Matthew Judon Talks Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, More in B/R AMA

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured Columnist IVMay 17, 2021

CINCINNATI, OHIO - JANUARY 03:   Matthew Judon #99 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates after the win against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on January 03, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Two-time Pro Bowler Matthew Judon has emerged as one of the NFL's better edge-rushers in recent years, with six sacks, nine tackles for loss and 21 quarterback hits across 14 games for the Baltimore Ravens last season. 

He starts a new journey with the New England Patriots in 2021, however, after signing a four-year, $54.5 million deal with the team this offseason. 

He joined B/R for an AMA that ranged from the impact of Lamar Jackson and the most difficult quarterbacks to play against to his favorite pregame meal. 

@MikeSteveRitter: How did Lamar impact you as a player/person?

I think I had more impact on Lamar than he had on me. He impacted the team in a way you can't really describe. He raised everybody's standards and level of play.

@vstax: Which QB was the toughest to sack? Which was your favorite to sack?

Tom Brady is the toughest just because he intentionally grounds the ball every time. Every time I'm about to get a sack on him, he throws the ball away. My favorite, I don't think I have a favorite. Obviously, Ben Roethlisberger. That rivalry runs deep. Any sack I can get, I will take. 

@Steve_Perrault: What teammate will you miss the most (from the Ravens) and who are you most excited to play with on the Pats?

Marlon Humphrey is my guy. The unpredictability of what he brings to the team, and Ronnie Stanley. Super Cam, excited to play with him. Growing up watching what he did in college to becoming an NFL MVP and leading his team to the Super Bowl. They barely lost. What he meant for QBs at the time, it was just incredible what he did.

@Shaquille0atmeal: Initial thoughts on coach Bill?

I met with him one time. My initial thoughts is he a really cool guy, he's down to earth and he knows a lot of football.

@BR_NHL: What was it like playing with T-Sizzle?

It was fun. He always brought energy and he always kept us motivated. When some stuff went wrong, he always blamed it on the coaches, so he was a good teammate.

@vstax: What team did you want to play for you when you were a kid?

The Dolphins - my little league team was the Dolphins. Rickie was on the team and Jason Taylor. I'm from Michigan but the Lions were so bad so I wasn't riding with them.

@Just_in_time: The first thing you bought with your new contract was ____

I haven't made a big purchase yet—a house in Massachusetts.

@adoop: Who's the toughest OL to go against?

It was my rookie year -- Jason Peters. I didn't have my legs yet, I couldn't get a rush.

@D0ugBr0wn: Your favorite player in the league?

Odell is probably one of my favorite players to watch. I like Joey Bosa on defense. I watch a lot of edge rushers, so Von Miller, I watch and study him. Mostly, I watch WR and DB matchups.

@NotRoaldAcunaJr: Are you still built by taco bell?

I'm always going to be built by Taco Bell, sometimes in order to get the sexy body summer you got to lay off the Taco Bell. There's no go-to order there, you just go in there and get something that sounds good that day.

@fitchkarma66: Your funniest locker room moment in Baltimore was what?

When Webb got mad at all of us. It was our rookie year, so every Thursday we shut our section of the locker room down. It was new people in and out - rookies, people that get cut and all that stuff. One day we was like: nobody could walk through here. Lardarius Webb was like: I've been here 10 years, I can walk through, so he walked through, we picked him up and put him back on his seat and he was mad.

@vDrexmo: What was your favorite moment in your NFL career?

Either our playoff win this year or when I got three sacks in a row against the Raiders. First one was a strip sack for a touchdown. Then, I got two more sacks.

@vstax: Favorite pregame meal?

The night before I eat pizza before every game—usually Domino's. It's a custom made pizza. 

Rapid Fire

The next place you want to travel is where?

Somewhere out of the country, it don't even matter just get me out of the United States.

Favorite movie?

Little Rascals or Little Giants

Who wins the NBA title this year?

Nets - Kevin Durant, let's go baby. They probably gonna have to play the Knicks first.