The Passion Of The Philadelphia Sports Fans

James Senbeta@@BetaGetsBusyCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

I read some comments from articles about the so-called craziness of Philly sports fans recently stemming from the puck dropping at the Flyers home opener against the New York Rangers. So we booed Sarah Palin. McCain, Obama and Biden all would have received the same treatment since us Philly fans like to keep our politics outside the Wachovia (Well Fargo) Center, Lincoln Financial Field, and Citizens Bank Ballpark.

We already have enough reminders of the economic crisis and the November elections with the name of our arenas, so we like to pass the name and watch our teams with full attention and passion.

Yes, passion is the correct word in this environment since for the most part we do not show up 20-30 minutes late all the time or don’t to show up for our teams.

That passion allows us to boo at a team that should be one of the best in the league when they are stinking it up at home. Front-runners? Ha, that’s just brutal honesty coming from their most loyal supporters.

This is where I must say Jimmy Rollins got it completely wrong with Ryan Howard agreeing with a nod of his head. I am not going to question the toughness two intercity guys (Oakland and Saint Louis respectively), but to misconstrue a crowd’s reaction after dropping seven of ten games to stay behind the Mets is pretty soft.

Oh didn’t Rams fans boo their team this season for bad play at home, or what about Raiders fans at home versus Denver?

Were those fans still in the ballpark after the Phillies lost two of three games to the Mets, and four of six games to the Marlins after the All-Star break?

Considering that the Philadelphia sports fan base, along with Cleveland and Detroit, are one of the lowest earning incomes throughout the nation for major cities with sports teams forgive us for wanting more bang for the buck than most other places. (I’ll defend the Dawg Pound but not the bottle throwing.)

Those two should take a look at their NFL counterpart in Donovan McNabb and his “embarrassment” comments after the Eagles lost two straight games. Yes we booed the Eagles in the fourth quarter after they squandered a 14-0 lead to being behind by at least a touchdown for most of the game against the Redskins if you need a reminder.

But instead of bashing the fans for his team’s bad play he blamed himself and the rest of the team for their shortcomings. And for that we gained even more respect for McNabb, an athlete who had it the roughest of anyone in Philadelphia in the last 10 years.

Sure some of us are misguided but aren’t some USC and UCLA fans, or Ohio State and Michigan fans, or Red Sox and Yankee fans as well?

What about Duke and North Carolina fans? And Texas and Oklahoma fans?

Browns, Steelers, and Ravens fans?

Can we ask the Colts and Patriot fans? Or how about Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos fans?

Do we really have to ask about the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans?

Penguins, Rangers, Islanders, and Devils fans? Celtics and Knicks fans?

Green Bay fans had even Tony Dungy of all people defending Randy Moss’ fake moon as the analysis poured it on. Sorry Detroit and White Sox fans can’t look down on us because they are just as loyal and passionate if not as supposedly crazy.

And yes we booed Santa Claus because he couldn’t get us O.J. Simpson in 1968 for our horrible Eagles team, hey had to end this on a positive funny note!


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