100 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2011

100 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials

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    One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is the advertisements. It's the one football game when people don't want to get up and get some food or go to the bathroom during commercial breaks.

    There have been some great ads throughout the history of the big game and with that in mind we have presented the 100 greatest advertisements in Super Bowl history. There is video for each one so be sure to watch them all and let us know what you think in the comments.

    What is your favorite Super Bowl ad of all-time?

No. 100: Doritos "Checkout Girl" Ad (2007)

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    Starting us off is Doritos, which has been a Super Bowl mainstay for years and in 2007 their "Checkout Girl" ad captured our hearts.

    This was part of the company's "Crash the Super Bowl" ad, in which people put ads together to try and win the spot in the Super Bowl, which is a very big deal to say the least. It features a hilarious exchange between the checkout girl and a customer who is buying a very large amount of Doritos.

    A very belated congratulations to the winner, who had a very great idea for the ad.

No. 99: Coca-Cola's "Grand Theft Auto" Ad (2007)

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    We all know about the video game series "Grand Theft Auto."

    It's a game that's known for for pushing the envelope and being very edgy and violent while selling millions of copies of video games. The people at Coca-Cola decided to flip that reputation and make an ad in the style of the game, while changing the message of the game.

    This ad could have made it on technological achievement alone.

No. 98: McDonalds' "Big Mac" Ad (1975)

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    Everyone remembers the jingle for the world-famous Big Mac sandwich.

    Where did that all start? The Super Bowl of course! Check out this ad from 1975 when McDonalds introduced it to the world. It's an awesome window into the past and you can see how the jingle got stuck in people's heads.

    They don't see cheeseburgers like they used to.

No. 97: SoBe Life Water Ad (2008)

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    If you want to get people to remember your product, use the formula employed by the SoBe Life Water people.

    Use a world-famous song, a supermodel and dancing 3D lizards that react to your product. This ad got people talking during the big game and stayed in heavy rotation after the Super Bowl, even though it had almost nothing to do with the actual product.

    Don Draper would be proud.

No. 96: Coca-Cola's Political Ad (2008)

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    Politics are messy and contentious and there's never any middle ground.

    As we got closer and closer to the 2008 election, Coca-Cola decided they were going to try and bridge the gap with James Carville and Bill Frist, two famous political figures on opposite sides of the aisle. They may not agree on how to fix the deficit, but when you're sipping on an ice cold Coke, who cares?

    If only politics were that simple.

No. 95: GM's Robot Ad (2007)

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    General Motors is all about the highest quality possible.

    At least that's what they told us in 2007, when they showed us the story of a robot in a factory that was let go because it was no longer needed in its current role. It takes a dark turn, so be prepared for that as you watch this one.

    I'm not sure it was wise to talk about layoffs when Detroit and the automotive industry was struggling.

No. 94: Lays MC Hammer Ad (2008)

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    MC Hammer isn't exactly what you'd call on top of the hip-hop world anymore.

    Sometimes, when your star has faded, you do desperate, silly things and this ad certainly fits the bill for that if you're Hammer. He always said he was too legit to quit, and he proves it here as he stars in an ad for Lays chips.

    Just remember, when the Lays come out, it's Hammer time.

No. 93: Ford's "It's Not Easy Being Green" Ad (2006)

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    Everyone loves Kermit the Frog. Ford knew that and took advantage of it.

    Hybrid cars have grown in popularity in recent years and when Ford came out with a hybrid model of its Escape SUV, it was time to call in the world's most famous frog and his popular song "Its Not Easy Being Green."

    Talk about beating you over the head with the point. Either way, going with Kermit was a great choice.

No. 92: Budweiser's "Donkey Dream" Ad (2003)

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    The Budweiser Clydesdales are a huge part of the company's branding and an even bigger part of its advertising.

    With how famous those horses are, it was only a matter of time before an outsider wanted to crash the party and that outsider was a donkey. The ad profiles a brave donkey and its dream to work with the Clydesdales and how it achieved that dream.

    It's a warmer, fuzzier ad from the company and worth a watch or two.

No. 91: FedEx's "Dancing Burt Reynolds" Ad (2005)

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    In 2005, FedEx believed it cracked the formula on how to have a successful Super Bowl ad.

    The company was gracious enough to share with the rest of the world and it featured a bear and a dancing Burt Reynolds that got kicked in the groin. If that isn't Super Bowl advertising magic, I don't know what is. Throw in a cute kid and you're all set.

