Olympics Live Stream 2012: Viewer's Guide to Watching London Games Online

Marilee Gallagher@mgallagher17Contributor IIJuly 25, 2012

Olympics Live Stream 2012: Viewer's Guide to Watching London Games Online

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    NBC made a huge leap forward as they truly welcomed the Olympics into the 21st century with the announcement that the games in their entirety would be available via live streaming online.

    This means all 302 events in all 32 sports will be available for our viewing pleasure. Every second of every event right there to watch.

    It really is a great move for NBC, who also increased its amount of TV coverage. They launched two specialty channels for Basketball and Soccer, and have clearly stated which of their network channels are dedicated to which sports. For example NBCSports is your home for team USA while Bravo is the official home of Olympic tennis.

    Needless to say, NBC and its networks are making it easier than ever for us to watch as much of the games as we want to.

    Now obviously, it isn't possible or a great idea to stare at your computer screen for hours on end watching preliminary rounds and early qualifications.You can, if you really want to, but most of us will just want to see the finals, the semifinals, the quarterfinals and the events in which team USA is represented.

    Navigating the online live streaming schedules may seem difficult, but fear not.

    This right here is your go to handy guide of just how to get the most out of your Olympic viewing. All of the medal events are listed, and a handful of other games featuring team USA are included.

    Simply put, it is a quick reference sheet of how to get the most out of your online Olympic viewing experience.

    (Times listed are in EST. If you live in a different time zone and are unsure of how these times relate to your viewing experience, please use the Time Zone Converter to convert from EST to whatever time zone you live in.)

Day One: Ten Finals, U.S. Women's Basketball and Soccer, Phelps vs. Lochte

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    Day one will feature 10 medal events, including a can't miss final in the Men's Swimming 400 IM, which will pit the two best swimmers in the world head-to-head as the gold medal chase begins.

    5:55 AM: In order to get in as much of the Olympic action as possible, be prepared to start your day fairly early. Kick off your Olympic coverage by watching the final of the Women's 10m Air Rifle.

    9:55: Next, tune into the Archery action where you will get to see the quarters, semis and medal rounds of the Men's Team competition. 

    10:00: If you want to catch another great medal competition, open up another window to tune into the semifinal and final rounds of the Women's 48kg and Men's 60kg competition in Judo.

    10:25: While catching the Archery and Judo finals, head back over to Shooting to watch the Men's 10m Air Rifle final beginning at 10:25 AM. Open up yet another window on your desktop to catch the finals of the Women's Weightlifting 48kg medal match, also starting at 10:25.

    11:45: After the medals are handed out, open up your window to the U.S. Women's Basketball Team, to watch their first Olympic match against Croatia as they begin pursuit of a fifth consecutive medal.

    11:50: If basketball isn't your thing, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team is also in action as they take on Columbia continuing their group play.

    12:55 PM: Tune in to watch the semifinal and final of the Women's Individual Foil competition in Fencing.

    2:55: If you watch nothing else on day one, make sure that you do not miss swimming's day one coverage. Dedicate your time to watch as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte duel for the gold while Missy Franklin begins the run for her first Olympic medal. Action of the Men's 400 IM, 400 m Free, Women's 400 IM and 4 x 100 relay will be featured.

Day Two: Thirteen Medal Finals, U.S. Men's Basketball and Volleyball Group Play

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    With 39 medals up for grab in thirteen events on day two, the action is jam packed. Here is your schedule for how to optimize your viewing experience.

    6:40 AM: It's early to bed, early to rise if you hope to be up to see the first medal round of the day. Tune in to see the Women's 10m Air Pistol gold medal match.

    8:55: It is the second day in a row with two medal matches in Judo. Watch as the women in the 52kg and the men in the 66kg battle it out for a spot on the podium. Open up another window to catch the Women's Skeet Final.

    9:20: See Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and the dominant team USA in action. Make sure to catch Team USA Basketball as the men open up their group play against France, hoping to defend their 2008 gold medal. 

    9:55: The Women's Team Archery medals will be decided as the quarters, semis and finals are contested. Open up another window to watch a competitive medal match as the final of the Women's 3m synchronized springboard takes place. 

    10:25: The Women's Weightlifting 53kg Finals take place. Open a third window while watching archery and diving to catch all of the action.

