Antonio Cesaro: 7 Curious Facts About the WWE Superstar

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIOctober 30, 2012

Antonio Cesaro: 7 Curious Facts About the WWE Superstar

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    Antonio Cesaro has taken the WWE by storm since his debut. He's brought relevance to the United States Championship again, and he's becoming one of the most impressive in-ring Superstars in recent history. 

    While Cesaro won't hesitate to explain how much better he is than everyone else (usually in more than one language), there are some very interesting and amazing feats that Cesaro doesn't discuss much. 

    Hier sind sieben interessante Fakten über United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. 

1. He Once Held a Giant Swing for 100 Rotations

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    The giant swing is a professional wrestling maneuver that has been used for decades. It is simply performed by grabbing your opponent around his calves and, well, swinging him.

    While it may appear simple, the giant swing takes a lot of strength and both the attacker and the victim can obviously get very dizzy. 

    Cesaro—as his former persona, Claudio Castagnoli (his real name)—whirled around a full 100 times during a giant swing in a match during his time in Chikara Pro. 

    This giant swing isn't the only impressive move in his repertoire. Check out his UFO maneuver.


2. He Tagged with Kassius Ohno

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    Another fun fact about Antonio Cesaro is that he tagged with another WWE up-and-comer. Cesaro spent a majority of his pro wrestling career as part of the Kings of Wrestling. Cesaro was a long-time partner with Chris Hero and won numerous belts throughout their time together. 

    Now Castagnoli has the US title as Antonio Cesaro and Chris Hero is blasting people with his rolling elbow on NXT as Kassius Ohno. 

    Maybe WWE fans will see a revival of Kings of Wrestling? 

3. He Once Competed as 'Very Mysterious Ice Cream'

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    In 2007, Cesaro (as Castagnoli) made his return to Chikara Pro Wrestling. It wasn't in his usual attire, however. Instead, he was dressed in a cut-off dress shirt (complete with tie) and a goofy yellow mask. 

    Cesaro made his return as Very Mysterious Ice Cream, a part of the Los Ice Creams trio. 

    Looking at the stern and serious Superstar Cesaro has become in the WWE, it's hard to believe that he ran around with a fake ice cream cone on his head. 

4. He Trains Other Wrestlers

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    Cesaro is very talented in the ring. He uses a large variety of holds and techniques to dominate his opponents. 

    Cesaro is so good in the ring that the 31-year-old has even trained quite a few other wrestlers. 

    Some of Cesaro's trainees include: Green Ant, Frightmare, Tursas, Vin Gerard and Kodama. 

5. Once Billed from the United Bank of Switzerland

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    Professional wrestlers have been billed from a lot of strange places. Sin City, Parts Unknown and the Boiler Room (among others). 

    Cesaro's billing location as a member of Swiss Money Holding was one of the most curious. Cesaro and his partner, Are$, were billed from the United Bank of Switzerland. 

    They played Swiss bankers turned great tag team. 

    As strange as it was, it worked pretty well. 

    The Primetime Players better watch out!

6. Has Competed in over 10 Different Organizations

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    Cesaro boasts how well traveled he is every week, saying different phrases in different languages. Judging by his professional wrestling career, that isn't too far off. 

    Cesaro has performed in over 10 different promotions in more than five countries. 

    He's been a part of Chikara, Ring of Honor, CZW, the Swiss Wrestling Federation and many more. 

    No wonder he speaks so many languages!

7. Has a Long History with Ring Steps

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    There are a lot of interesting facts about Antonio Cesaro, but this takes the cake. 

    Antonio Cesaro has been the ridicule of Botchamania and many other videos on YouTube after his run-ins with ring stairs. 

    Cesaro has struggled on more than one occasion with steps.

    It's good to see that he has gotten over his problems with stairs in the WWE. 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it. An inside look at some of the more curious happenings in the history and career of Antonio Cesaro. 

    While Cesaro has some quirks and has been through a lot in his professional wrestling career, he's finally made it to the top in the WWE, something he certainly deserves. 

    Have any facts or events to add?