Miami Dolphins: Why Their New Logo Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaFeatured Columnist IVMarch 28, 2013

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If there's one thing that everyone seems to hate talking about with the Miami Dolphins, yet also can't seem to get enough of, it's the logo.

As just about every Dolphins fan is aware of, the Miami Dolphins have unveiled their new logo, although it wasn't exactly done according to plan (per

I feared the worst with this logo after seeing so many horrible rumors and prototypes. I feared a repeat of the Marlins debacle, but worse since they were messing with almost 50 years of tradition.

Instead, I fell in love, and for a very good reason.

Take a look at this t-shirt worn by Jared Odrick, which contains the new logo.

The colors: aqua and orange. No Marlins-inspired teal and Dallas Cowboys-inspired navy blue that was put in back in 1997, coincidentally the same year that H. Wayne Huizinga owned both the Marlins and the Dolphins and former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson was coaching the Fins.

The aqua and orange remind me of Marino, Shula and the good old days. Those uniforms stood out, and if I must add, no uniforms looked better on television than the home aquas that the Dolphins usually only wore for Monday Night Football home games in December (which was always a big event).

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Of course I'd have to see the new uniforms before coming to any judgement; however, as long as it's the light shade of aqua seen in the t-shirt, I will be very happy.

(On a selfish note, I'd also like to see an orange jersey: of the post-1997 Dolphins uniforms, those were the only ones I could stomach).

Then there's the logo itself, which to some might look like a beached dolphin or whale.

That is until you actually see footage of dolphins swimming in the wild, and in the case of this video, how they fight.

Now after seeing that video, doesn't that logo make a lot of sense?

If you really think about it, the old logo, while classic, fun and cartoon-like, had two major flaws.

One is the fact that the dolphin looks like it's jumping into a flaming hoop and not the sun. This could connotate the dolphin being in captivity, as a servant used for our entertainment purposes only (it was very hard to not go for the easy porpoise pun there).

While I'm not against dolphins that are born and raised in captivity (assuming they're treated humanely), you don't want that to be the image of your football team.

The second one is even more egregious, and often overlooked.

The helmet is located directly over the blowhole. The dolphin in the logo is literally choking.

Considering this team's history after 1985, that might not be the best thing to have on a logo.

This dolphin not only looks like it's bound to attack, but has a grace, style and dignity of its own. No cartoon-like smile, no helmet, just a dolphin in its natural habitat.

The only fault I could find was with the sun rays; those should've remained the same as in the former logo.

Hopefully, the 2013 team wearing the uniforms will be ready to attack, because in the end, if Miami finishes 12-4, these uniforms are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But another 7-9 season or worse, and this uniform makes the current Marlins duds look like the classic New York Yankees uniforms.

We now return to our regularly scheduled draft talk.


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