Damien Sandow: 7 Curious Facts About the WWE's Intellectual Savior

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 12, 2012

Damien Sandow: 7 Curious Facts About the WWE's Intellectual Savior

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    Damien Sandow has been a hit with the WWE Universe since he strut down the ramp for the first time earlier this year. 

    Sandow has wasted no time in climbing the ranks of the WWE roster. He's gone from new guy to one of the most unique characters in the WWE in a matter of months. Now tagging with Cody Rhodes, Team Rhodes Scholars are giving the WWE something to enjoy in the midcard. 

    His snarky and confident intellectual gimmick is perfect for a heel in the WWE, and he's taken hold of the opportunity.

    While Sandow is quick to sing his own praises, here are seven facts about the Superstar that he doesn't discuss as often.

1. He's Been in the WWE Before

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    Surprisingly enough, Sandow has been in the WWE before and failed. Sandow was on the WWE roster as "Idol Stevens" for a short time. 

    In the early 2000s, Sandow had a slew of tryout matches on Sunday Night Heat, and he eventually made it to Smackdown in 2006. 

    Sandow competed mostly with tag team partner KC James, as they went after WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick. After losing the match for the tag team titles at No Mercy in 2006, Sandow was sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling. 

    For a guy with the in-ring talent of Sandow, it's surprising that he couldn't cut it in the business before. 

2. He Used to Be Colonel Damien Sandow

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    Imagine if Damien Sandow wasn't an intellectual savior, but was instead a colonel. Yes, a colonel. That was almost a reality. 

    When Sandow finally returned to the WWE in 2010, he was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling. He started out in FCW as Colonel Damien Sandow. 

    Sandow's military gimmick was lackluster, but he did manage to win the FCW tag titles while wearing his beret. 

    Speaking of FCW tag titles...

3. He Was a Tag Team Champion with One of His Current Rivals

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    Sandow has proven that he can make his living as a tag team wrestler, winning tag team titles in four different organizations. 

    Currently in the WWE, Sandow has joined Cody Rhodes to form Team Rhodes Scholars. 

    As Team Rhodes Scholars has climbed the ranks in the tag team division, they've had a few run-ins with the Primetime Players. 

    Before Sandow was competing against PTP, however, he was teaming with Titus O'Neil. 

    O'Neil and Sandow were partners in FCW and even won the FCW tag team titles in 2010. 

    Just think if the WWE would've kept the pair in the WWE—team Fancy Muscles would be tearing apart the tag team division.

4. He's Competed at WrestleMania...Sort of

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    Sandow fans may have watched the Tag Team Championship match at Hell in a Cell a few weeks ago and thought Damien Sandow was overdue for a big pay-per-view match. 

    Little do they know, Sandow has had a match on the grandest stage of them all. Sandow once competed in a tag team match at WrestleMania...well, sort of. 

    Sandow once joined US champ Antonio Cesaro to take on Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris at WrestleMania Axxess. 

    While (spoiler alert) Sandow and Cesaro weren't able to win the match and it wasn't at the actual WrestleMania event, it's still a big deal to be featured anywhere around WrestleMania weekend. 

5. He Was the Easter Bunny at Vengeance in 2003

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    You read that correctly. Damien Sandow, the intellectual savior to the masses, once dressed up as the Easter Bunny on WWE television. 

    Sandow donned the bunny garb as part of the Vengeance pay-per-view in 2003. The APA was hosting a "Bar Room Brawl," to which the Easter Bunny was apparently invited to. 

    Sandow didn't get much of a chance to show off his wrestling prowess, as he was beat unmercifully and eventually thrown through a fake window. 

    Everyone has to start some where, right? 

6. He Stays in Character

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    Sandow has one of the best gimmicks going in the WWE today. While most of the other heavy gimmicks are mainly used for comedic relief, Sandow is a serious player with a serious character. 

    Sandow has done a great job remaining in character during WWE events, but he goes beyond the norm. 

    As part of WWE's "Out of the Box" show on YouTube, Sandow attended Comic-Con and played his character to a tee.

    This isn't the first time that Sandow has impressed with his character acting. As the WWE was preparing for a show in the Massachusetts area (where Sandow's family is from), the local newspaper interviewed Damien. While most Superstars or Divas may drop their kayfabe acts for their hometown paper, Sandow did not. 

    Sandow made sure to end every sentence with something about saving the WWE from idiocy. 

7. He's Finally a Playable Character in WWE Games

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    This one will come as classical music to the ears of fans of WWE video games: Damien Sandow is finally going to be a playable character. 

    Even after Sandow's debut last year, he wasn't added as downloadable content for WWE 12, much to the dismay of many Sandow fans. 

    When WWE 13 was rolled out, again, no Sandow. 

    Finally, the WWE Universe will be virtually saved. THQ has announced that Sandow, along with other WWE Superstars, will be available for download in January. 

In Conclusion...

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    Damien Sandow is quite the character. He's on one of the most entertaining tag teams in the business today, he's been a bunny and a colonel and he's even been in the WWE more than once. 

    Hopefully you've enjoyed these fun facts about WWE's "Enlightened One," Damien Sandow. 

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