Derion Kendrick NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Georgia CB

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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 30: Derion Kendrick #11 of the Georgia Bulldogs reacts during the second half of a game against the Florida Gators at TIAA Bank Field on October 30, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
James Gilbert/Getty Images

HEIGHT: 5'11 7/8"


HAND: 9 1/8"

ARM: 31"

WINGSPAN: 6'2 3/8"







— Performs well when playing in both man and zone coverage.

— Patient defender who plays with good leverage at the line of scrimmage, in press and downfield. Puts himself in the best positions to make plays.

— Plays fast and shows quick reactions when given a clear read. Has very good aggression and physicality in the run game.

— Has smooth hips when asked to turn and run. Does a good job shadowing the receiver downfield. Excels at sinking his hips to get out of breaks.

— Always has vision of the ball in the air and looks to locate it when running downfield. Does a very good job of playing the ball through the reception point.


— Can have tunnel vision at times, causing him to be slow to react when he has multiple threats in his zone.

— Has trouble when pressed with vertical speed. Can often get beat off the line of scrimmage, causing him to panic and lose body control when trailing.

— Lacks the top-end speed to carry twitchier players downfield.


15 G, 41 TOT, 2 TFL, 4 INT, 3 PBU


— Transferred to Georgia in 2021 after three seasons at Clemson.

— Started out as a receiver his freshman year at Clemson (2018).


Derion Kendrick was a three-year starter for Clemson before transferring to Georgia, where he earned a starting role at cornerback. He plays with very good pad level and has top athletic movement. 

Kendrick is a versatile cornerback who can make plays in both zone and man coverage. In man, he plays with great leverage and positioning. He's able to quickly and fluidly get in and out of breaks. 

Kendrick struggles with receivers who immediately threaten him with speed, causing him to panic and play outside of his skill set. Though his leverage helps his play, there are times where receivers easily run right past him. In zone coverage, he plays with good vision and anticipation, but he can get overwhelmed with multiple threats at times. 

When playing the run, Kenrick is able to react best when he's given a clear lane to see things develop. He’s a willing tackler who does a good job staying in his run lane, as well as attacking the ball-carrier, but there are times where he can melt off tackles. 

Kenrick had amazing production throughout his college career at two top programs. However, NFL receivers will test his lack of speed. 

Unfortunately, Kendrick didn't answer the question about his lack of speed at his pro day. He will most likely slide on draft day as a result, but if he can continue to make plays while handling the speed difference, he will have the opportunity to make plenty of plays in the NFL.

GRADE: 7.1 (High-level Backup/Potential Starter - 3rd Round)



PRO COMPARISON: Stephon Gilmore


Written by B/R NFL Scout Cory Giddings