Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl 2012: Arizona State vs. Navy TV Info, Predictions & More

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl 2012: Arizona State vs. Navy TV Info, Predictions & More

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    With the bowl season quickly approaching, it's time for us to breakdown each and every bowl matchup we will no doubt be watching throughout the holiday season. This year's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl features a run-happy Navy team versus a very talented ASU squad.

    The Midshipmen are 7-4 at this point and will most likely finish the season 8-4 after they play their inferior rival Army next weekend.

    Arizona State finished its 7-5 season with a big win over Arizona and head into this bowl season with plenty of momentum on its side.

    Will Arizona State continue to ride the momentum of its thrilling upset victory over Arizona or will Navy's triple-option attack be too much for the Sun Devils' defense to handle?

    Nonetheless, this slideshow has everything you need and more to be properly prepped for this solid bowl matchup.

Game Day Info

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    Where: San Francisco, CA

    When: 1:00 p.m. (PST)

    TV: ESPN 2

    Radio: KTAR 620 AM, Arizona State; WBAL 1090 AM, Navy

    Live Streaming:

    Betting Line: Arizona State -14.5

Key Storylines

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    While neither of these teams had dominant seasons, there will still be plenty of talent on the field when these two squads meet in late December.

    A bowl win for ASU would be huge for its program and would only continue the momentum it has been building since its big-upset win over Arizona a few weeks ago. Another thing to keep an eye on for the Sun Devils is their dominant DT Will Sutton and his possible draft status. Sutton is only a junior but extremely capable of playing at the next level and could raise his draft status substantially with a solid performance on a big stage.

    The Midshipmen, on the other hand, could potentially reach nine wins this season as long as they take care of Army next week and ASU in the bowl game. It will be interesting to see if the Midshipmen offensive line can handle Sutton inside and move the ball on the ground against a big-time program in Arizona State.

Navy's Depth Chart and Injury Report

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    WR - 86 - Brandon Turner, SR (6'4", 225 lbs)
    88 - Casey Bolena, JR (6'2", 200 lbs)

    WR - 87 - Shawn Lynch, JR (6'0", 190 lbs)
    85 - Matt Aiken, JR (6'0", 195 lbs)

    LT - 68 - Ryan Paulsen, SR (6'4", 266 lbs)
    71 - Andrew Barker, SR (6'4", 275 lbs)

    LG - 65 - Josh Cabral, SR (6'3", 295 lbs)
    71 - Thomas Stone, SR (6'3", 295 lbs)

    C - 75 - Tanner Fleming, SO (6'2", 270 lbs)
    60 - Kahikolu Pescaia, SR (6'0", 273 lbs)

    RG - 64 - Jake Zuzek, SO (6'0", 318 lbs)
    71 - Thomas Stone, SR (6'3", 295 lbs)

    RT - 70 - Graham Vickers, JR (6'1", 280 lbs)
    71 - Andrew Barker, SR (6'4", 275 lbs)

    SB - 4 - Bo Snelson, SR (5'7", 180 lbs)
    20 - Darius Staten, JR (5'6", 195 lbs)

    SB - 21 - Gee Gee Greene, SR (5'8", 185 lbs)
    26 - Marcus Thomas, JR (5'7", 165 lbs)

    QB - 19 - Keenan Reynolds, FR (5'11", 200 lbs)
    1 - Trey Miller, JR (6'0", 200 lbs)

    FB - 34 - Noah Copeland, SO (5'10", 205 lbs)
    37 - Chris Swain, FR (5'11", 220 lbs)


    LE - 99 - Wes Anderson, SR (6'2", 255 lbs)
    97 - Danny Ring, SO (6'2", 260 lbs)

    NG - 69 - Barry Dabney, JR (6'1", 297 lbs)
    97 - Danny Ring, SO (6'2", 260 lbs)

    RE - 58 - Evan Palelei, JR (6'3", 247 lbs)
    45 - Paul Quessenberry, SO (6'2", 230 lbs)

    OLB - 13 - Jordan Drake, SO (6'4", 220 lbs)
    41 - Josh Tate, SO (5'11", 203 lbs)

    ILB - 53 - Cody Peterson, JR (6'3", 220 lbs)
    40 - John Michael Nurthen, SR (6'2", 217 lbs)

    ILB - 51- Matt Warrick, SR (6'2", 229 lbs)
    50 - Brye French, SR (6'1", 216 lbs)