    11:45: Take time in between medal finals to catch the U.S. Men's Volleyball team begin their quest to defend the gold medal as they take on Serbia in group play.

    12:55 PM: It is back to fencing for your afternoon plans. Tune in to watch the semis and final of the Men's Individual Sabre to see all of the medals handed out.

    1:55: Men's Wrestling takes over just as fencing should be ending. Check in to watch the Men's 56kg medal finals in Wrestling.

    2:25: End your day by tuning into the evening swimming session. Watch the medal finals in the Men's 4 x 100 Free relay, 100m Breast, Women's 100m Fly and 400m Free.

Day Three: Eleven Medal Events, U.S. Women's Basketball, Men's Gymnastics Final

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    Day three offers up another full docket of events. With eleven medal events being contested including finals in the marquee events of the Men's 10m synchronized platform final, Men's team final in gymnastics and more swimming finals, this day looks to be the most exciting of the first week of the London Games.

    9 AM: Take advantage of a chance to sleep in as day three's primary action doesn't start until 9 AM. Tune in to the live stream to catch the medal rounds in Judo for Men's 73kg and Women's 57kg.

    10:00: Make sure to tune in to the Diving channel to catch the final in the Men's 10m Platform Event. Watch as Qui Bo, Tom Daley and David Boudia all compete with their teams in hopes of winning the gold medal.

    10:30: After the Diving finals are over, flip over to Weightlifting to catch the Women's 58kg medal finals and medal ceremony.

    11:30: Prepare yourself for one of the biggest events of the games and make sure not to miss day one of the Men's Gymnastics team final. Watch as the world medalists, the U.S., Japan and China compete for the Olympic gold. Use the event specialty option to live stream the action on all six of the apparatuses.

    1:00: It is back to Fencing to catch the semis and finals of the Women's Individual Epee event.

    2:00: Weightlifting is next on the docket. Check out the weightlifting channel to catch the finals of the Men's 62kg event.

    2:30: Cap the medal action of the day off by watching swimming finals. Medals in the Men's 200m Free and 100m Back and Women's 100m Back and 100m Breast will be up for grabs. Both Lochte and Franklin will be in action.

    5:15: Make yourself a nice dinner and then settle in to watch the U.S. Women's Basketball Team take on Angola as they continue group play.

Day Four: Fourteen Medal Events, U.S. Men's Basketball, Women's Gymnastics Final

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    Day four is another can't-miss day of action. The Women's Gymnastics Finals, four more swimming finals and the Women's 10m synchronized diving medal events will be featured as part of fourteen finals being contested on this day.

    5:30 AM: Hopefully you enjoyed getting to sleep in for day three. Day Four's action once again starts bright and early with the medal finals in the Team and Individual Show Jumping events in Equestrian.

    8:30: Grab yourself some breakfast before settling in to watch the first medal event of the games in Men's Kayak/Canoe. All three medals will be awarded in the Men's C-1 event.

    8:55: Open up a new window to catch the finals of the Men's Skeet Shooting event.

    9:00: More Judo finals are contested in the fourth day of the games. Tune in to watch the medal rounds for the Women's 63kg and Men's 81kg events.

    10:00: It's back to the pool for some more Olympic diving. Watch as the medals are handed out in the Women's 10m Synchronized Platform event.

    10:30: Before the Gymnastics final begins, flip over to Weightlifting to watch the medal rounds for the Women's 63kg event.

    11:30: Sit down and relax as you watch Olympic athletes complete insane tumbling passes, bar routines and technical vaults as day one of the Women's Team Final in Gymnastics is contested. Look for the U.S. and China, Beijing's silver and gold medalists, to once again vie for the top of the podium. Use the special feed to watch live as all four apparatuses are contested to determine the all-around winner.

    1:00 PM: Watch some more Olympic fencing in the afternoon as the medals are given out in the Men's Individual Foil event.

    2:00: Another medal final awaits at 2 PM as the Men's 69kg medal rounds are held in the sport of Weightlifting.

    2:30: Take in yet another great day of Olympic swimming as the Men's 200m Fly, 4 x 200 Free relay and the Women's 200m Free and 200m IM medals are awarded. This day will feature Franklin, Phelps, Lochte and several other American medal hopefuls.