    I guess it's anything for a payday if you're Burt Reynolds.

No. 90: Blockbuster's "Mouse Click" (2007)

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    Does anyone remember video rental stores?

    You got in the car, drove out to your local Blockbuster and hoped that the latest and greatest in film was able to be taken home. Well, when Blockbuster went to an online service, they went to the Super Bowl to promote it.

    It was a hilarious ad starring James Woods and Jim Belushi and the best ad of 2007.

No. 89: Budweiser's "Little Clydesdale" Ad (2006)

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    While Budweiser is good at getting people to laugh, don't forget their ability to pull on your heart strings.

    Everyone knows about the Budweiser Clydesdales, but this ad tells the story of one that was just a bit undersized but proves his worth to the team when it comes to pulling the wagon, even if it comes with a little extra assistance. 

    Who doesn't like watching cute animals overcome adversity?

No. 88: McDonalds' "T-Rex" Ad (1996)

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    In 1996, we were just three years removed from Jurassic Park and dinosaurs were all the rage.

    McDonalds decided to put an ad together that echoed the film. A security guard at a museum is eating his food and it brings a T-Rex back from the dead in order to get his hands on some of those golden brown fries.

    Think of it as a funnier version of Night at the Museum.

No. 87: Reebok's "Shaq Attack" Ad (1993)

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    When Shaquille O'Neal made it to the NBA, he took it by storm.

    He signed a shoe deal with Reebok and the shoe company produced an ad with O'Neal and some of the greatest big men to ever play the sport of basketball. Bonus points to whoever can name all of them correctly.

    Look how in shape Shaq is. It's like half of what he looks like now.

No. 86: Budweiser's "Power Plant" Ad (1997)

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    When the power goes out, people freak out.

    If they only knew what it took to get the power up and running again. Naturally, it's a bottle of Budweiser in front of a hamster on a wheel. If only Edison knew that when he was conducting all of his experiments back in his day.

    Things could have been simpler.

No. 85: Pepsi Vanilla's Truck Ad (2003)

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    The cola wars got really real in the early 2000s.

    That's when Coca-Cola and Pepsi started adding more and more flavors to the soda to try and one up each other. First it was lemon and then it was vanilla to try and push their product over the edge. Pepsi showed how that vanilla soda gets to the stores.

    Xzibit would be proud of Pepsi.

No 84: Bud Light's "Robobash" Ad (2002)

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    When BattleBots were all the craze, Bud Light tried to capitalize.

    A mini fridge may not look fearsome, but man do they pack a punch. That's what one robot battler found out in particularly humiliating fashion. The lesson here is to never, ever, under any circumstances, become distracted by beer.

    You hate to go out like that, especially without getting the beer.

No. 83: Emerald Nuts' Robert Goulet Ad (2007)

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    Robert Goulet is a legend and yet, here he is, shilling for Emerald Nuts.

    Shockingly enough, it works as he's portrayed as someone who goes into offices and messes with things while you're not paying attention. The only way to stop him? Emerald nuts of course! Who could have seen that coming.

    Either way, this ad is worth a good laugh or two.

No. 82: H&R Block's "Willie Nelson Doll" Ad (2004)

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    When Willie Nelson had some tax problems, he decided to have some fun with it.

    He did so with a partnership with H&R Block and this ad about a Willie Nelson doll that gives personalized advice ran during the Super Bowl and was a big hit. Look for the Don Zimmer cameo as well. You'll get a good laugh at it.

    If only he had that before he charged Pedro Martinez.

No. 81: Budweiser Ad With Jay-Z and Don Shula (2007)

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    Allow him to reintroduce himself. His name is Hov!

    Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers of all-time and in 2007 he teamed up with Budweiser and Don Shula for an ad that features the two going head-to-head, testing their football knowledge against the other in an intriguing ad.

    Not many rappers market themselves quite like Jay-Z.

No. 80: Pepsi's "Young Jimi Hendrix" Ad (2004)

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    Jimi Hendrix made his return in 2004 and it was all thanks to Pepsi.

    We see a young Hendrix trying to decide between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Next to the Pepsi machine is a guitar shot and next to the Coke machine is an accordion shop. Clearly, Hendrix became a great guitarist because of the sweet taste of Pepsi.

    It might have been something else, if you catch my drift, but it's still a fun ad.

