MLB: The Coolest Sunglasses in Every MLB Team's History

Anthony LifrieriContributor IJuly 7, 2011

MLB: The Coolest Sunglasses in Every MLB Team's History

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    Sunglasses have become an important part of every baseball player's equipment.

    It allows them to see on sunny afternoons, or under the bright lights of night games.

    Some players are known for their sunglasses, and some fans like to wear exotic sunglasses to the ballpark.

    Here's a list of the coolest sunglasses in each team's history:

Baltimore Orioles: Brady Anderson

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    Brady Anderson was among the first to rock sunglasses as an accessory in the field during the 1990s. 

    While we all remember the breakout 50-home run campaign of 1996, he was one of baseball’s best all-around players, as well as a superstar in his own right alongside a vintage Cal Ripken Jr.

Boston Red Sox: Big Papi

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    David Ortiz loves to wear sunglasses during hot summer days, and the big glasses act like a mask to his superheroic antics. 

    Big Papi has struck fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers for nearly a decade, and he is enjoying a career year now that all the steroid heat has died down.

New York Yankees: Shades on Top of Cap

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    When we think of fashion statements from the Yankees of the late '90s, we think of two things: Frosted hair and shades on top of the cap. 

    While Jeter didn’t participate in the first trend, he started the latter, a practice many Yankees and other ballplayers still use today.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    The Rays’ current standard issue sunglasses are simple, sharp and elegant all at the same time. 

    The light blue frames and the dark blue lenses make a nice contrast, and the clear vision must make it easier for a Ray to pick up the ball on a sunny day or under the bright lights.

    Best of all, they're on sale for about $70 here:

Toronto Blue Jays: Rickey Henderson

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    Before Manny was Manny, Rickey was Rickey. 

    Rickey liked to wear orange tinted sunglasses during his stint with the world champion Blue Jays, and they were among the first to have a half frame around the lenses. 

    He was a key cog to the team, and helped to start a new fashion statement on the field. 

    Nowadays, many players use the half-frame sunglasses, but Rickey is still the best example.

Atlanta Braves

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    These Braves’ sunglasses feature the team colors in the frame with big lenses that help block out the sun. 

    The design is nice, and the Braves’ team logo on the sides of the frame add a nice accent to finish off the shades.

Florida Marlins

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    These wild-looking sunglasses feature a dark frame with light blue lenses and a silver nose piece.

    What really completes these shades is the Marlin logo right smack in the middle of the lenses.

    While it may never see field action from any of the players, it’s sure to turn a few heads off the field.

New York Mets: Benny Agbayani

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    A perennial fan favorite of the Mets during their glory days of the late 1990s, Benny Agbayani was excessively underappreciated by the Mets brass. 

    He liked to wear cool sunglasses in the field, and best represented what could have been the greatest run in franchise history had they not allowed their excellent pitching staff to disintegrate.

Philadelphia Phillies

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    These shades are a simple thin metallic frame with regular size lenses. 

    They appear normal enough until you get to the lenses, which feature the Phillies’ logo in white against red-colored lenses. 

    They are odd, but still really cool.

Washington Nationals

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    These beauts are the official sunglasses of the Nationals, and boy, are they cool. 

    The frame is a futuristic design colored red and silver. 

    The lenses are black and in an interesting shape. 

    These may be the nicest sunglasses in baseball, but be prepared to cough up $160 on these shades.

Cleveland Indians

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    These shades feature wild, blue and white lenses that have both team logos of the Indians on each lens. 

    The frame and nose piece are silver, but it is obviously a minimalist design to make the lenses stand out more.

Chicago White Sox

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    These sunglasses might be the oddest in baseball. 

    They feature a silver frame with patterned silver lenses in a crisscross. 

    In the middle of the lenses “Chicago White Sox” is written in black and white along with the team logo.

Detroit Tigers

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    The Tigers’ team sunglasses are much like the Nationals’ sunglasses, but the frames are colored in blue and orange. 

    The shades are the same, but feature a small team logo on the corner of the lens.

Kansas City Royals

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    These shades are pretty basic. 

    You have a black frame that’s fairly thick with the Royals’ logo on it.

    The lenses are blue and in a standard oval shape. 

