Terry Francona's Girlfriend: Alleged 20-Something Is Good for the Former Manager

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 20, 2012

Lacking a job and a bevy of controversial players to keep him stressing, Terry Francona clearly needed something to take his mind away from baseball.

Now that he's allegedly bombed a home run with a 20-something, life seems to be picking up for the former Red Sox manager, although never without a baseball analogy.

Recent reports from Busted Coverage revealed that Francona was in the process of getting a divorce, information they received from the manager's public relations team.

With his recent photo shoot, Francona is showing us that his marriage is certainly close to finished.

While this girl may be a niece or casual friend, we'll naturally assume she's more.

Sure, some will shake their heads and shiver in disgust.

But we're looking at his new fling from a different angle. It's good for the former skip, it'll keep him happy and us with material to write about.

Apparently named Vanessa, the young girl seems eager to reach the diamond or at least the spotlight. Perhaps she's hoping for a shot in the Majors. Probably not with the Red Sox though, considering the tarnished connection.

In reality, this girl seems excited for the opportunity to be part of Francona's new team. 

At this point, he will likely lean towards the hit-and-run.


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