    5:15: End the day with another night cap of USA Basketball as the U.S. Men's squad takes on Tunisia in group play.

Day Five: Men's Gymnastics Final Day, U.S. Women's Volleyball Pool Play

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    Day five adds more excitement and intrigue to the games. In addition to the finals being contested in rowing, judo, fencing, diving and swimming, day two of the exciting Men's gymnastics final will be taking place as several countries vie for just three medals. 

    4:30 AM: Plan to get up early if you want to catch the action of the Rowing semis and finals. The M1X, LM2X, M4X, W4X, M2-, W2- and M8+ events will be contested as all 21 medals will be given out.

    8:30: Take a nap after the rowing finals so that you are fresh and ready to go when the Men's K-1 Kayak Final takes place.

    9:00: Another final awaits as Judo winds down. Medals will be handed out in the Women's 70kg and Men's 90kg events.

    9:40: Open up another internet window to catch the action of the Table Tennis Women's Singles medal matches.

    10:00: To catch the action of the high flying Men's 3m Synchronized Springboard Finals, tune in to the Diving channel at 10 AM.

    10:25: The Shooting finals continue with the medal matches in the Women's 25m Pistol event.

    10:30: Next up on the list of gold medal matches is the Women's 69kg Weightlifting Final.

    11:30: After a long string of event finals ranging across the entire Olympic spectrum, make sure to tune in to one of the more anticipated events as day two of the Men's Gymnastics Team Finals commences. At the end of the event, there will be a newly crowned gold medalist.

    12:30: While watching the Gymnastics Finals, take a few minutes to browse the Fencing section. Catch the action as the Men's Epee and Women's Sabre semifinals and finals are contested.

    2:00: Tune in to see the crowning of the champion in the Men's 77kg Division Weightlifting event.

    2:30: More exciting swimming awaits as the fifth day of the games winds down. Catch the finals of the Men's 100m Free, 200m Breast and Women's 200m Fly and 4x200m Free Relay

    3:00: Cap off your day of Olympic viewing by catching a match between the U.S and Chinese Volleyball in pool play as both teams drive toward the podium.

Day Six: U.S. Men's Basketball, U.S. Women's Field Hockey, Phelps vs. Lochte

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    Day six runs the gamut in terms of medal events. On top of that, the Women's gymnastics final is contested and Phelps and Lochte match up in their second headline race of the games.

    4:30 AM: Day six starts early as the Rowing competition continues. Catch the semis and finals of the W1X, LM2X, LW2X, M2X, LM4-, M4- and W8+ events.

    5:45: If you're already up to catch the rowing action, take the time to watch some Field Hockey action as well. Tune in to the Field Hockey channel to see Australia take on the U.S. in pool play.

    6:30: The Tennis competition begins to heat up as the games near their half-way point. Flip to the Tennis channel to see exciting quarterfinals in the singles, semis in the doubles and quarters in the mixed doubles.

    8:30: Medal events are being contested in Kayak/Canoe events. Watch as the semis and finals of the Men's C-2 and Women's K-1 events are contested.

    9:00: It's double duty at 9 AM. Start with the Archery channel to see the quarters, semis and finals of the Women's Individual competition. Then open up another window to see the Women's 98kg and Men's 100kg Champion crowned in Judo. 

    9:30: Time for the Men's medal matches in Table Tennis.

    9:55: As you watch the Men's finals, open up another window to catch the Men's Double Trap Finals in Shooting.

    11:30: After catching these medal events, get ready to watch the final day of the Gymnastics Team competition for the women. Champions and other podium finishers will be crowned as the women take on the four apparatuses for the final day.

    1:00: Tune in to the Fencing channel to catch the medal rounds of the Women's Fencing Team Foil competition.

    2:30: More swimming comes your way in day six. Watch as Phelps and Lochte once again battle it out for gold in the Men's 200m IM. Other events being contested are the Men's 200m Back, Women's 100m Free and Women's 200m Breast.

    5:15: Finish your day by catching the U.S. Men's Basketball Team take on Nigeria in another round of preliminary pool play.

Day Seven: U.S. Women's Basketball, Tennis Semifinals and Track and Field Begins

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    Day seven features another full day of medal finals including Men's trampoline, badminton, archery and shooting. The track and field competition also begins on this day, and tennis reaches the semifinals.

