1. SK vs. Virtus.pro: As It Happened

    The Polish boys get it down in 2

  2. B/R esports @BResports_

    V I R T U S P R O The Polish squad is Grand Finals bound. #ELEAGUEMajor @EL @TeamVirtuspro https://t.co/s0qZ8zCfPM

  3. B/R esports @BResports_

    At least the future is bright for @SKGaming, right...? #ELEAGUEMajor @EL @IMTfelps https://t.co/h9s1kdDryC

  4. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 1 (19-17, Train) stats for @TeamVirtuspro vs @SKGaming in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/oUa9tncBI0

  5. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    The marathon ends with @TeamVirtuspro edging out @SKGaming 19-17 on Train, up next is Cobblestone: https://t.co/RqZr6huMpY https://t.co/KU6Fk27jRS

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  7. B/R esports @BResports_

    .@SKGaming vs. @TeamVirtuspro is such a gift. #ELEAGUEMajor @EL https://t.co/URkzGJCGG7

  8. lurppis @lurppis_

    Turns out the one letter doesn't matter too much, these teams will always match up incredibly well either way. #ELEAGUEMajor

  9. ReDeYe @PaulChaloner

    SK v VP, it's like two heavyweight fighters slugging it out in the ring going all 15 rounds (or to 16 in this case).

  10. What Was That FalleN.....

    What Was That FalleN.....
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    What Was That FalleN.....

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  11. lurppis @lurppis_

    Virtus plow is the best show in town #ELEAGUEMajor

  12. TaZ... 😳

    TaZ... 😳
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    TaZ... 😳

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  13. Astralis vs. Fnatic: As It Happened

    To the stars...

  14. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Full series stats for @astralisgg vs @FNATIC (2-0) in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/QGEsdPq1Ie

  15. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 2 (16-5, Nuke) stats for @astralisgg vs @FNATIC in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/Z66HQ6wfdN

  16. Anders Blume @OnFireAnders


  17. Thorin @Thooorin

    .@astralisgg just won a major semi-final 2:0 while playing their 5th and 6th best maps. That is fucking baller! Keep hating :>

  18. stuchiu @stuchiuWriter

    Not a competitive map at all in any sense, but enlightening in showing the strengths of Astralis and the flaws of Fnatic.

  19. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 1 (19-16, Cache) stats for @astralisgg vs @FNATIC in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/Gb1SlKDjEq


    After a rollercoaster of emotions, @astralisgg pulls out with the win on Cache! https://t.co/YSzE8GkLin

  21. B/R esports @BResports_

    word of the day: clutch #ELEAGUEMajor @EL @FNATIC @olofmCS https://t.co/1XsUtTXRFW


    Oh, okay @dev1ce https://t.co/XZPW6I51rj

  23. stuchiu @stuchiuWriter

    Fnatic gave themselves the best chance possible. I still have Astralis, but let's see.

  24. SK vs. FaZe: As It Happened

    The last quarterfinal of the Major

  25. Petar Milovanovic @Tgwri1s

    SK player stats after the quarter-final win over FaZe fer almost caught up with coldzera and even surpassed him in Impact rating https://t.co/jDOYtcq84t

  26. Petar Milovanovic @Tgwri1s

    FaZe player stats for the whole #ELEAGUEMajor allu was consistent, kio dealt the most damage, aizy the most impact, karrigan best on T-side https://t.co/FOZrdZT5Gy

  27. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Full series stats for @SKGaming vs @FaZeClan (2-1) in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/MbBczEnvST

  28. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 3 (16-5, Overpass) stats for @SKGaming vs @FaZeClan in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/kH44I6boUB

  29. lurppis @lurppis_

    fer got 41.7% more kills than anyone else on either team in that series. Crazy good performance for him. #ELEAGUEMajor

  30. Thorin @Thooorin

    ppl always say the non-star players "can" carry maps, but those are one offs. fer would be top 10 as the star of another team.

  31. B/R esports @BResports_

    Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait. #ELEAGUEMajor @coldzera @FalleNCS https://t.co/NsmEurI5pm

  32. B/R esports @BResports_

    It's like @kiocsgoo has something to prove... 👀 #ELEAGUEMajor @EL https://t.co/aFveHPOQQI

  33. Thorin @Thooorin

    This pace is fine for FaZe. The key now is to keep AWPs out of FalleN's hands. FaZe need 6-7 this half.

  34. stuchiu @stuchiuWriter

    fer likes winning.

  35. Thorin @Thooorin

    Heel turn #FaZeUp https://t.co/BaecuWY0rl

  36. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 2 (16-3, Train) stats for @SKGaming vs @FaZeClan in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/Hzw5GRgmdp

  37. DeKay @NWDeKay

    After the first map: SK high fiving After the second map: Silence from FaZe


    .@SK_fer with the quad kill to end map #2 16-3! https://t.co/KL1q3aiOvU

  39. B/R esports @BResports_

    COLD WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU #ELEAGUEMajor @EL @coldzera https://t.co/1pv0S6m8A3

  40. Josh Raven @JRavenEsports

    So many unreal shots in this game so far.


    The man knows his angles! @coldzera https://t.co/7XJUbitQtp

  42. CLG Lazarus @RisenLazarus

    Okay I guess SK is just straight pulling rounds out of their asses now... Jesus. #ELEAGUEMajor

  43. Janko Paunovic @OnFireYNk

    TACO in that round #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/Khmis6aMIP

  44. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 1 (16-7, Mirage) stats for @FaZeClan vs @SKGaming in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/9yQaLmE8Rq

  45. Thorin @Thooorin

    This is a good reminder that SK can still grind out sick wins, but they are not the SK that won two majors.

  46. M I N D G A M E S

    B/R esports @BResports_

    NEXT LEVEL TACTICIAN @karriganCSGO #ELEAGUEMajor @EL https://t.co/ECWzMnM6oh

  47. CLG Lazarus @RisenLazarus

    SK..... That's... That's awkward.

  48. Josh Raven @JRavenEsports

    Absolute BANTER CLAN

  49. Thorin @Thooorin

    FalleN is 1/4th of the player he was now they have fox in the team.

  50. Halvor G. @vENdettaCSGO

    Even when FaZe decide not to go A, they still win the round on A.. good to see them abusing the most glaring hole in SK's defense


    DEFINITELY NOT THE PROBLEM. @kiocsgoo https://t.co/XBvbo2D1xX

  52. Virtus.pro vs. North: As It Happened



    Very exciting pistol round to start out the second half of the second map! https://t.co/Fxydc6LrtD

  54. HLTV.org @HLTVorg

    Map 1 (16-4, Overpass) stats for @TeamVirtuspro vs @TheNorthIsHere in #ELEAGUEMajor https://t.co/BWyQ6yJsJX

  55. lurppis @lurppis_

    Important for North to win a couple of rounds and get some kills at the end though, would have been much tougher to lose 1-16 & go to cache.

  56. B/R esports @BResports_

    THE 👏 PLOW 👏 DEMANDS 👏 RESPECT 👏 #ELEAGUEMajor @TeamVirtuspro @EL https://t.co/pGA8cijZQN

  57. Thorin @Thooorin

    cajunb is a good player but this is unacceptable

  58. Gabriel Toledo @FalleNCS

    That was brutal

  59. stuchiu @stuchiuWriter

    The North looks empty.


    Incredible ace from @cios_snax! The Virtus plow is in full throttle at the moment https://t.co/WNiRYBQxb2

  61. B/R esports @BResports_

    It's the pistol round, guys. 🔪 #ELEAGUEMajor @EL @TeamVirtuspro https://t.co/WSZR6wfM3n