The 100 Most Amazing Sports Pictures

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJanuary 24, 2012

The 100 Most Amazing Sports Pictures

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    Highlight reels and humorous press conferences may be most entertaining, but it's the creative photographers and their epic action-shots that define the sports realm.

    From glaring lights creating an intriguing display to bloopers frozen in time, these awe-inspiring pictures continue to shadow the athletic world.

    Now it's time to please your eyes with the most amazing sports shots ever.

    Athletics at their finest.

    All images from The Beauty of Sports unless noted otherwise.

100. The Pinnacle of Beauty

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    A punt has never been so glorious.

99. Spreading the Wealth

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    A worldwide phenomenon.

    Image via JZ Sports

98. Bart Wellens Is a Champion

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    Anybody have a toothpick?

97. Covering Every Corner

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    Image via I Love Snowboarding

96. Eager Warriors at the Rugby World Cup

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    Their version of the National Anthem is far superior to ours. 

95. Lost in Translation

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    He immediately knew he made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

94. Making History

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    Perfectly timed, as usual.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding

93. Flight Plan

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    Two for the price of one.

    Image via JZ Sports

92. Rafael Nadal Shares His Secret

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    Impeccable form.

91. Felix Sturm Gets Pumped

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    The key is to blind your opponent.

90. Novak Djokovic Revealed

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    There are actually 10 of him during matches.

89. Robbie Maddison Risks It All

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    That view must be phenomenal.

88. Quiet Domination

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    Sheer intimidation.

87. In Retrospect

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    Treacherous skies never fail to enhance a shot.

86. The Cheap Shot Heard Round the World

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    Larry Merchant can take care of this one.

85. Richard Howell Hangs Tight

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    A bit excessive with nobody in sight.

84. Muddy Waters

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    Row...such a simple word.

83. Rob Gronkowski's Leap of Faith

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    ‪We thought Rob Gronkowski was tough, but he's just elusive.

82. Beating the Odds

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    Solid across the board.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding

81. Diamond Delight

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    This will happen every time Albert Pujols hits a homerun in Anaheim.

80. By the Horns

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    It's about time humans stop messing with bulls.

    Image via

79. Rugby World Cup at Its Best

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    While symmetrically enjoyable, this shot displays the pigskin bladder's lack of significance.

78. Fabolina Molina Sustains Greatness

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    Another nine-to-five in the books.

77. Adam Kleeberger Rises Above

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    The King of the Castle.

76. David Tyree Defines His Career

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    The play that headlined 18-1.

    Image via

75. Brayan Pena Makes a Friend

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    Even a mantis is praying for the Royals.

74. Tripoli Patterson Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel

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    So we're assuming the cameraman gets leveled.

    Image via

73. Jessica Ennis Takes a Breather

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    Once again combining sexiness and form.

72. Freestyle Running

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    The start of any productive day.

71. High Expectations for Erik Guay

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    Yeah it's probably best not to look at how far he's come.

70. Saimaiti Aishan Walks a Tight Line

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    No big deal.

69. Butterfly Meets Bee

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    Ali vs. doesn't get better.

    Image via

68. Culture Shock

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    Constant storms can't stop these youths from hitting the hardwood.

67. Training Camp Confessions

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    Rookie treatment.

66. Seoul Entertainment

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    The illustrious sport of underwater taekwondo.

65. Charlotte Voce Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

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    The emergency exit can be difficult to handle.

64. Swimming with the Fans

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    You can catch more than a homerun in there.

63. Maria Sharapova Enjoys the Clay

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    The former World No. 1 looks good on any material.

62. On the Prowl

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    If only all sports were played in water.

61. Cut from the Same Mold

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    Cookie-cutter superstars at the ITU world championship series.

60. Rex Ryan's Dream

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    Putting the best foot forward.

    Image via

59. Reggie Jackson Becomes One with the Plate

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    This was obviously in October.

58. Treacherous Hurdles

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    The key is to not look ahead.

57. Kerri Strug Becomes Immortal

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    Even deodorant couldn't stop her at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

56. The Play

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    The band is out on the field...

55. My Chick Bad

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    She's not to be messed with.

54. Sean MacColl Reaches His Peak

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    Don't look down.

53. Surf and Turf

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    Alpacas are actually born with the ability to ride waves.

52. Canucks Bite the Sharks in Game 5

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    Someone could lose an eye out there.