No. 79: Pepsi's "Pimp My Pepsi Truck" Ad (2005)

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    He may be a bad boy for life, but nothing will stop P. Diddy from being a corporate push man.

    In 2005, P. Diddy teamed up with Diet Pepsi to do an ad in which he accidentally starts a craze by showing up to an awards show in a Pepsi truck. Different celebrities make appearances in this ad. The best? Eva Longoria. The worst? Carson Daly.

    C'mon son.

No. 78: Mountain Dew's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Ad (2000)

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    Mountain Dew used to lump itself in with extreme sports and this ad is no different.

    This Super Bowl ad teamed Mountain Dew, extreme sports and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and it paid off as one of the more memorable Super Bowl ads. Sure, it wasn't like when the song was used in the movie Wayne's World, but it's great nonetheless.

    You have to love this ad.

No. 77: Wendy's "Where's The Beef?" Ad (1984)

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    This was one of the most memorable commercials of the 1980s, so it had to make the list.

    Once this ad aired, everyone was quoting this line and it became one of the more famous tag lines in the history of advertising. People loved those three elderly ladies and it became a phenomenon for the company.

    It helped launch the company into new heights and was a turning point.

No. 76: Holiday Inn's "Bob Johnson" Ad (1997)

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    Holiday Inn was making a push during the Super Bowl in 1997 and this ad got people talking.

    It centers around a high school reunion when someone sees a very attractive classmate and can't stop looking at her. He approaches her and tries to figure out who it is, only to find out it's a man. The best part is that the man is the same actor who played Kenny Bania on Seinfeld.

    As he would say, "It's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

No. 75: Pepsi's "Little Blue Friend" Ad (2001)

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    Bob Dole, you know, the former Presidential candidate, became a spokesman for Viagra.

    He became the subject of plenty of jokes and he decided to have some fun with it when he became a spokesman for Pepsi. The entire ad makes fun of those crazy ads for pills that help with Dole's...problem...for a lack of a better word.

    It's good to see that some people have a sense of humor.

No. 74: MasterCard's "MacGyver" Ad (2006)

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    If you remember MacGyver, you remember the ridiculous nature of the show.

    Somehow, MacGyver would find himself in a situation that looked impossible to escape from, only to put some odd tool together out of unassuming pieces to somehow escape and save the day. MasterCard took that premise to help push their product.

    I love the spot and think it was pretty clever of a concept.

No. 73: Hulu's "Destroy The World" Ad (2009)

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    I couldn't imagine my life without Hulu.

    If you don't know what it is, it's a website that allows you to go back and watch TV shows that you might have missed. In 2009, Hulu promoted the service with Alec Baldwin, who played an alien who said that the site is a plot to destroy the world.

    You can get lost on that site for hours so maybe he was right.

No. 72: Audi's "Horsehead" Ad (2008)

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    One of the most iconic scenes in The Godfather is the scene in which a movie director wakes up to a horse's head in his bed.

    Audi played off of that scene to make a push for its car and any time you can pull on the heartstrings of fans who love that movie and appreciate cinema, you know you have a memorable ad on your hands. It helps that there was a little personal spin on it as well.

    I loved this ad, but I'm biased because I loved the movie.

No. 71: Visa's Yao Ming Ad (2003)

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    When Yao Ming came to America to play in the NBA, he was a sensation.

    Visa played off of that, and his limited capacity to speak English, to make a great ad to show people how to avoid the awkward situation of trying to pay for something with a check. Yao had a lot of charisma for a guy who couldn't really speak fluent English at the time.

    Throw in a Yogi Berra cameo and it's a lock for a great ad.

No. 70: Master Lock Rifle Ad (1975)

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    This is one of the more iconic ads of all-time and it centers on the product.

    I know that's a novel idea, but that's what Master Lock did in 1975. They took one of their locks and had someone shoot it from a distance with the rifle. The lock stayed tough and it's not hard to see how they became one of the top companies in their field.

    It's compelling to watch to say the least.

No. 69: Cash4Gold's Celebrity Ad (2009)

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    Cash4Gold.com isn't exactly a company that you would expect to see during the Super Bowl.

    Yet, there they were, with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon pitching for a website where you can, as the name of the site says, get cash for your gold jewelry and such. Sure, it was a bit tacky, but it was also pretty amusing as well.

    I liked the ad, but some will disagree with that opinion.

