The 25 Most Hilarious Sports Interviews Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 13, 2012

The 25 Most Hilarious Sports Interviews Ever

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    You're probably all jazzed up to see some of those hilarious press conferences that have made us laugh and laugh over the years. But there will be no press conferences to speak of on this list—it's strictly interviews only. 

    Hilarious press conferences could fill a list all their own, and I thought it best to lead with that so everyone wasn't all up-in-arms about the whole thing. (Even though plenty of people are going to skip this intro entirely and be mad about it just the same.)

    That being said, there are plenty of hilarious interviews floating around the interwebs that have nothing to do with press conferences. The pregame, midgame and postgame interviews are comedy (non-blood) diamond mines, and I've dug up some of the finest bobbles just for you.

    You'll notice that a couple of guys make more than one appearance, but there's one hilarious mofo who actually made the list an amazing three times. I'd tell you, but I bet most of you already know who it is. 

    Let's take a look 25 of the most hilarious sports interviews ever. 

25. David Feherty Calls Tiger Woods a Loser

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    PGA legend Tiger Woods isn't really known as a warm and fuzzy interview. Woods tends to be dismissive, aloof, seemingly bored and often downright combative with a lot of reporters. 

    But apparently Woods has a soft spot for David Feherty, one of golf's biggest personalities. After a bad day on the course, Feherty literally calls Woods a loser, and Woods actually agrees—then they both share a chuckle. 

24. Pat Barry Addresses the Unrealistic Expectation of Fans

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    During this interview in April 2011, UFC's Pat Barry shared a number of hilarious anecdotes with reporter Karyn Bryant. Barry talked about the relatively icky dynamic of living on a bus filled with gigantic men. 

    He doesn't bury the lede either; the first story is the best. Barry explains an awkward situation with a fan who wanted an autograph and expected Barry to provide the marker.

    The whole thing is priceless.

23. Logan Morrison's Self Esteem Issues

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    In late December 2011, the Miami Marlins' Logan Morrison dropped by the dumpster fire better known as Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable. No offense if you like that show, but I've literally never met a single person who has. 

    Morrison's segment was about five minutes, but the best part comes right up front when he talks about tossing balls out to fans. Morrison insisted fans would keep them if he was Derek Jeter, but would probably throw his balls back at him. 

    Don't fret LOMO, there's only one Derek Jeter, and we all want his life. You're doing just fine as it is. 

22. Metta World Peace Sprays Reporter with Cologne

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    If I were a locker-room reporter for the Lakers or a team playing the Lakers, I would make a beeline for Metta World Peace every single time. Unless he looks like he's ready to throw a blow to the face. 

    In this interview with a local news station, MWP's actually quite mellow and affable. But he refuses to answer any questions until the reporter allows MWP to spray him with his favorite cologne. 

21. Pavel Datsyuk vs. English

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    The reality of the NHL is that the players come from all over the world and with varying degrees of English proficiency. The Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk definitely hadn't mastered the language, and the results are pretty adorable actually. 

    Datsyuk tries his best to explain why he's No. 13, and after nearly a full minute of absolute gibberish, I think it turns out he just didn't have a choice. His old one was No. 7, and apparently nobody was willing to fork it over.

20. Brian Wilson Loses His Mind

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    This won't be the last time you'll see Giants' relief pitcher Brian Wilson on this list. Oh, and he actually didn't lose his mind in the middle of the interview. 

    He actually loses his train of thought, but personally, I think he recovers like a champ. I hardly even noticed. (sarcasm)

19. Brandon Jacobs on Rex Ryan

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    It seems in football, more than almost any other sport, most interviews are nothing but a series of boring cliches or canned coach-speak responses that offer absolutely no insight whatsoever. Which is fine, I guess. 

    That's probably what makes it so absolutely amazing when a player or coach, in this case (then) Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, decides to say everything on his mind. And I mean everything. 

    Before the Jets and Giants played in late 2011, the Jets and their loud-mouth coach Rex Ryan spent the whole week talking trash. All the Giants did was win the game, and Jacobs took Ryan to task after the game, calling him a "disrespectful bastard," and a "big-bellied coach who talks too much."

    Amen brother. Amen. 

18. Mike Richards Don't Get No Respect

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    All Flyers center Mike Richards was trying to do was give one of those stupid bench interviews that he is absolutely required to give. And instead of leaving him in peace, some meanie is poking him in the face with the blade of his stick while teammate Scott Hartnell squirts water at him the whole time. 

    But Richards keeps his captain cool in a situation that might cause most of us to pause the interview to retaliate with a few gloveless uppercuts. 

17. Derek Holland Channels Harry Caray

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    Rangers pitcher Derek Holland might be more famous for his spot-on Harry Caray impression than his actual pitching abilities. Actually, I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate. 

