2012 NFL Draft: 6 Facts About 2012 Mr. Irrelevant Chandler Harnish

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 29, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 6 Facts About 2012 Mr. Irrelevant Chandler Harnish

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    "Mr. Irrelevant" is a term that doesn't seem too kind to prospects heading into the NFL draft. It is kind of like being the last kid chosen on the playground in a pickup basketball game. It is the idea that 250-plus picks were drafted before you.

    This is the position that Chandler Harnish found himself in this evening when the Indianapolis Colts made him the final pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

    He might be well known in the scouting community, but the average fan probably doesn't have an inkling as to what he might provide in the National Football League.

    This is where my job comes into play. This article is going to give you six facts about the Northern Illinois product and current Mr. Irrelevant.

Set Passing Records Galore

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    Chandler Harnish holds 30 different records at Northern Illinois, including its all-time rushing mark. Yes, you heard that right.

    Despite playing quarterback, Harnish was a dynamic force in the running game. He ran for nearly 1,400 yards and scored 11 touchdowns as a senior in 2011. In total, Harnish accumulated over 4,500 yards last year.

Born in Bluffton, Ind.

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    The United States is filled with small towns. From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, this makes up the heart of this great nation.

    Chandler Harnish was born in the small Indiana town of Bluffton. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this town has a population less than 10,000.

    Just imagine him seeing action in a preseason game for the Indianapolis Colts. He would be playing in front of an audience that is over six times larger than the entire population of the town he was born in.

    That is crazy!

Shares a Birthdate with Some Intriguing Figures

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    We all share some famous birthdays. Let's take a look at some people with the same birthday as Chandler Harnish. 

    Bill Bradley, a former New York Knicks All-Star and United States Senator, was also born on July 28. He attempted a presidential run against Al Gore back in 2000.

    Dark Side of the Moon was one of my favorite albums growing up and it still is. I am not sure if Harnish even knows this, but he shares a birthday with a member of Pink Floyd, Richard William Wright.

    Anyone remember the television series Coach starring Craig T. Nelson? Well, Harnish shares the same birthday as Howard Burley's dizzy wife, known in real life as Georgia Engel. 

    He also shares a birthdate with Vida Blue, Hugo Chavez and Elizabeth Berkley.

Michael Turner Link

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    Although they never played together, Chandler Harnish and Michael Turner do have a link: They are the two best players in the history of Northern Illinois football.

    Turner ran for 1,000 yards multiple times during his career there, while Harnish duplicated that feat last season as a quarterback.

Played for the Indiana State Championship in High School

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    Chandler Harnish was always going to succeed as a football player. This started from an early age and led him to being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts today.

    He led Norwell High School to a 14-1 record. He threw for over 4,500 yards and nearly 50 touchdowns that season, while recording over 120 tackles on the defensive side of the ball.

Nominated for Walter Camp Award in November

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    Chandler Harnish was one of 15 semifinalists for the Walter Camp Award as the best player in college football last season.

    He probably has one of the best athletic skill sets in the entire 2012 draft. Harnish not only has the ability to make plays with his feet, but he also reads defensive coverages extremely well.

    In the end, Harnish might not be "irrelevant" after all.