    OLB - 48 - Keegan Wetzel, SR (6'3", 218 lbs)
    44 - Obi Uzoma, SO (6'3", 231 lbs)

    CB - 2 - Parrish Gaines, SO (6'2", 196 lbs)
    7 - Shelley White, FR (5'10", 190 lbs)

    SS - 9 - Tra’ves Bush, SR (5'10", 192 lbs)
    8 - Wave Ryder, JR (6'2", 215 lbs)

    FS - 8 - Wave Ryder, JR (6'2", 215 lbs)
    23 Chris Ferguson, SO (6'2", 195 lbs)

    CB - 17 - Kwazel Bertrand, FR (5'10", 163 lbs)
    5 Quincy Adams, FR (5'11", 195 lbs)

    Injury Report

    SB John Howell: Out for Season (Leg)

    LB Chris Johnson: Out for Season (Knee)

    CB David Sperry: Dismissed from Team

    OT Evan Campbell: Out Indefinitely (Ankle)

    C Bradyn Heap: Out for Season (Leg)

Arizona State's Depth Chart and Injury Report

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    WR - 32 - Jamal Miles, SR (5'10", 180 lbs)
    7 - Kyle Middlebrooks, JR (5'8", 182 lbs)

    QB - 10 - Taylor Kelly, SO (6'1", 203 lbs)
    18 - Michael Eubank, FR (6'5", 242 lbs)

    HB - 87 - Chris Coyle, JR (6'3", 230 lbs)
    17 - Darwin Rogers (6'4", 240 lbs)

    RB - 6 - Cameron Marshall, SR (5'11", 223 lbs)
    8 - DJ Foster, FR (6'0", 190 lbs)

    WR - 82 - Kevin Ozier, JR (6'0", 198 lbs)
    80 - JJ Holiday, JR (6'0", 170 lbs)

    WR - 15 - Rashad Ross, SR (6'0", 174 lbs)
     4 - Alonzo Agwuenu, JR (6'4", 210 lbs)

    LT - 71 - Brice Schwab, SR (6'7", 303 lbs)
    54 - Tyler Sulka, SO (6'4", 273 lbs)

    LG - 72 - Andrew Sampson, SR (6'3", 304 lbs)
    73 - Vi Teofilo, FR (6'3", 306 lbs)

    C - 67 - Kody Koebensky, JR (6'4", 294 lbs)
    76 - Mo Latu, FR (6'3", 336 lbs)

    RG - 74 - Jamil Douglas, SO (6'4", 284 lbs)
    58 - Sil Ajawara, SO (6'3", 292 lbs)

    RT - 62 - Evan Finkenberg, JR (6'6", 299 lbs)
    57 - Evan Goodman, FR (6'4", 290 lbs)


    DE - 5 - Junior Onyeali, JR (5'11", 230 lbs)
    43 - Davon Coleman, JR (6'3", 269 lbs)

    DT - 90 - Will Sutton, JR (6'2", 271 lbs)
    95 - Gannon Conway' JR (6'4", 260 lbs)

    NG - 92 - Jaxon Hood, FR (6'1", 290 lbs)
    99 - Mike Pennel, JR (6'5", 340 lbs)

    LB - 21 - Chris Young, JR (6'2", 220 lbs)
    31 - Anthony Jones, JR (6'2", 212 lbs)

    LB - 2 - Steffon Martin, JR (6'2", 230 lbs)
    53 - Brandon Johnson, JR (6'2", 214 lbs)

    LB - 8 - Brandon Magee, SR (5'11", 233 lbs)
    56 - Grandville Taylor, JR (6'0", 215 lbs)

    LB - 52 - Carl Bradford, SO (6'0", 237 lbs)
    46 - Kipeli Koniseti, JR (6'3", 244 lbs)

    CB - 24 - Osahon Irabor, JR (5'11", 176 lbs)
    39 - Robert Nelson, JR (5'10", 167 lbs)

    CB - 1 - Deveron Carr, SR (5'11", 193 lbs)
    39 - Robert Nelson, JR (5'10", 167 lbs)

    SS - 4 - Alden Darby, JR (5'10", 187 lbs)
    23 - Ezekiel Bishop (5'10", 191 lbs)

    FS - 10 - Keelan Johnson, SR (6'0", 202 lbs)
    12 - Viliami Moeakiola, FR (6'1", 205 lbs)

    Injury Report

    FS Viliami Moeakiola: Out for Season (Hamstring)

    CB Devan Spann: Out for Season (Shoulder)

    CB Rashad Wadood: Out for Season (Shoulder)

    LB Carlos Mendoza: Out for Season (Shoulder)

    DT Corey Adams: Out for Season (Back)

Navy's Player to Watch

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    SB Gee Gee Greene

    With easily one of the coolest names in college football, Gee Gee Greene is key to the Midshipmen's chances against Arizona State. The scrappy senior leads the team in both rushing and receiving, and if he is unable to get going against the Sun Devils' D, it's hard to see Navy even keeping the game close.

