Ranking the NFL's Current Throwback Jerseys

Gordon BlockContributor IIIMay 18, 2012

Ranking the NFL's Current Throwback Jerseys

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    Throwback jerseys have a unique place in the minds of many NFL fans, as they draw a link between the players of today and the game of the past. Stepping on the field, it's a chance for both players and fans to carry on the game's tradition.

    However, some throwback jerseys are better than others. Though this may seem like an unfair breakdown, just remember most teams had several jerseys they could call on when going through their old photo albums and game tapes. These are the ones they chose, and they're just going to have to deal with that.

    Here are the rankings for the NFL's current throwback jerseys.

17) Green Bay Packers

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    I can't say I'm a huge fan of these jerseys from the Green Bay Packers. The number bubble is humongous (at least a lot bigger than its inspiration), but my biggest gripe is the helmet chosen.

    As we'll discuss with the Washington Redskins' new throwback jerseys and helmets, the glossy coat of the helmet immediately takes you out of the look that this is supposed to be out of 1929 and jerks you into the uglier parts of modern jerseys.

16) Pittsburgh Steelers

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    In what surely could be confused for the jerseys of a bumblebee prison football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers will wear these throwbacks at some point during the 2012 season.

    The jersey has already drawn mixed reactions, including opposition from linebacker James Harrison.

    "There's a reason these jerseys were from 1932..... it's 2012 now though, so send them back!!! lol," he tweeted.

    Hopefully, a win will take some of the sting out of wearing these bee-like duds.

15) Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders have one of the most recognizable looks in sports, so in many ways the AFL throwback look was unnecessary. 

    Though the changes were minimal (different numbering colors and a classic helmet logo), it just doesn't seem worth it to go back to these uniforms from the ones they wear now.

14) Indianapolis Colts

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    I love the colors, and I love the uniform design, so why are the Indianapolis Colts ranked so low on this list? The helmet.

    I really don't like the double horseshoe placement on the back of the lid, which creates too much blank space where there doesn't need to be.

    The jersey's roots with the Baltimore Colts also mean its a real cheap shot to Baltimore fans, some of whom are still upset about their 1983 exit from the city.

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    This ranking is is simple. I like the helmet, and am less in love with the creamsicle color of the jersey.

    Hopefully the folks at Nike can do some tweaking to the jersey, which got put into action again this past December. It received some mixed reactions:

    DT Albert Haynesworth, 30, said he recalls the days when the Bucs wore those uniforms. And he wasn't particularly fond of them.

    "I used to think they were really ugly," he said.

    And now?

    "Well, I'm wearing it," he said. "I can make anything look good."

12) New York Jets

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    I really have few problems with this jersey from the New York Jets, and in many ways it should be higher.

    However, I'm always annoyed that this jersey always looks so bad when I see them on TV. Though that may just mean I need to adjust the colors on the set I'm watching the game on, it just doesn't look right when seen in action.

11) Kansas City Chiefs

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    A clean-cut jersey from the Kansas City Chiefs, but it really doesn't move me in any particular way.

    Other than a patch on the jersey's shoulder, it just seems like the team just forgot where they placed their helmets, and had to borrow some new ones.

10) Chicago Bears

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    This is a quality jersey for the Chicago Bears, but the one thing that bugs me about these jerseys is the numbering. 

    Looking at Jay Cutler run for his life in this photo, it just seems like the number is the wrong size on the jersey, or maybe just a little higher up than it needs to be.

9) Tennessee Titans

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    Though the Tennessee Titans haven't broken out these jerseys for several seasons, this look should become a more regular part of their repertoire. 

    The helmet looks great, the numbering is solid, and the socks' striping really hits the mark. A great jersey all around.

8) Dallas Cowboys

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    What more needs to be said about these jerseys from the Dallas Cowboys?

    It's a clean look, and is interesting without being too busy. The numbering fits well, and the helmet pairs well with the white shoulder lines.

    It's truly an All-American jersey for the franchise that likes to think of itself as America's team.

7) St. Louis Rams

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    Only one question for the St. Louis Rams after they broke out these jerseys this past season: Why did you ever retire these?

6) Washington Redskins

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    Introduced for the 2012 season, these jerseys for the Washington Redskins will bring back memories for many fans of the team's look in the 1994 season.

    The jersey features some great numbering, and the pants contrast nicely with the uniform top.

    Most importantly, the brown helmet of the jersey, designed to evoke a classic feeling, features a matte finish. Unlike the Green Bay Packers' attempt for this look, the finish and the fake leather pattern will make fans question whether they and the entire stadium got sucked into a surprisingly large time machine.

    After their initial panic, these fans will pull their cell phones from their pocket, check the date and remember that in 1994, that was a nearly impossible task.

5) Philadelphia Eagles

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    This fantastic jersey, as seen in the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 regular season opener, work on a lot of different levels.

    The jersey's green really pops out to those who see it, the wings on the helmet pair nicely with the green, and overall it's a very clean look.

4) New Orleans Saints

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    Everything works in this throwback for the New Orleans Saints. The pants pair up nicely with the jersey, the numbering is great, and the placement of the triple stripes in the middle of the socks creates a nice look that doesn't interfere with the stripe running down the pants.

    I'm sure fans would pay a sizable bounty...to see the team wear these uniforms more often.

3) San Diego Chargers

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    In many ways the perfect jersey, the powder blue uniforms of the San Diego Chargers really hit the mark. The bold color choice sets the jersey off, and is only matched by the equally brilliant choice of white for the helmet.

    The only reason I've knocked this down is the jersey is losing its novelty due to its repeat wearings over the past few seasons.

2) Atlanta Falcons

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    There's a lot to like about the Atlanta Falcons' throwback look, but I have to rave most about the helmets.

    Starting with a bold red, the addition of the white-and-black stripe really carries it a long way. The use of the Falcons' classic logo is a refreshing change from the unnecessarily aggressive bird the team uses now.

    Overall, a great look for the team.

1) New England Patriots

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    The New England Patriots hit it out of the park with these throwback uniforms, making it work from head to toe.

    The helmet's logo and striping pop on the white helmet, while the jersey's stripes and bold red contrast nicely with the white numbers. The triple stripes on the socks finish the jersey's look on a high note.

    A great look all around.