    I'm not much of a baseball fan, so I wouldn't really know. What I do know is that if it wasn't for his Harry Caray impression, I'd have no idea who this dude is. 

16. Charles Barkley and Gerry Dee Exchange Nonsensical Sentiments

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    Charles Barkley is, straight up, one of the most hilarious people in the world. He has his share of detractors, but my thought is that those people are all idiots (no offense). There were countless interviews with Sir Charles to choose from, but I found this one particularly goofy.

    In 2009, Canadian comedian/sports reporter Gerry Dee had the great privilege of interviewing American royalty: Sir Charles Barkley. It starts off with a little hilarious back-and-forth about golf prowess, all the more funny if you know how bad a golfer Barkley is. 

    The interview is pretty long, but I enjoyed every minute of it. 

15. Rampage Jackson Really Runs the Gamut

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    In May of last year, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson spent two awkward minutes with MMA reporter Karyn Bryant. It gets off to a pretty strange start and really takes off from there. 

    I'd like to offer a little more of an explanation, but you truly have to see this one to believe it. 

14. Brian Wilson Wants to Rage—What Else Is New

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    Brian Wilson sure doesn't mince words. Well, except for when he really minces words. But whatever. 

    Wilson's interviews are always good for a laugh, but this one from late 2010 is particularly fantastic. When a reporter asks him how he was feeling after Game 5 of the World Series, Wilson answers honestly and intensely as hell.

13. Kevin Love Tells the Awkward Story of His Life

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    After being on the receiving end of one of the most awkward moments in sports history, Timberwolves superstar Kevin Love reflects on his awkwardness. 

    This is a can't-miss. It's like the tale of the awkward ugly duckling that grew up to be an awkward professional basketball player.  

12. Metta World Peace Has Home Wrecking Abs

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    A while back, the Lakers resident loon Metta World Peace heard somewhere that he was outta shape. First of all, he didn't specify where he heard this news about himself, which is actually a shame because I'm dying to know where MWP gets his news from. 

    But that's really not the point. The point was that MWP was not out of shape and very much resented the accusation. A female reporter asks him to prove it, and while he declines, he does explain that if he exposed his abs, that reporter would immediately leave her husband for him. 

    Please don't ever let this guy retire. Or give him his own show!!!

11. Gronk: Yo Soy Fiesta

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    The Patriots' superstud tight-end Rob Gronkowski recently became the highest paid tight end in the NFL. I Can't imagine anyone thinks it's undeserved after the season he had in 2011. 

    And was there any Patriot happier to be at the Super Bowl than the Gronk? Even on his walking boot he explained "Yo soy fiesta," which he probably thought meant something along the lines of "I'm going to party." 

    But if you took ninth-grade Spanish, you probably realized something wasn't quite right. It actually means "I am party." Which may be technically wrong, but somehow even more appropriate.  

10. Dwight Howard Needs a Moment

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    Even though I'm an appalling bad public speaker myself, I find it very painful to listen to interviews with people who stumble their way through the whole thing with a series of "uhs," "ums," "likes" or "ya knows." Is there no time to practice your words in between games?

    That's why I appreciate this clip of Magic superstar Dwight Howard so much. He obviously loses his train of throught midway through a sentence, but instead of stumbling through it, he just smiled and said "pause." It was funny and surprisingly endearing. 

    Although considering Howard's fascination with Superman, it made me wonder if he actually thought saying "pause" would freeze the whole world for a moment while he got his crap together. 

9. Ilya Bryzgalov Isn't Afraid of Penguins, He's Afraid of Bears

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    Again, it's always fun to have a light-hearted chuckle at the language barrier that plagues many an NHL player.

    Reporters are paid to ask these guys questions, and these guys are paid to answer them, even if they have only the vaguest grasp of the English language. 

    Here Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov not-so-eloquently explains why he didn't fear the Penguins during the 2012 NHL playoffs. Basically, it was because the only thing that scares him are bears, bears in the forest. 

8. Every Shaq Interview Ever

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    Athletes are good at playing sports and pulling chicks, but they don't usually make the best talk-show guests. Unless they've won a championship or done something pretty dang spectacular, an athlete is rarely a guest on the late-night talk shows. 

    There are a few exceptions of course, and funny man Shaquille O'Neal is chief among them. Honestly, I've never seen an interview with him on a show like this that I didn't laugh my ass of at—but this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live is up there among the best. 

    If you do a little digging, you can also find him sporting a hot pink thong on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and cradling Jon Stewart like a baby on The Daily Show.

7. Bart Scott Really Can't Wait

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    In 2011, the Jets defeated their most hated rival (the Patriots) to advance to the AFC Championship Game, where they would take on the Steelers. I'm pretty sure nobody on earth was more excited about the victory than Jets linebacker Bart Scott. 

