Oscar: Why Brazilian Star Will Shine with Chelsea in the Premier League

Michael CernaCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2012

Oscar: Why Brazilian Star Will Shine with Chelsea in the Premier League

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    With £25 million, Chelsea made Oscar the first major Brazilian signing of the summer.

    Oscar is one of a handful of Brazilian players currently in London who have been hounded by Europe's biggest clubs this summer.

    By signing Oscar, Chelsea is taking a bit of a risk. There is a history of Brazilians who were hyped up to be stars only to disappoint in the Premier League—Robinho being perhaps the most famous.

    The physical, less technical style of the English league often makes for a difficult adjustment for these players.

    However, Oscar was not exactly a hugely hyped player—at least, not at the level of Neymar or Lucas.

    While £25 million is a very large transfer fee, it is not even half of what it cost PSG to buy Lucas and may only be a third of what Neymar costs.

    In this article, I list four reasons why Oscar is set to star at Stamford Bridge.

World Class Teammates

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    Nothing makes a player look better than great teammates.

    Generally speaking, everyone performs better with better players alongside them. At Chelsea, Oscar will be playing alongside the likes of Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Frank Lampard.

    Not only will he be taken care of and supported on the pitch, he will also be able to learn from these stars and become a better footballer.

    In terms of statistics, Oscar will have Fernando Torres as the main man to put the finishing touches on his passes, not to mention guys like Dani Sturridge, Hazard and Ramires who can all put the ball in the back of the net.


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    One of the best things about Oscar is that he can play anywhere in midfield. This will award him lots of opportunities to play and impress.

    Chelsea is one of the deepest, most talented teams in the world, but that does not mean there are no holes in the roster.

    There are some questions regarding transitional play since Chelsea lacks an elite ball-winner in central midfield. There is also the slight question of how well Ramires will do on the right flank.

    Oscar can play either of those positions. He is not superb as a deeper playmaker, but if push comes to shove, di Matteo could do much worse than being able to use a player of his quality in that role.

    He can also play in any of the three attacking midfield roles. He excels in the central role that Mata will occupy, but he will also be used on either flank as part of an interchanging three-man line.

    Earning the confidence of di Matteo will come much more easily knowing the number of options Oscar can provide.

Low Pressure

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    Unlike his compatriot Neymar, when Oscar moves to Europe, he will not be expected to make an instant impact at the elite level.

    Going into the season, Oscar will not be a starter. Barring an injury, it will likely be some combination of Ramires, Mata and Hazard playing as the three attacking midfielders.

    This means that he will likely only play as a substitute and in smaller games like cup matches and in the Champions League group stage.

    While Oscar is extremely talented, he has never played in the Premier League, and manager Roberto di Matteo understands that the Brazilian cannot be expected to thrive initially.

    If Chelsea can provide a nurturing, patient environment for him, Oscar could avoid going the route of Robinho and become one of the best young players in England.

Sheer Talent

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    In the end, the thing that matters most is whether he can play football.

    Without question, there is no reason for Chelsea to fret in that department.

    Oscar is an extremely talented player. Whether playing at the club or national level, he is a highly influential player.

    He can create opportunities from nothing, has incredible vision, is patient and disciplined and reads the game very well.

    The 20-year-old has risen through the ranks of Brazilian football and is already seen as the brains of the team. He has the ability to control and dictate an entire match.

    Oscar is on the verge of leading Brazil to their first Olympic gold medal and that level of play can only bode well for Chelsea going into next season.


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    Now I'd love to hear from you, the reader.

    What are your expectations for Oscar in England?

    Is he set to shine or will he become a bust like Robinho was at Manchester City?

    Please leave your comments below and help get this discussion going.

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