    4:30 AM:  More Rowing finals are being contested. The day begins with medal matches in the  M1X, W2X, M4X and M2- events.

    6:55: The Shooting competition continues with the gold medal final in the Men's 50m Rifle Prone Position Final.

    7:00: Tune into some great Tennis action as the competition winds down. Catch the Men and Women's Singles semifinals and the Mixed Doubles semis.

    9:00: If you are trying to catch all of the medal finals, be prepared to do triple duty at 9 AM. Open up three screens on your computer window and you will be able to catch the Men's Individual Archery quarters, semis and finals, the Women's +78kg and Men's +100kg Judo events and finally the Men's Trampoline Finals.

    9:25: While watching the other evens, flip back to the Shooting channel briefly to catch the Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Final.

    9:30: Take some time away from the triple threat of finals above and tune in to the Men's Badminton singles semis and mixed doubles gold.

    10:30: The action continues for Weightlifting as the medals are given out in the Women's 75kg Division.

    1:00: Fencing returns to finish out the Men's Sabre competition. Catch the gold medal and bronze medal finals in the Men's team event.

    2:00: Two more events take the screen at 2 PM. Tune in to catch the finals of the Men's 85kg Weightlifting class. Then open up another window to see the opening day of Track and Field action including gold medal finals in Men's Shot Put and the Women's 10,000m.

    2:30:  It's back to Olympic swimming at 2:30. Turn on the swimming channel to see the best in the world contest for medals in the Women's 200m Back and 800m Free and the Men's 100m Back and 50m Free.

    5:15: End the day by catching the U.S. Women back on the Czech Republic in a pool play match in Women's Basketball.

Day Eight: Badminton and Women's Tennis Finals, Phelps and Lochte in Relay

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    Day eight is jam packed with action as badminton and tennis gold medalists are crowned and swimming and track and field continue to feature marquee match ups.

    4:00 AM: Another day of the games, another day of getting up at the crack of dawn to catch some medal action. Watch as the Badminton Men's doubles semis and Women's doubles bronze medal final take place. You can also catch the Women's Triathlon medal final.

    4:30: The Rowing competition continues as gold medals are awarded in the W1X, LM2X, LW2X and M4- events.

    7:00: It's back to Tennis at 7 AM for the bronze medal matches. Men's doubles and Mixed Doubles bronzes will all be handed out.

    7:35: Shooting continues with the gold medal final of the Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions event. 

    8:30: Tennis resumes with the Women's singles bronze and Women's doubles gold medal matches.

    9:00: The matches continue as the Tennis Women's Singles Champion is crowned. Men's doubles gold will also be handed out.

    9:55: Watch the final of the Women's Trap  event by turning to the Shooting channel.

    12:00 PM: The action takes a break before continuing with the Men's 20km Race Walk Gold Medal final.

    1:00: An hour after race walking begins, medals will be given out in Fencing for the Women's Team Epee event.

    1:50: More Track and Field is on tap for the early afternoon. Sit down and relax as the main feed features finals in the Women's 100, Women's Discus, Men's Long Jump, Men's 10,000m and Heptathalon events.

    2:00: While watching Track and Field, flip over to catch the final of the Men's 94kg Division in the Weightlifting competition.

    2:30: Finish the day with some more Olympic swimming. Finals in the Women's 50m Free, Men's 1500 Free and Men and Women's 4x100 Medley Relays will be contested. Relays will feature Phelps, Lochte and Franklin among other talented Americans.

Day Nine: Beach Volleyball Quarters, Individual Gymnastic Golds, Men's 100m

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    Day nine features the quarterfinals of the beach volleyball competition and the beginning of the gold medal finals in the individual gymnastic apparatus events. Also, Olympic tennis crowns the rest of its gold medalists, and Usain Bolt hopes to defend his gold medal.

    4:00 AM: It is another early morning for day nine. Start your Olympic coverage by tuning in to the Men's singles and doubles bronze medal matches in Badminton.

    6:00: Tune in to the Women's Marathon gold medal final.

    7:00: There is a lot going on at seven in the morning. Sailing medals will be handed out in the Star and Finn events as well as the conclusion to the Tennis tournament. Gold medals will be handed out in the Women's doubles and Mixed doubles. Bronze medals will also be handed out in the Men's singles and Women's doubles.

