San Francisco Marathon 2012: Reasons Event Is a Guaranteed Hit

Luis Batlle@lbatll1Contributor IJuly 29, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WallStreetJournal.com
Photo Courtesy of WallStreetJournal.com

For over a decade, the San Francisco Marathon has made a name for itself nationwide, and 2012's events will be every bit as promising as those in years past.

Runs of epic proportions—ranging from 100 yards to 52.4 miles—make this marathon a unique one, to say the least.

These are the three reasons why this year's event by the Bay is set to be a surefire classic.

There's Something For Everyone

Whether it's the exciting 26.2-mile marathon run, the grueling 52.4-mile Ultramarathon or the Munchkin Kids Run, the Wipro San Francisco Marathon has a little bit of everything to offer its participants.

For the experienced and motivated runners, the standard marathon run over the Golden Gate Bridge and through the city's lively streets is something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, those daring enough to take on the Worth the Hurt's 52.4 Ultramarathon can put their physical talents to the test. The race is a team event that starts at midnight and is one of the more unique contests of the many that are offered.  

The younger, less experienced crowd is also welcomed by the Munchkin Kids Run on race day. Children of all ages can participate, and they have a choice between taking on the one mile, half mile and 100-yard dash. 

There's a plethora of events that address various runners of different skill levels and ages.

A Run Through The City's Streets

Regardless of the distance of each run, runners will be able to experience the city of San Francisco.

Several runs feature portions that go over the Bay Bridge, while others go through the different neighborhoods and small sections well known to the city.

It allows residents to better know their city and visitors to get further acquainted with the city's historic sites.

Gives Back to the Community

It couldn't be any more clear to sportswriters, fans and anyone who loves to compete that athletes today have a grand impact on those who surround them.

Through NBA Cares, NFL Play 60 or the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, there are a multitude of organizations and funds that professional sports have in place to benefit their community.

The money profited at these different races at the San Francisco Marathon will also be going to charities. In the Worth the Hurt, for example, a team is required to raise $1,500 for its cause and picks its fundraising campaign.

Part of what makes sports special is when players and runners can give back to their communities, which is precisely what these events in San Francisco do.


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