    Greene is the Midshipmen's most dangerous playmaker, and he could make an impact in this bowl game in a number of ways. Look for Ken Niumatalolo to do everything he can to get Greene involved in the offense, whether that be on the ground or through the air, and if Greene can make a few plays, the Sun Devils will certainly have their hands full.

Arizona State's Player to Watch

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    DT Will Sutton

    If I had to describe Will Sutton in one word it would have to be "monster." The guy is a complete beast who leads his team in both tackles for loss and sacks. He constantly wreaks havoc in the backfield and could be a huge problem for Navy's triple-option attack.

    Basically, this defense will go as far as Sutton can take them.

    The junior defensive tackle is also looking to improve his already-respectable draft status so don't be surprised to see a deranged No. 90 out on the field come December 29.

Key Matchups

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    Will Sutton vs. Navy's Offensive Line

    In order for Navy to win, it must dominate the ground game, and standing in its way will be uber-talented DT Will Sutton. This Midshipmen O-line will have their hands full with Sutton, and if they can't at least contain him, he and his fellow defensive linemen will eat Navy's triple-option alive. Navy must be able to competently block Sutton without giving him too much attention because if they do, the rest of the Sun Devils' defensive line is talented enough to take advantage of mismatches.

    Taylor Kelly vs. Navy's Secondary

    Although Kelly is just a mere sophomore, he has proven that he can dominate a game with his arm and weapons. Navy is solid against the run but its pass defense can falter at times, and if it doesn't shore up its secondary, Kelly will carve them up. For Navy, it's all about time of possession, and if Kelly is completing passes at will, the Sun Devils will move the chains with ease all day.

    Noah Copeland vs. Arizona State's Front Seven

    This Navy offense must have a solid game from their B-back, Noah Copeland, if they are going to put up the necessary points to win this game. Copeland has had a decent season thus far but must be prepared to tote the rock and pick up the tough yards up the middle. If Copeland struggles and the Sun Devils' front seven shuts down all activity up the middle, the Midshipmen won't stand a chance.

Navy Will Win If...

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    This Midshipmen team has posted a solid season thus far, but have a tough test ahead of it in Arizona State. In order for Navy to defeat Arizona State, it must dominate the time of possession. By doing this it will keep ASU's impressive offense off the field and play at a pace that is optimal for its style of play.

    In order to do this its offensive line must dominate the line of scrimmage and pick up tough short yards on 3rd- or 4th-and-short. It must also take care of the football and eliminate pesky fumbles that are common in the triple-option attack. However, if Navy can take care of the football and put together some long scoring drives, it'll have a great chance to take out the Sun Devils.

Arizona State Will Win If...

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    Arizona State enters the game expected to win but will definitely get a solid fight from the Midshipmen. In order for the Sun Devils to finish their season on a high note, they must win the turnover battle.

    Now I know this is pretty obvious, but against a triple-option offense, you can't afford to relinquish field possession, and a few forced turnovers could be crippling to the Navy offense. The Midshipmen simply can't win this game if they lose the turnover battle so it's that simple, ASU: Force a few turnovers and take care of the ball on offense, and you can't lose.


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    The Midshipmen have put together a solid season, but at the end of the day, I feel like this Arizona State team will be too much for them to handle come December 29. The Sun Devils are just blessed with more talent than Navy, and it will show when they meet on the field.

    I see the Midshipmen struggling with ASU's talented defensive line, which will stunt their triple-option offense and force the Navy defense to come up with several big stops.

    I don't see this happening as I expect this Sun Devils offense to dominate Navy's defense, especially through the air, and put up some serious points.

    This game will be close at first, mainly due to Navy's slow-paced offense, but should finish with the Sun Devils ahead by at least 14 points or so.

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