Dear MLB, We Need to Talk About Your TBS Contract

Scott StantonCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

Dear MLB,

I have already written a complaint to TBS in regard to their unprofessional and, seemingly, biased announcers. Now I want answers from you. What's it going to take?

What is it going to take to buy back the rest of your contract from TBS? There has been a large outcry from disgruntled baseball fans over TBS's coverage of postseason baseball. At first, it was due to half of the playoff games being televised on a cable network. Why can't all of the games be televised on non-cable broadcast networks, like Fox, ABC, NBC, or CBS?

Throughout this season, I have noticed that postseason baseball has been advertised as a sort of magical, mystical, and fairytale-like time of the year. I associate all three of those words with Disney.

The Walt Disney Company owns the ABC Television Network, as well as ESPN. Between those two companies, you should be able to pull in large figures for the contract and put together a top-notch group of announcers that offer in-depth, professional analysis. The worst case scenario is you're told they want all of the postseason games, split between ESPN and ABC, and you're already light years ahead of where you are right now.

I was able let that issue go. I wrote it off as a non-discriminatory call against cable networks. An issue similar to Monday Night Football no longer being on ABC, after 36 years, and coincidentally now airing on ESPN. 

That aside, the next issue was the announcing. Their evident lack of professionalism and inability to make accurate, non-partisan, calls makes the games excruciating to watch. I am referring to their biased play calls and inability to reference players by their correct names.

Now, our complaint to you is their inability to push a button, or perhaps their inability to push the correct button.

When I tuned in to watch Game Six of the ALCS, I thought my dreams had come true—baseball was not on TBS anymore. But then I was quickly informed, by a 1990s scrolling marquee across the screen, that they were experiencing "technical difficulties" with the game. Difficulties that caused eager baseball fans, from coast to coast, to miss the entire first inning.

The game picked up with a score of 1-0. Rather than being able to witness the first score, or the entire first inning for that matter, we were left watching House of Payne re-runs. Which, literally, caused a house full of pain.

I consider last night's "glitch" to be foreshadowing to TBS's future with postseason baseball. Pull the plug. Dissolve the contract. Baseball has yet to fully recover from the 1994 strike, and you're already flirting with another disaster. 


Baseball Fans Across America


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