Jay Cutler And Denver Broncos' Relationship In Trouble, So What's Next?

Vikes2championshipContributor IMarch 16, 2009

With the Jay Cutler/Denver Broncos relationship running on fumes, NFL reports on Monday seemed to predict the breakup by reporting that Cutler has demanded a trade.

So where will he go? Well, with a variety of teams that need to have quarterback problems answered, it wouldn't be hard for him to find another team. Can all the teams who want him afford him, though?  

With the Bears, 49ers, Lions, Browns, and Vikings all still having questionable decisions at their quarterback position, it's a safe bet Cutler will end up with one of these teams. The Lions and Browns, however, seem to have the best chance to get him in a trade scenario.

Detroit has the first overall pick in this year's draft, which Denver would in no way have a problem with obtaining. But who else could they get from Detroit that would be a good addition in Denver? It's possible Cutler be a Lion with only a first-round draft pick given up, but something tells me the Broncos would be looking for a little bit more than that for a Pro Bowl quarterback.  

Next, we have the Cleveland Browns, who would have a little more to offer than just a draft pick. Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers for Jay Cutler could be a very possible trade offer, which to Denver should look a lot better than just a first overall draft pick.

Then there are the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes recently picked up Sage Rosenfels from Houston last year to aid at the quarterback spot. Also, they received DE Jared Allen for a first-round pick last year and were very impressed. Could the Vikings do the same this year?

The best trade offer that Minnesota could give the Broncos would be a first-round draft pick, Tavaris Jackson, and perhaps Chester Taylor added on.  

The Broncos have been dealing with running back problems, and Chester is no doubt a starting running back put in a backup role in Minnesota. The Vikings, however, work a two-back system, so in return they would probably need a running back like JJ Arrington, who was just signed by Denver this offseason.

If the Vikings did this 3-for-2 trade, it could pass on the Broncos scale, or at least bring in great interest from them.  

Out of these three teams, Minnesota has the most cap room left, with roughly $27 million. No doubt they could afford Cutler, and it would solve the quarterback  controversy that has surrounded the Vikings.

In any event, it's a good bet Cutler will end up in one of these three places, as his days in Denver look to be numbered.


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