    He booked it over to Sal Paolantonio, the man with the microphone, to share his feelings on getting the W. Paloantonio asked him about how he felt about taking on the Steelers in the next game, and Scott uttered the two words that will be engraved on his tombstone: "CAN'T WAIT!"

    Naturally, the Jets lost to the Steelers, but even as a Steelers fan, I remember this interview far more vividly than the AFC championship. 

6. Joe Namath Wants to Kiss Suzy Kolber

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    I really really love Joe Namath, so I almost didn't include the famed Jets quarterback's sloppy come-on to sideline cutie Suzy Kolber. But then I realized that all of you would freak out, and it really wasn't worth the headache. 

    Obviously, it's a pretty funny moment, and the fact that it happened on live national television made it all the more ridiculous.

    But we all know Namath has had his battles with alcohol, and if you saw the HBO documentary Namath, you know it was one of the most humiliating moments of his life. 

5. Mike Tyson Explains Mike Tyson

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    If you've seen any recent interviews with retired boxer Mike Tyson, you know that he's really come a long way in terms of turning his reputation around. Tyson has drastically mellowed out, and I feel like he's no longer a threat to eat your children. 

    Though I could have probably done without that face tattoo. That being said, Tyson obviously wasn't always so put together. Take this interview for example—let me quote the first 23 seconds:

    "But your guys can't define me. I define my work as a father. I'm many things. Yeah, I'm many things. I'm a convicted rapist. I'm…I'm…Imma hell-raiser. I'm a father, a loving father. I'm a semi-good husband. Ya know, I mean what? I'm just a man out here trying to enjoy my…I was born poor, I ain't never had nothin', ya know? I don't know how to act, alright."

    Oh Iron Mike! You had me at "convicted rapist"!

4. Craig Sager vs. Kevin Garnett

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    TNT's resident clown Craig Sager is known as the most ridiculously dressed man in sports, if not the entire world. Sager has never met a salmon-colored jacket that he didn't have to own. He dresses like an idiot and pretty much everyone, except his employer it seems, finds it painful to look at.

    No one finds it more painful than Celtics big man Kevin Garnett, who took Sager to task for one of his vulgar monstrosities in 2009. I've actually used this clip in a slideshow a while back, so I happen to have KG's whole glorious monologue already transcribed:

    I've never in my life tried to go at you and your suits and such…Tonight, I am stressing: You take this outfit home and you burn it. We don’t want to see this. I know you don’t double-back with your outfits, I’ve never seen you in an outfit twice…but you take this right here (grabbing his suit)…I don’t care if it’s Versace… name brand…, I don’t care…You take this home and you burn it. 

    So when you get done with this…you should be butt-ass-naked and burn it. It’s good to see you, like always. And the shoes too, just burn them. Okay? Just burn them. Don’t ask no questions, just burn them…the red socks which people can’t see at home…take all this handkerchief… lime thong…all that...burn it...okay?

    Burn it…Vaseline…kerosene…whatever…burn it.


3. Kenny Mayne Digs Deep with Wes Welker and Jared Allen

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    There are few people in sports funnier than ESPN's Kenny Mayne and the Vikings' Jared Allen. Oh, and Patriots wideout Wes Welker is very adorable and passably funny—no small achievement standing next to the comedic giants. 

    Check out Mayne's interview spoof with Welker and Allen, and you'll never look at these guys the same. Particularly Welker, because I'm pretty sure this is how Allen actually spends his offseasons. 

2. Jim Rome vs. Jim "Chris" Everett

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    Let me start by saying that I'm no Jim Rome fan. I don't get his style, his appeal or really anything about the guy. But the dude has quite the fanbase, so clearly some of you people like the cut of his jib. 

    I may not like Jim Rome, but I do respect the stones of steel it takes to call Jim Everett "Chris" straight to his face, even after being warned there would be repercussions. And you could tell that Chris absolutely meant it.  

    Naturally, Rome, always the agitator, did it again. And there were repercussions—awesome ones. The result was one of the funniest interviews in the history of sports. 

1. Metta World Peace Didn't Understand This Question

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    As this list has already established, Lakers legendary lunk-head Metta World Peace is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. Fans tend to run hot and cold on MWP, but I totally love this guy. 

    So many of Metta's interviews are gems, but this nonsense takes the cake. Basically, the reporter asks him about his name change and how the rookies' reactions compared to the veterans' reactions.

    MWP responds by thanking Jesus that his baby teeth fell out as a child because he would have looked weird as a teenager with tiny teeth. 

    I swear to God folks, this really happened.

BONUS: Jared Allen Interviews Jared Allen

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    Vikings badboy Jared Allen interviews "the real" Jared Allen at the 2009 NFL draft. They discuss all their Jared Allen things, like mullets, belt buckles and other intimate things.