Mark Sanchez's Butt Fumble Leads to Patriots' Touchdown and National Joke

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 23, 2012

I feel like I owe the New York Jets money for all the fun I had during their Thanksgiving game against the New England Patriots, which was more comedic skit than athletic endeavor. 

Sure, the Jets were mollywhopped by the Pats in front of a sleepy national audience, who must have thought the game was tinted through eyes of people who had eaten too much and drank too freely. 

The good news for all was that every Jets possession was must-see TV, which makes little sense when you consider New England won 49-19 and forced five Jets turnovers.

The most hilarious moment came with a little over nine minutes to go in the first half. If you missed it, relax. NBC decided to show it on repeat, ad infinitum. 

On 1st-and-10, Sanchez dropped back to hand the ball off to his fullback, but he ignored Sanchize and dived into the pile of linemen. 


Sanchez, knowing that the one job he had was ripped from him, decided to just take the ball and run with it.

It's at this moment I like to imagine he closed his eyes and ran, because he ran right into the rear end of guard Brandon Moore. 

The quarterback, who devolved into a slapstick comedy act, hit the ground and fumbled the ball, allowing the Patriots' Steve Gregory to pick it up and run it back for six. 

All-out laughter. 

They say you should laugh to keep from crying, which Jets fans should certainly consider. For me and the rest of the nation on Thursday, we were crying from laughing so hard.  

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