Winter X Games 16: Justin Hoyer Breaks Arm Trying Double Backflip on Snowmobile

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2012

The 2012 Winter X-Games in Aspen, CO provided us with a ton of memorable moments, but Justin Hoyer had a night to forget on Sunday.

In the Snowmobile Best Trick competition he was attempting one of the craziest tricks of the week. A backflip on a snowboard is incredibly difficult because of the extreme amount of torque required to keep up the momentum. A double backflip is that much harder.

That’s with a snowboard attached to your feet, an object that weighs around 10-to-15 pounds.

So imagine doing a double backflip with a 400-pound snowmobile.


Hoyer thought he could pull it off and he was awfully close to doing it.

He had plenty of speed and pulled off the first flip with ease. The second one looked good as well but he came up short and the result was rather painful.

He drilled his snowmobile on the front tip and Hoyer went flying off of it. He went face first into the snow and the vehicle landed right on top of him. It was a scary scene but luckily Hoyer emerged of his feet instantly.

Problem is he couldn’t move his right arm as you can clearly tell something isn’t right. It wasn’t. Hoyer has a broken arm and will have to lay off the snowmobile for a few weeks.

Regardless of the pain he is now feeling; give him all the credit in the world for having the guts to attempt one of the most dangerous tricks one can do at the Winter X-Games.

Maybe next year. 

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