    7:25: It is a short break from tennis to watch the Men's 50 Pistol final in the Shooting competition.

    8:00: The biggest matches of the Tennis tournament will be featured. Gold medals will be fought for in the Men's singles and Men's doubles competitions. 

    9:00: As you watch Tennis, don't forget to open up another window to catch the opening action of the individual Gymnastics gold medal finals. Day nine features the finals for Men's Floor and Pommel Horse and Women's Vault.

    11:45: While waiting for the next medal final, tune in to watch the U.S. Women's Basketball Team take on China as pool play continues.

    1:00: Two big events are featured in the early afternoon. The Women's Beach Volleyball Quarters begin and the Men's Team Foil medals in Fencing are handed out.

    1:45: The first Wrestling medal event is features as the medal finals take place in the Men's Greco Roman Wrestling 55 and 74kg Divisions.

    1:50: Track and Field resumes big time when the Men's 100 and Women's 400 medals are in contention. Once again, it is expected that the races will be the most exciting seconds of the games. 

    2:00: Diving is back as the focus shifts to the Women's 3m Springboard Finals.

    2:25: Head back to the Track and Field channel to catch the final of the Women's Triple Jump. At 3:10 on the same channel, tune it for the Men's Hammer Throw Final.

    5:00: End the day with the second round of the Beach Volleyball Quarterfinals, especially if the top U.S. duos are featured.

Day Ten: Gymnastics, Men's Basketball and Beach Volleyball Quarters

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    Day 10 is when the Olympics really start to come into the home stretch. Quarters in Beach Volleyball continue and are joined by the semifinals in Women's Soccer. Track and Field and Gymnastics continue and the U.S. Men's Basketball Team faces off against Argentina in a pivotal pool play match.

    7:00 AM: Day ten begins with Sailing as the Laser and Laser Radial medals are given out.

    8:40: It is back to Shooting for the second event of the day. Tune in to watch the Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Final.

    9:00: The battle for Gymnastic golds continues as three more apparatuses are features. All of the podium spots will be determined based on the finals in the Men's Rings, Women's Uneven Bar and Men's Vault.

    10:55: Another Shooting medal will be given out as the final of the Men's Trap event is contested.

    12:00 PM: The first of the Women's soccer semifinals takes place at noon. Although it is unknown which countries will be among the final four, the teams in it are still sure to put on two great semifinal matches. The second semi is on at 2:45 PM.

    12:45: It is back to Wrestling to watch the finals in the Men's Greco Roman competition in the 60, 84 and 120kg Divisions.

    1:00: The final two Beach Volleyball Quarters of the Olympics begin at 1 PM. The second QF starts later at 5 PM.

    1:50: Track and Field events continue to air from their time slot each day. Day ten's medal events include the Men's 400m, the Men's 400m Hurdles, the Women's 3000m Steeplechase, the Women's Pole Vault and Shot Put events. 

    5:15: Tune in to watch the U.S. Men's Basketball Team. Still in pool play, the U.S. takes on Argentina in their toughest match to this point as Argentina figures to be among the teams vying for a medal.

Day 11: Women's Basketball Quarters, Beach Volleyball and Men's Soccer Semis

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    Day 11 is full of another handful of competitive quarter and semifinal games. Women's basketball, Men and Women's Beach Volleyball and Men's Soccer enter the late stages of their tournaments. Track and Field and Gymnastics continue with their events.

    6:00 AM: The action begins with the Table Tennis bronze medal match on the Women's side. 

    6:30: Next up is the gold medal final in the Men's Triathlon.

    7:00: Another sailing final is worth watching at seven. Tune in to the Sailing channel to see the RS:X finals for both the men and women.

    8:00: An hour later, the Women's Volleyball quarterfinals begin. The four quarters for the day are scheduled for 8 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM and 4 PM. These quarters will determine who gets a shot to make it to the bronze or even gold medal match.

    9:00: Just an hour into the quarters of the Women's Volleyball competition, the quarters of the Women's Basketball competition begin. The teams participating were chosen by the results in pool play. The quarters all take place throughout the day live streaming at 9 AM, 11:15 AM, 3 PM and 5:15 PM. Also at nine is another round of Gymnastics finals. Medals will be given out to the winners of the Men's Parallel Bars, Men's High Bar, Women's Balance Beam and Women's Floor Finals.