    The logo on the sides of the frame make the sunglasses, and the plain basic feel is refreshing in an era of elaborate $300 sunglasses.

Minnesota Twins

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    These are another wild pair of sunglasses featuring a silver frame and nosepiece with crazy lenses. 

    The single lens is red on the bottom half and white on the upper half, with the Twins’ logo on each side. 

    Definitely odd, but also cool.

Chicago Cubs

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    These sunglasses have a black frame with black triangular lenses. 

    It seems pretty standard until you get a load of the Cubs’ logo that has a very faint presence on each lens. 

    It’s not as wild looking as some of the others, but definitely as cool.

    These shades are rare to find, so rare, they're not even in jpeg format, but you can see and buy them here:

Cincinnati Reds

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    These particular sunglasses feature a black frame with red accents on the sides. 

    The lenses are black and basic, and the wraparound style is nothing new. 

    However, “Cincinnati Reds” is written in red and outlined in white which really adds a cool finishing touch to the shades.

Houston Astros

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    The official shades of the Astros feature a red and black pattern on the frame with gray lenses. 

    The Astros’ logo is on the bottom outside corner of the lenses, and adds a nice finish to the look, as well as letting everyone know that the wearer is a supporter of the ‘Stros.

Milwaukee Brewers

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    This pair of sunglasses features an all-silver design on both the lens and frame, but the frame is a bit darker. 

    The lens features a different Brewers logo on each side, and combined with the silver makes for a futuristic look to the shades.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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    These sunglasses feature a black-and-silver frame with a silver nose piece. 

    The lens is Pirate yellow with a hint of orange on the bottom.  Each side has a Pirate logo. 

    This is a really cool pair of shades because of the color of the lens and the logo, which makes for a stylish representation of Pirate fanhood.

St. Louis Cardinals

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    Much like the Cardinals as an organization, these sunglasses are classic. 

    They feature and all black frame with a red accent, and black lenses. 

    The Cardinal logo also discreetly sits on the bottom corner of one of the lenses. 

    Nothing crazy or over the top, just simple and classy.

Anaheim/California/Los Angeles Angeles (of Anaheim)

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    These shades feature a basic black frame with black lenses in an oblong shape. 

    There are however red accents on the sides of the frame, and the Angels’ logo is featured on the side.

    They make for the perfect shades, no matter what Arte Moreno wants to call them.

Oakland A's

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    Much like Gagne, Reggie Jackson wore glasses to help him see, but also sported sunglasses on bright days or nights.   

    Along with clutch performances, the specs were Reggie’s main accessory, and he wore both his regular and sunglasses with pride during his Hall of Fame career.

Seattle Mariners

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    These shades are a more conservative version of the Phillies’. 

    This pair features black lenses and frames. 

    The Mariners’ logo is on each lens, but isn’t as boisterous as the Phillies’ version, making it more acceptable to wear in public.

Texas Rangers

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    This wild pair of shades a feature red, white and blue lens with the Rangers logo where each eye should be.   

    Like everything in Texas, these sunglasses are big and bold, and will fit in perfectly at The Ballpark at Arlington.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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    These shades are among one of the boisterous on this list. 

    This black and gray frame houses a red single lens that also has the Diamondbacks logo on both sides of the front.

Colorado Rockies

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    The frames of these glasses are black and gray with a gray nose piece. 

    What makes these shades stand out is the white tinted lens and the words “Colorado Rockies written on both sides of the lens. 

    Of the less conservative sunglasses, these are among the nicer of them.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Eric Gagne

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    Gagne mainly wore glasses to help him see, but when the strong LA sun was out, he rocked the sunglasses.

    The special sunglasses not only helped him see but protected the sun from his eyes as he converted 84 consecutive saves, and was one of baseball’s most dominant closers.

San Diego Padres

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    The standard issue shades of the San Diego Padres are simple, yet elegant. 

    They feature a futuristic frame design colored in tan and royal blue. 

    The lenses are rectangular and are a dark clear color. 

    Definitely one of the finest in baseball.

San Francisco Giants

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    These shades are the standard issue of the Giants, and are much like the Padres’.

    The main difference between them is the team's orange and black coloring of the frames. 

    Everything else is the same.

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