Green Bay Packers: Top 10 Current Player Nicknames

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Green Bay Packers: Top 10 Current Player Nicknames

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    Nicknames are a huge part of sports. They create connections between players and even deeper bonds  between players and fans.

    They are sometimes intended to be humorous and are often used to hide someone's true name, but many times they are just simply easier to say. When it comes down to it, nicknames are cool. Locker rooms love them and the media adores them.

    The Green Bay Packers may not be an outspoken or attention-seeking team, but several known nicknames have surfaced and reached the public's ears. Fans have even popularized a few of them.

    With a slew of interesting nicknames still hiding in the shadows of Lambeau Field locker room lore, here are the 10 best given to current Packers' players.

10. A.J.

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    Hawk's birth certificate is probably the only place you can find his true name. His nickname was given to him at an early stage, leaving "Aaron James" lost in history.

    The fact that his parents were big fans of auto racing, particularly A.J. Foyt, contributed to his new calling.

    However, my guess is that "A.J." became popular in his household because it was simple to shout and it was an awesome title for an athletic child destined for greatness.

9. Uno

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    At Georgia Tech, Morgan Burnett was known as "Uno".

    If you take a look at the picture and you know even an ounce of Spanish, I'm sure you can discover the reason why.

    Considering Burnett now wears No. 42, I wonder if he's called "Cuarenta y Dos" in Green Bay. I doubt it.

8. Little Buck

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    James "Buck" Starks decided to dub his son "Little Buck" in reference to his own nickname because of their similar appearances.

    When Starks Sr. was a child, he would entertain his grandfather and his friends with a James Brown dance when they returned from work. They described him as a young buck and also paid him a buck each time he did the dance.

    I'm not sure if James Starks Jr. is fond of the nickname or if it's even used outside the family.

7. Dingo

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    James Jones arrived at San Jose St.'s weight room and impressed his new teammates immediately.

    He bench pressed 225 pounds 16 times and earned the nickname "Dingo" in reference to the Dingo Warrior, a muscular pro wrestler.

6. Big Grease

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    Pickett's father, Rubin, who often called his son "Cotton" for playing soft, was the original Big Grease.

    He had been given the name because he was a smooth operator, but it passed on to his son who resembles him greatly and is much bigger.

5. Quickie/Double D

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    The "Quickie" nickname was given to Donald Driver by his father because he was such a quick learner. Driver also went on to publish two children's books, Quickie Handles a Loss and Quickie Makes the Team.

    He has also often been referred to as Double D for obvious reasons.

4. Mr. Rodgers

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    Since the term "A-Rod" had already been taken, Aaron Rodgers had to settle for Mr. Rodgers in reference to the late host of the children's TV program "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood".

    It may seem like a degrading nickname because it associates the tough quarterback with sweaters, puppets, and trolleys, but in reality it's one of the best in the NFL.

    After Aaron's arrival, Lambeau Field became Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood and because of that fact, it is certainly a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    Although if you have anything against the peaceful Mister Rogers, just call the Superbowl MVP A-Rodg instead.

3. The Claymaker

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    Clay Matthews is a relentless playmaker.

    Clay Matthews + playmaker = Claymaker = an incredible nickname for the pass rushing phenom.

    Beast and monster have also commonly been used synonymously with Clay's name. I've heard Claymotion is in the works as well.

2. The Freezer

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    Busari Raji Jr.'s true nickname is B.J., but he has now proclaimed himself "The Freezer".

    Mike McCarthy opted to use Raji in a few of his goal line schemes as a fullback during last year's postseason because of his enormous build, similar to William Perry, a former Chicago Bear.

    Perry's nickname was "The Refrigerator" or "The Fridge", so Raji decided he should be called "The Freezer". It is even more appropriate because the Packers play at a frigid Lambeau Field.

1. The Ginger Wolverine

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    This nickname came directly from the mind of Aaron Rodgers and pokes fun at the punter's red hair and bushy sideburns.

    Tim Masthay started out as "Ginger" in the locker room, but then when he let his facial hair go wild, he was promoted to "The Ginger Wolverine".

    That's a nickname that is tough to beat.


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