Euro 2012: Ranking the Qualifying Nations' 16 Kits

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMay 29, 2012

Euro 2012: Ranking the Qualifying Nations' 16 Kits

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    Euro 2012 will see some nations in some pretty good-looking gear throughout the tournament.

    Bleacher Report is taking a look at the best kit each nation has to offer whether it's a nation's home or away kit that's up for display.

    Just over a week remains before the tournament begins on June the 8th and fans worldwide are looking forward to it.

    Here are the best-looking kits we'll see from the Euro 2012 participants.

16. Greece Home Kit

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    Greece is just going about business as usual with their kit for the tournament. The blue color on the sleeves is a nice touch but the overall design is plain.

15. Ukraine Home Kit

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    Ukraine has a similarly plain design with a little twist coming in the form of the two stripes below the numbers on the shirt.

    The overall look is pretty neat though.

14. Czech Republic Home Kit

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    The red on the Czech Republic kit is pleasing to the eye but, again, there is not much else going on in terms of style.

    This kit is still nice but not as good as those above.

13. Spain Home Kit

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    Santi Cazorla showcases the best of Spain's kit with his socks pulled all the way up. The way the red, yellow and blue come together, especially in the shorts and socks, is well done.

12. Denmark Home Kit

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    There's finally a bit of style going on here with Denmark's home kit. The collared shirt, the stripes on the top of the sleeves and the slashes on the shorts are all simple but good details.

11. Republic of Ireland Home Kit

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    The way the green stripe from the shirt, complete with logo, runs into the shorts gives this kit a really clean look.

    Umbro tops it off with socks that, instead of being just white or green, had a great mixture of color.

10. Italy Home Kit

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    Puma gives us the usual Italian look but it is really well done.

    The colored stripes on the collar and the top of the sock work really well together for Italy's kit. The shiny shirt is actually not distracting at all.

09. Russia Home Kit

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    The stripe across the shirt could have been annoying but that's not the case. Adidas found an interesting way to incorporate the nation's colors and present an otherwise simple outfit.

08. Germany Home Kit

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    The three stripes across the middle of the shirt and the way one block incorporates both the number and the German federation's logo was a nice touch by Adidas.

07. Poland Home Kit

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    The continuous changing between white and red going down the kit makes Poland's home kit stand out. Nike used the block in the middle of the shirt well and the three logos above it catch the eye.

06. Sweden Home Kit

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    Everything is nice and simple with this kit but Umbro then turns on the style with the shorts and socks. The big yellow stripe on the shirt flows into the shorts and then into the socks before turning back to blue to match the shirt.

05. Croatia Home Kit

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    Croatia's kit design is unique, there's no denying that. The checkered shirt looks pretty good and Nike did well not to try and mix too much blue into the shorts and socks.

04. England Away Kit

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    The collar gives this kit an old fashioned feel and so does the mixture of colors. Phil Jones give the full effect with his socks pulled all the way up and the change in color from shirt to shorts to socks is well done.

03. France Home Kit

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    This all-blue kit from France is really something. The stripes and the collar really make the shirt and Nike certainly didn't go wrong putting similar colors on the short and socks.

02. Portugal Away Kit

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    The socks should be white in this picture and that makes this kit one of the best of the bunch. Nike found a new way to present Portugal's colors and does it really well.

01. Holland Away Kit

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    The Netherlands may not have wanted to go all black with this kit but more than enough was done to make this the best kit in the tournament.

    The splashes of orange in the shirt and the shorts make this sleek looking design really good.