51. Gametime

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    Who could be more intimidating?

50. Jason Clark Meets the Cameron Crazies

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    The ultimate sixth man.

49. Green Serenity

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    Leaving a trail of greatness behind.

    Image via

48. Joseph and Scoop Jardine Join Forces

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    Syracuse always displays good chemistry.

47. J.J. Jegede Earns His Money

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    The British long jump champion was undoubtedly asleep during this.

46. Liang Huo Circles the World

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    Almost a full moon.

45. Splitting Hairs

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    Those horses are not entertained.

    Image via

44. Waterborne

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    Is that a fish?

43. Chris Plys' Father Plays His Role

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    Patriotic support for the U.S. men's curling team.

    Image via

42. Technological Advancement

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    Witness the amazing world we live in.

    Image via JZ Sports

41. Leap of Lunacy

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    Safe landing.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding

40. Turning Water into Wine

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    That might be Jesus Christ.

39. Shadows of the Viessmann Luge World Cup

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    The perfect view.

    Image via

38. This Is Sparta

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    He'll look like King Leonidas from 300 after this workout, in regards to tan of course.

    Image via

37. Hank Aaron Makes History

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    The moment when every heart in the stadium skipped a beat.

36. New York State of Mind

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    All eyes on 'Melo.

35. Say Cheese

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    Now it's time for the goofy face shot.

34. Anthony Robles Faces Adversity

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    36-0 on one leg.

33. Ben Zobrist's Nightmare

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    Don't be afraid of the ball.

32. Jonathan Papelbon's Scouting Report

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    Slowest 100-mph fastball ever thrown.

31. Sweat and Tears

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    Dripping perseverance.

30. Ruth Frith Is Like a Fine Wine

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    At age 100, he's only on the cusp of stardom.

29. James Domain

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    The thunderous dunk of LeBron James is unlike any other player in basketball today.

28. Steve Black Enjoys His Wings

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    Dinner and a show at the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

27. Proper Defense

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    Stellar posture.

26. Bobby Orr Takes off

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    The freeze-frame that defined hockey.

25. Once a King

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    If only we could see LeBron James on the Cavs once more.

    Image via

24. Curling the Sunset

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    Memorable training session aesthetics.

    Image via

23. Scratching the Surface

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    Image via I Love Snowboarding

22. Scott Linebrink Is Frozen in Time

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    He must be exhausted.

    Image via

21. Quentin Robbins Has Second Thoughts

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    One step at a time big guy.

    Image via

20. Jonathan Casillas Feels the Energy After NFC Championship Victory

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    One win away from inspiring the world.

    Image via

19. Vineman Ironman Escapes Unscathed

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    Steaming victory.

    Image via

18. John Van Wisse Approaches Immortality

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    Becoming one with the water before swimming three laps of the English Channel.

    Image via

17. Following Directions at the 2010 Asian Games

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    Arrow points up.

    Image via

16. Crickets Chirping

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    Subtle dominance.

    Image via

15. Breath of Freshness

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    Lungs of steel.

    Image via

14. Lawyer Milloy Soars into Battle

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    Chilly intimidation.

    Image via

13. Into the Abyss

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    We'd like to believe it's truly black and white out there.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding

12. Light Show at the UCI Track World Championships

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    Late-race hallucinations.

    Image via

11. Packing It in

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    An almost-complete rainbow seems like the perfect metaphor for the Cheeseheads' 2010-2011 season.

10. Eating Dust

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    Leave no prisoners, eliminate all competition.

    Image via

9. Rafael Nadal's Quest

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    Just living the dream.

    Image via

8. Riding Through the Night at Maywood Park

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    Hopefully he's avoiding the horse's droppings.

    Image via

7. Shadows and Dust

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    We must explore the new phenomenon of sandboarding.

    Image via

6. Celebrating Hanuman Jayanti

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    Rising from the depths are star Indian athletes celebrating the birth anniversary of Hindu God Hanuman.

    Image via

5. Arthur Ashe Stadium Reflections

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    Each drop has a story to tell.

4. Sunset Hunting

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    Blue continues to be a great color.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding

3. Darren Choy Signals the Start of 2010 Youth Olympics

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    Igniting a future champion.

    Image via

2. Explosions in Vancouver

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    The Olympics are all about presentation.

    Image via

1. Revolving Door

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    Looking at life from a different perspective.

    Image via I Love Snowboarding


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