Jordan Jefferson Produces 25 Witnesses; BRPD Stuck on One

Henry BallSenior Analyst ISeptember 16, 2011

Is Jefferson Being Crucified For His Celebrity?
Is Jefferson Being Crucified For His Celebrity?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

East Baton Rouge Parish - In a motion-filed today with the 19th Judicial District Court, Attorney's for Jordan Jefferson—suspended senior quarterback for the No. 3 LSU Tigers—assert that twenty-five persons, yes TWENTY-FIVE, have provided affidavit (sworn) testimony that Jordan Jefferson did not punch, kick or touch anyone in the August 19, 2011 bar fight, outside of Shady’s Lounge, that led to his arrest and subsequent suspension from the LSU Football Team.

The witnesses range from bystanders, club employees and alleged participants in the melee as well as fellow football players, at least one of whom was attacked—without provocation—by the self-proclaimed victim, Andrew Lowery, and probable instigator of the fracas.

Jordan has maintained his innocence from the beginning, telling his father, John Jefferson—who was contacted by a staff member from LSU Head Coach Les Miles’ office—he had nothing to do with the fight. He knew better and had too much to lose.  He went on to say he tried to get some of his guys out of it and then left.

According to TWENTY-FIVE people who witnessed the events, that’s exactly what happened.

Well, obviously the police had many witnesses of their own, who undoubtedly contradict these TWENTY-FIVE people, right?

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Well, not so much.  They had one.  Victoria Long who, according to the responding police officer (Stone), was able to confirm Lowery's whereabouts at 6:10 a.m.--just a few hours after the fight--She also confirmed the level of his (minor) injuries, which she said she overheard hospital staff discussing. Apparently she accompanied Lowery to the hospital and then brought him home, where she told officer Stone he was sleeping.

Forgive me for questioning the wisdom of the BRPD for basing a felony arrest of two young men on the word of one witness, who clearly has a relationship and bias toward the “victim,” when TWENTY-FIVE other witnesses are available to them.

It is unclear how many, if any, of the TWENTY-FIVE witnesses went home with Jordan Jefferson or Josh Johns that night but the motion filed today makes it clear that many of the witnesses have no ties to Jefferson at all.

In a video that went viral shortly after the fight, a man in dark (black) clothing can be seen kicking Lowery repeatedly as he tries to get up off the ground. It also appears that another man (wearing a white shirt) walks past him (and allegedly kicks him) just before helping him to his feet.

Judging from the two men’s heights compared to the young lady (Long?) prominent in the footage, it is obvious that neither of these men are anywhere near the stately height (6’5”) of Jordan Jefferson, who was wearing a long tailed Grey shirt as seen in the video shot inside the bar just seconds before the melee.

The Police have also found no physical evidence, despite confiscating 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson’s apartment, and the affidavit filed to obtain the warrant makes it clear that Jefferson as well as the other players questioned by police denied any involvement by Jefferson.

In this humble correspondent’s opinion, there is a grave injustice being carried out on the Bayou and one can only hope that the court will make a quick and decisive ruling.

LSU also has the power to consider the extenuating circumstances in this case and lift the suspension. The question is: will they?

Jefferson’s attorney appeals to the court to consider the unfair judicial hardship Jefferson is currently being subjected to, one that can never be rectified by the court.

Indeed, the 2011 College Football Season—one that saw LSU picked to win a National Title, with Jefferson as the starting quarterback, by Sporting News and other publications—is well underway and Jefferson may have already lost his starting position—to fellow senior Jarrett Lee, who has performed well (3-0) in his absence—for good and may never be able to fully restore his previously stellar disciplinary reputation.

Its time to end this, TWENTY-FIVE to One (25-1) is a route on any scoreboard.  The BRPD hung its hat on one witness and rushed to file charges against two LSU Football Players because they were afraid to be accused of showing favoritism to the home team.

I’m pretty sure wrongful prosecution of the home team is worse.

Sources include the AP, and the Bleacher Report.

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