    10:00: Synchronized swimming finishes with the Free Routine Duet Final.

    10:30: The Women's Table Tennis gold, silver and bronze medals will be given out as both the bronze and gold medal games are played.

    12:00 PM: The semifinals of the Beach Volleyball tournament begin at noon on day 11. The first set of semis will feature one men's and one women's team and the second semi beginning at 4 PM will feature the other men and women's teams left in the draw. The Men's Soccer semis, one of the more exciting events leading up to the games also begin at noon. The second semi starts at 2:45 PM on the online Soccer channel. 

    12:45: Greco Roman Wrestling continues as the medals are awarded for the 66 and 96kg Divisions in the Men's section.

    1:50: Track and Field once again resumes at 1:50 for more medal matches. The offerings from day 11 include the finals in the Men's High Jump and Discus, Women's 100m Hurdles and Men's 1500m.

    2:00: The final two medal events of the day are in Diving, as the Men's 3m Springboard final takes place and Weightlifting, as the 105+kg Division Champion is determined.

Day 12: Men's Basketball and Volleyball QF, Women's Beach Volleyball Medal Round

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    Day 12 is one of the busiest days of the Olympics. With the Men's Basketball and Volleyball Quarters beginning, the gold and bronze medal matches being held in Women's Beach Volleyball, the Women's Field Hockey semifinals and marquee Track and Field events including the Men's 110m Hurdles and Women's 200m finals, this day is jam packed with talented athletes and the prospect for some great games.

    4:30 AM: Canoe and Kayaking returns to its usual early morning spot with the finals in several events. Medals will be contested in the M K-1 1000m, M C-1 1000m, M K-2 1000m and W K-4 500m

    5:00:  Bronze medal matches in several Boxing events will be live streaming. Watch the CNBC simulcast as it appears on TV. The Boxing events will also simulcast at 5 PM for the awarding of the rest of the bronze medals.

    6:00: The bronze medal match of the Men's Table Tennis tournament, team discipline, will be airing at 6 AM.

    7:00: An hour later it is back to the water. Open up another window to catch the end of the Table Tennis and beginning of the 49er Sailing gold medal match.

    8:30: It is all about Boxing on day 12. Before the simulcast comes on at 5 PM, catch some more matches. Live streaming at 8:30 will be the bronze matches in Women's Fly, Light and Middleweight Divisions.

    9:00: Two of the biggest team events begin their quarterfinals on this day. Men's Basketball kicks off with their first QF at 9 AM. The other three quarters also take place on day 12 and are scheduled to live stream from the Basketball channel at 11:15 AM, 3 PM and 5:15 PM. In addition to Men's Basketball, the first of the Men's Volleyball quarters kicks off at 9 AM. The following three are at 11 AM, 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM. Make sure to tune in to all of these great matches.

    9:40: After watching the Men's bronze medal match at 6 AM, come back to the Table Tennis channel to watch the gold medal match airing live at 9:40.

    10:30: Another important semifinal begins at 10:30 as the Women's Field Hockey gets closer to crowning an Olympic gold medalist. The second semi airs live at 3 PM.

    12:45: Take a lunch break and then come back to see the finals of the Women's Freestyle Wrestling in the 48 and 63kg Division.

    1:00: Track and Field airs a little earlier on day 12, but the match ups are still ones to look forward to. Medals will be given out in the Men's 110m Hurdles, Women's 400m Hurdles and the Women's Long Jump. At 1:45, the Women's 200m Final set to feature the rivalry of Allyson Felix and Veronica Campbell Brown takes place.

    2:00: Beach volleyball takes over for the afternoon as the Women's bronze medal is up for grabs. The gold medal match, which could see a three-peat, airs right after this, at 4 PM.

    3:00: Taekwondo finals start with the Repechage finals in the Women's 49kg and Men's 58kg Divisions.

Day 13: Women's Basketball Semis, Men's Beach Volleyball Medal Round, Men's 200m

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    As the games wind down, the finals in the team events are coming closer. Day 13 features the gold and bronze medal matches for the Men's Beach Volleyball Team, the Semis for the Women's Basketball Team and Volleyball Team and the Women's Soccer bronze medal match. 

