WWE News: CM Punk Weighs in on Same-Sex Marriage and Amendment 1

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 7, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Who would have thought that pro wrestlers would have so much to say when it comes to politics?

Lets face it, the modern day "sports entertainer" is way more involved in the public spotlight than his/her predecessors. To me this could be problematic, especially considering that the WWE is a publicly traded company with one of its owners running for U.S. Senate.

Luckily for us, most of its on-air employees do not concern themselves with those issues. Several WWE stars have sounded off on different issues that are close to them, or simply gone off on tirades about nothing at all. In the end, this could be looked down on within management at WWE headquarters. However, we have really only witnessed few stars remove previous tweets or Facebook messages.

Most of those posts were pertaining to an ongoing storyline. However, that wasn't the case for Michael Cole, who tweeted a derogatory comment to fellow announcer Josh Mathews. If that comment was tweeted a year or two earlier, no one would have cared, but it happened in the midst of the WWE launching a partnership with GLAAD.

Now, CM Punk has decided to speak out about same sex marriage and Amendment 1. For those of you who don't know, Amendment 1 is a controversial topic in North Carolina, as it will define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and would ban any other type of "domestic legal union" such as civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Punk took to twitter to post the following on this issue:

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Since then, several people have replied to Punk's comments and most were positive. Ultimately, I have to agree with Punk. In fact, I have witnessed a multitude of divorces in my family, two from my father alone.

In the end, why should there be such a negative stigma surrounding this subject? Overall, everyone has their opinion regarding same-sex marriage, and you have your right to it. However, when we start policing peoples feeling's, we begin to have bigger problems.

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