Alex Burrows Bites Patrice Bergeron's Finger in Canucks-Bruins Game 1

Jack SouleCorrespondent IJune 2, 2011

Alexandre Burrows is controversial player to put it nicely. Although he has a decent set of hands and can play a good game of hockey, he is primarily an instigator.

Unfortunately, sometimes, for other players—and fortunately for a fan who wants a quick laugh at a "did he really just do that?!" moment—instigators do things without thinking. Sometimes they let their emotions get the better of them. Sometimes they are willing to go too far to get under an opponent's skin.

Jarko Ruutu was suspended in the 2008-2009 regular season for two games for biting Andrew Peters' finger in a scrum in front of one of the benches.

My first question is, is this worthy of a suspension?

Personally, I would say yes. Burrows started the confrontation with Bergeron after the period had stopped and seemed to be the one who kept it going, while an official was attempting to break it up. Bergeron didn't seem to dish out anything except a few unkind words, while Burrows gifted Bergeron with a nice face hand-wash and a bitten finger. Of course, after the two gifts Bergeron had a few fists to throw.

Nonetheless, Burrows just embarrassed himself, his team and the NHL with his lack of control and integrity.

My second question is could this incident indicate that fans are in for an intense and emotional series?

I think Burrows should be suspended, but I think that the league commissioners will pull one of their standard moves and judge this incident arbitrarily—since this incident happened early in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals series. I doubt Burrows will be suspended.

Leave a comment about whether or not you think Burrows deserves to be suspended, whether you think he actually will be suspended and what kind of series you think we're in for here.


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