No. 68: EDS' "Running With The Squirrels" Ad (2001)

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    EDS was the talk of the Super Bowl ads back in the day for their bizarre, comical ads.

    Take their "Running With the Squirrels" ad, in which they act like the squirrels are as dangerous as something as running with the bulls in Spain. You almost watch it in disbelief and it's just something that makes you shake your head and laugh.

    I love ads that take a strange, comical take on something.

No. 67: Pepsi's Britney Spears Ad (2003)

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    When Britney Spears signed on to be a spokesperson for Pepsi, she was at the height of her powers.

    She did an ad for the Super Bowl in 2003 and it featured the pop star doing Pepsi ads in every different generation leading up to the present day. Looking at her now, you have to wonder what happened to her. Sure, she's better than she was, but she looks nothing like this.

    It's a shame, that's for sure.

No. 66: Budweiser's "UFO" Ad (1997)

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    It's been a long time since we've seen a Budweiser ad on this list, but they're back.

    In this one, a truck driver transporting Budweiser is trying to get a turtle out of the road when a UFO comes and tries to steal the beer instead of abducting the driver himself. It's a humorous ad and if aliens ever visit us, I hope they have the same attitude as these guys.

    We wouldn't need Will Smith to jump into his fighter plane in that case.

No. 65: Doritos' Ali Landry Ad (1998)

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    Ali Landry is on the map and it's all thanks to Doritos.

    In 1998, she played an attractive customer in Doritos and she proceeds to do crazy things with catching the chips in her mouth. Sure, it was Doritos 3D, which were like eating big puffs of air, and who really wants to do that.

    Just give me the regular chips, OK? Either way, I enjoyed the ad. What guy doesn't enjoy an attractive woman on TV?

No. 64: Budweiser's "Designated Driver" Ad (2003)

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    Being a designated driver is a noble calling that not many people can handle.

    You're a hero for doing it, but there are some drawbacks. Tim McGraw learned the hard way as he had to deal with an obnoxious person in the backseat as he's trying to get everyone home. It's not on the level of some of their ads, but it's still funny.

    If only people knew how true that ad is.

No. 63: Pepsi's "Sucked In" Ad (1995)

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    Pepsi almost always does it big for the Super Bowl and this is no exception.

    This ad from 1995 features a small boy at the beach drinking his Pepsi and it's so good that he wants to get every single drop out of that bottle and he works so hard that he sucks himself into the Pepsi bottle — something that is evidently common for him.

    It's a cute ad that makes you wish for summer.

No. 62: Tide's "Talking Stain" Ad (2008)

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    Having a stain on your shirt can be awful, especially if you have an important meeting.

    People always seem to notice when you have a big stain there and it's just embarrassing to walk around with that on your shirt. Tide knows how bad it can be and that's the inspiration for this ad as the company pushed their to-go product.

    I love the ad and think it's a riot, even if I've been in that position.

No. 61: Career Builder's "Causal Friday" Ad (2010)

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    Everyone loves casual Friday's, it's pretty much a given.

    No one wants to wear a suit and tie to work and when you can relax the dress code a bit and just breathe a bit easier, it is nice. However, when it goes too far, no one wants to see that. That's what CareerBuilder.com did in last year's ad.

    It's not fun to look at, but it sure is funny to laugh at the poor guy's misfortune.

No. 60: Bud Light's Lost Parody (2010)

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    The television show Lost was a cultural phenomena and took over pop culture.

    It was such a success that it inspired the people at Bud Light to make a television ad about the passengers of an airplane stuck on an island. Instead of trying to get off, the passengers take advantage of the surplus of Bud Light from the beverage cart.

    Wouldn't we all do the same thing if we were in that situation?

No. 59: FedEx's "Caveman" Ad (2006)

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    FedEx is no stranger to the Super Bowl and in 2006, they made a hit with their Caveman ad.

    In this one, a caveman tries to mail a package, only to have it intercepted by a T-Rex and he's promptly fired from his job. As if that wasn't bad enough, he meets his untimely fate in a rather humorous way once he leaves the office.

    It was one of the best ads that year and it's not hard to see why.

No. 58: Pepsi's Music Giveaway Ad (2004)

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    Downloading music is like jaywalking. Everyone does it, few people get caught.

    When this was a major deal, Pepsi and iTunes got together and decided they were going to team up to give away free music downloads on iTunes and this ad was the lovechild of the promotion. It's a great ad set to the iconic song "Fought the Law."

