The 30 Worst Uniform Ideas Ever

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IISeptember 16, 2011

The 30 Worst Uniform Ideas Ever

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    There are uniquely ugly uniforms, and then there are the tragic ideas that multiple teams have attempted...and failed.

    Between bad color choices, poor designs and trying too hard to look cool, some uniform ideas are just one mistake teams can't seem to avoid making at some point in their franchise history. 

    So here is a list of 30 of the worst uniform ideas of all-time. 

No. 30 Futuristic Uniforms

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    More specifically the "Turn Ahead the Clock" uniforms the MLB used in 1999.

No. 29 Super-Short Basketball Shorts

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    These are just too funny to look at now.

    It made sense then for maximum movement ability, but the shorts worn by players today look so much better. 

No. 28 Patterned Golf Pants

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    They may be part of the golfing world now, but these are still a horrible uniform choice for any golfer–whether they are acceptable or not. 

No. 27 Checkers

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    Especially when they are nearly invisible on the uniform, or just put in odd places. 

No. 26 Baggy Baseball Jerseys

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    These are more t-shirt than jersey in design and look really sloppy on the field. 

No. 25 Cartoonish Mascots on the Uniform

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    Huge cartoon-like mascots plastered across a uniform are not only NOT attractive, but they also take away some of the credibility of the team.

    Who could take someone wearing this jersey seriously? 

No. 24 One-Pieces in Tennis

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    Most women who play tennis tend to pick cute little dresses to wear during their matches, but Anna White decided she would rather wear this awful one-piece instead.

No. 23 Camouflage

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    Unless it's the army or the navy, when sports teams incorporate camouflage into their uniforms, it's usually not done in a very well-thought out way–and ends up looking cheap and tacky. 

No. 22 Light Childish Colors

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    Not as bad as neon colors, but these super-light pastels don't make any team look tough during a game. 

No. 21 Pink Uniforms

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    Like some of the other uniform ideas on this list, the idea behind adding pink to a uniform is noble, but the way it's been done for most of the uniforms is just tragic-looking. 

No. 20 Neon Color Schemes

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    Having bright colors isn't necessarily a bad thing. But when people have to wear sunglasses to look at a team's uniform, that's when neon colors become a mistake. 

No. 19 Zig Zags

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    These design patterns tend to make the team look they are paying tribute to Charlie Brown. 

No. 18 Poor Color Combinations

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    Team uniform designers sometimes make horrible decisions about which hues of the teams colors will go best together. 

No. 17 Stripes of Different Colors

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    If your going to put stripes on a uniform, at least make them look cohesive by making them all the same color and having them cover the entire jersey equally.

No. 16 The Vest Look in Baseball

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    Is it one-piece or is it two that make up these vested MLB jerseys?

    The look is odd and hasn't been successfully executed by any team that's tried it. 

No. 15 Patriotic Uniforms

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    The idea behind these uniforms is noble, but the execution never looks as good as it sounds.

No. 14 Outlining a State on the Uniform

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    Another odd detail some teams have tried, unsuccessfully, to add to their uniforms is the outline of their state.

    These uniforms always look a little odd, and usually baffle fans as to why someone wanted so badly for the world to know the exact geographical shape of the team's state. 

No. 13 Pinstripes

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    Uniforms with pinstripes, especially then ones in basketball, always seem to look more like pajamas than sports uniforms. 

No. 12 Flags on Uniforms

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    It doesn't matter which team is trying to do it or how they place the flag on the uniform, it always ends up looking really odd.

No. 11 the Single Color from Head to Toe

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    Did anyone else see Gerogia's imitation of a Canadian Tuxedo at their home opener?

    These monstrosities were one single shade of red from top-to-bottom, minus the nice, sparkly silver helmets. 

No.10 Shorts in Baseball

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    Did anyone really ever think this was a good idea?

    Besides the obvious greater potential for burns from sliding, the shorts worn by the White Sox were just such an awkward length and looked really goofy on all of the players. 

No. 9 Holiday Themed Uniforms

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    That's nice! Your franchise is looking for another way to promote the team and make more money, but at least try to make the special game uniforms look professional so people can take the game seriously. 

No. 8 Color Faded Letters

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    These aren't ever a good idea on a uniform, especially when they look like they were created in Microsoft Word before being ironed onto the uniform. 

No. 7 Corporate Logos on Uniforms

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    This just screams, "Look who paid us to make this jersey look really ugly for advertising purposes!"

No. 6 Pictures on the Shirts

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    This has to be one of the worst ideas of all-time in golfing fashion.

    During the Ryder Cup, some of the U.S team members wore this team shirt that had different ugly pictures of people golfing and various golf teams on it.

    It's nice to have pictures of the past...just not on your shirt. 

No. 5 Anything Oregon

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    Let's be honest, Oregon consistently has one of the most obnoxious and hideous uniforms in college football.

    Between the ugly pee yellow and either oddly dark green or black uniforms with the highlighter yellow–their uniforms make people want to turn-away and shield their eyes from the bright light rather than watch the game.  

No. 4 Fringe

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    Was there seriously someone out there that thought putting fringe on a soccer jersey was an amazing idea?

    Maybe it was ideas like this one that caused the Colorado Caribous to go defunct after only one season. 

No. 3 Using the Color Brown

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    Why anyone would chose brown as part of their team's color scheme is beyond me, but if they did they surely shouldn't incorporate it into the uniform.

    No matter how high-tech or cool the design of the uniform may be, brown makes any uniform it's on look drab and boring, .

    It's especially bad when mixed with mustard yellow...

No. 2 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

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    What Nike rolled out as the newest in high-tech uniforms for several college football teams, turned out to be more like the ugliest uniforms instead.

No. 1 NFL Nike Uniforms

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    And the worst uniform idea ever is letting Nike have at the NFL uniforms for a "re-haul."

    By looking at what Nike did for college football uniforms, one can only guess what monstrosities they will come out with for the professional teams.

    And it looks like there will be more and more of these to come