    4:30 AM: The day once again begins with Canoe and Kayak finals. Medals will be available in the M K-4 1000m, M C-2 1000m, W K-1 500m and  W K-2 500m.

    7:00: Sailing continues at seven with the Men's 470 medal matches. Also at seven is the final for the Women's 10K Open Water Swim.

    8:00: An hour after Sailing begins, the first team final of the day is scheduled to air live. Watch as two of the best Women's teams in the world challenge for a spot on the podium in the Women's Soccer bronze medal match.

    10:00: The Women's Volleyball semis start next as the final four teams are narrowed down to two. The second semi is on the Volleyball channel at 2:30 PM.

    11:30: Boxing finals take over at 11. Leave the Volleyball semi on and open up a new window to watch the finals in the Women's Fly, Light and Middleweight events.

    12:00 PM: Another team final takes over at noon. Tune in to the Basketball channel to watch the remaining four teams fight to make it to the gold medal game. The second semi is on at 4 PM.

    12:45: Wrestling finals feature the medal matches in the Women's Freestyle 55 and 72kg Divisions.

    1:30: Track and Field once again offers a great line up of events as the games get closer to their end. Watch as Usain Bolt tries to defend another gold in the Men's 200 and as Ashton Eaton competes to continue his reign as the best athlete in the world as the Decathlon finishes up. Other featured events include the Men's 800m, Men's Triple Jump and Women's Javelin finals.

    1:40: Not wanting to miss any of the great racing and field events on the schedule, open up another window so you can catch the Women's medal finals in Water Polo.

    2:00: The first of two Beach Volleyball medal matches starts at 2 PM. The second final is at 4 and you can watch them both live from the online Beach Volleyball channel. Also at 2 PM is the Women's 10m Platform final.

    3:00: More Taekwondo finals finish up as the medal rounds for the Repechage Women's 57kg and Men's 68kg are held.

    5:00: Finally, tune into CNBC's simulcast coverage to watch gold medals given out in several of Boxing's disciplines.

Day 14: Women's Field Hockey Medal Games, Men's Soccer Bronze Medal Match

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    Day 14 is the third to last day of the Olympic games. Be sure to tune in to see the medal games in Women's Field Hockey, the bronze medal match for Men's Soccer and the semis in Men's Water Polo, Volleyball and of course, Men's Basketball.

    7:00 AM: The first event of the day is the medal match in Women's 470 Sailing. Also at 7 AM is the gold medal swim in the Men's 10K Open Water event.

    8:30: Boxing has a big day scheduled. Catch all of the action online as live streams of the men's bronze medal matches in the 49, 56, 64, 75 and 91kg events air. Later at 3:30 PM, tune in to see the matches from the 52, 60, 69, 81 and +91kg weight classes.

    9:20: The first of several semis on the day begins as the first Men's Water Polo semifinal live streams from the Water Polo channel. The second Water Polo semi is on at 1:30 PM.

    10:00: The Olympic schedule is packed with events starting at 10 AM. Once again, prepare to view multiple windows on your computer if you hope to see it all. The first of the Men's and Women's Cycling semis and finals begins at 10. It concludes with the gold medal matches at 11 AM. Also at 10, is the Synchronized Team Free Routine Final. Finally, the first of two semis for the Men's Volleyball Team live streams. The second semi is on later at 2:30 PM.

    10:30: It is a can't-miss game when the Women's Field Hockey bronze medal match airs. The competition continues to be strong and any team could take home the medal. The gold medal match airs later in the day at 3 PM.

    12:00 PM: One of the most anticipated semifinals of the Olympics begins at noon. Four of the qualifying teams will battle for just two spots in the final game. The U.S. Men's Team, the 8 to 1 gold medal favorite hopes to make it through this game and into the finals set to air as the last event of the Olympics. The second semi will live stream at 4 PM.

    12:45: One of the few remaining wrestling events will be contested as the Men's Freestyle 55 and 74kg gold medal matches are held. 

    2:00: Track and Field has its second to last day. Live streaming from the Track and Field online channel will be medal events in the Men's Pole Vault, Women's Hammer Throw, Women's 5000 and 1500m, Women's 4x100 relay and Men's 4x400 relay. 

