied even his own self with his now famous fish hook shirt (via CJ Fogler), which was my favorite–or least favorite, depending on how you look at it–trend setting by the point guard. But now, he's blown the lid off of his fashion capabilities. 

Twitter blew up with hilarious personal takes on Westbrook's newest fashion statement, as Jessica Suarez poked fun at the guessing game that is his post game press conference.

The most amazing part of this press-conference-turned-fashion-show is that Kevin Durant is sitting alongside him rocking a Bill Belichick-inspired hoodie with short sleeves. Nobody even notices due to Westbrook's unthinkable swag. 

One thing is certain: As long as the Thunder are winning, Westbrook's crazy wardrobe will keep growing. 

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