    2:45: The last team final of the day belongs to the Men's Soccer Team. Two teams will be contesting for the bronze medal hoping to land on the podium.

    3:00: The final event of the day is a Taekwondo Repechage medal match in the Women's 67kg and Men's 80kg Division.

Day 15: Women's Basketball and Volleyball, Men's Field Hockey Medal Rounds

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    In the second to last day of the games, all but a handful of the remaining medal events will be decided. This includes Men's Field Hockey, Women's Basketball and Women's Volleyball as the marquee finals as part of day 15 and the final Track and Field events left on the schedule. Also left is the much anticipated 10m Platform Men's dive medal finals.

    4:00 AM: The games begin to come to an end the way they started, early in the morning. The first event of the day is the medal event in the Men's 50km Race Walk.

    4:30: Opening up another window as your eyes are no doubt glued to racewalking, tune in to the Canoe/Kayak channel to see the finals of the remaining events in this discipline. Medals will be awarded in the 200m M K-1, M C-1, M K-2 and W K-1.

    6:30: If you are up watching the kayaking events, tune in to the Volleyball channel as well to watch the Women's bronze medal match.

    7:00: Sailing comes to an end with its final medal event in the Elliot 6m event.

    8:30: The final of the Individual All-Around in  Rhythmic Gymnastics is being contested on this day. 

    10:30: Next up for team events is the bronze medal final for the Men's Field Hockey Team. The gold medal match will air live later in the day at 3 PM.

    12:00 PM: Two events are airing online at noon. The first is the gold medal final of the Women's 20km Race Walk. The second however is the much anticipated bronze medal match for Women's Basketball. The gold medal final which will likely feature four time defending champs in the U.S., airs later in the day at 4 PM.

    12:45: Wrestling finals wind down in the second to last day as the finals of the Men's Freestyle 60, 84 and 120kg Divisions are contested. 

    1:45: Track and Field finished its Olympic schedule by awarding medals to athletes in the Women's High Jump, Men's Javelin, Men's 4x100 relay, Men's 5000m, Women's 800m and Women's 4x400 relay.

    3:00: Two Taekwondo finals are on at 3 PM. Medal matches will be live streaming in the Women's +67 and Men's +80kg Divisions.

    3:30: Day 15 winds down with a duo of events. Tune in to the live simulcast of CNBC Boxing to see most of the remaining gold medal finals. Then, open up the Diving channel to watch the gold medal final in the Men's 10m Platform.

Day 16: Men's Basketball, Volleyball and Water Polo Gold Medal Matches

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    As we prepare to say goodbye to the 2012 Summer Games, day 16 is full of great events to send the games off with a bang. Men's Basketball, Volleyball and Water Polo gold medal matches will take place and the final medals will be given out in Boxing.

    4:30 AM: The first event of the last day of the Olympics starts bright and early. The Men's Volleyball title will be disputed as two teams participate in a match to determine who will win the bronze medal. Even though it is early, it is worth getting up for.

    6:00: The next event of the games is another bronze medal final as two teams battle in Men's Basketball. This is likely to be a pretty exciting game no matter what teams are fighting for the final spot on the podium. Also on at 6 AM is the gold medal final of the Men's Marathon.

    7:45: After the basketball game is over, check the Wrestling channel to see the Repechage Men's Freestyle Finals in the 66 and 96kg Divisions.

    8:00: After the Men's Basketball bronze medalist is decided, it will be time for the gold medal match in Men's Volleyball, another top marquee event to close out the games. 

    8:30: Several other events finish up at 8:30. To watch them all, open up multiple windows on your computer and tune in to see the simulcast coverage of CNBC for Boxing gold medal finals,  the finals of the Men's 52, 60, 69, 81 and +91 gold medal Boxing finals and the all-around Rhythmic Gymnastics group final. 

    9:30: The Men's Water Polo event is the next big team final left on the Olympic docket. Check out the live online stream to see the gold and silver medal teams in action.

    10:00: Finally and fittingly the Summer Olympics come to an end with the gold medal match in Men's Basketball. The defending gold medalists in the U.S. team hope to be in this game in search of a second consecutive Olympic title.