    It's always advertising magic when you can use current events to push your product.

No. 57: Pizza Hut's Jessica Simpson Ad (2006)

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    In 2006, Jessica Simpson was back and better than ever.

    She was starring in television and movies along with her singing career. Simpson teamed up with Pizza Hut to do an ad for a new pizza that was coming out and when you have an attractive woman pushing a product, you usually have a success on your hands.

    Now it looks like she had one too many of those pizzas, which is a real shame.

No. 56: Bridgestone's "Hot Item" Ad (2009)

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    Tires aren't things that are really easy to push during the Super Bowl.

    However, if you throw in outer space, a rover and the song "Jump Around," you have something special on your hands. That's what happened with the Bridgestone ad a couple of years ago, and even if you aren't in the market for tires, you get to hear the song and that's all that matters.

    Although, I don't recommend driving like they do.

No. 55: Nationwide's Fabio Ad (2006)

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    A lot of women have fantasized about being with a guy like Fabio.

    Don't ask me why, but they have and he became a celebrity because of it. The good people at Nationwide decided to use the heartthrob in an ad to show you how quickly life can come at you sometimes, and it will give you a good laugh.

    It sucks to be that poor woman, though.

No. 54: Snapple's Green Tea Ad (2007)

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    Green Tea is a great thing if you're looking to boost your metabolism.

    When Snapple rolled out their version of the tasty beverage, they did an ad in which one person went looking to find the answers behind one of the ingredients in the drink. Sadly, when he gets there, he doesn't like how simple the answer is.

    At least he got some frequent flier miles for his trouble.

No. 53: Bud Light's "Sleigh Ride" Ad (2004)

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    When you're dating a girl, you want to be as romantic as possible.

    It's just a veteran move. This guy took his girl on a sleigh ride and when he brought the Bud Light, that's when things got bad for his date. The poor girl never saw it coming and boy did she pay for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Talk about a ruined evening.

No. 52: Career Builder's "Monkeys" Ad (2006)

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    Everyone's done a job they hated at some point in their lives.

    You don't like the boss and you think the place is run like a circus. Careerbuilder.com took that to heart when they launched their monkeys ad in 2006. The ad portays a company being run into the ground by the group despite the pleas of an employee.

    We've all been there, haven't we?

No. 51: Doritos' "House Rules" Ad (2010)

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    When you date as a single parent, it can't be easy.

    One man found that out the hard way as he tried to make nice with his date's small child when he came over to pick his mom up. He went for the Doritos and the kid was having none of it and I don't blame the little guy one bit.

    I mean, who does he think he is? He hasn't even gone on one date yet. That's a rookie mistake.

No. 50: ETrade's "Money Out The Wazoo" Ad (2000)

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    Investing in the stock market is a tricky science.

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but when you win big, there's nothing better than that feeling when you get a large sum of cash. When ETrade started promoting at the Super Bowl, they showed you the obvious benefits of trusting them.

    It seems to be worth it, even if you have to be rushed to the hospital.

No. 49: ETrade's "Wasted Money" Ad (2000)

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    It's not cheap to get advertising time on Super Bowl Sunday.

    ETrade proved that when they had an ad that had nothing to do with their service. Here are two men and a monkey, clapping and dancing to music for 30 seconds. Why would they do this you may ask? Because they could.

    Sure, that's not great fiscal responsibility, but they certainly had their name out there after this spot aired during the big game.

No. 48: Monster.com's "When I Grow Up" Ad (1999)

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    Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

    Was it a rock star or an astronaut maybe? Well Monster.com took a spin on those lofty dreams we had and brought the expectations down a bit. These kids don't exactly aim high if you get my drift, and it was a memorable ad for the job-hunting site.

    Those poor kids and their dreams. It's so sad.

No. 47: Tabasco's "Mosquito" Ad (1998)

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    Some people like their food with a little spice to it.

    The good people at Tabasco have been making money because of that desire, but just how hot is their product? Well if you take the word of this 1998 spot, it's pretty hot. A mosquito bites a man who's eating food covered in Tabasco and he pays for his mistake.

    He never even saw it coming.

No. 46: Budweiser's "Jackass Ref" Ad (2003)

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    Everyone's gotten mad at the referees when watching sports.

    If a call goes against your team and it's questionable, you're not going to be happy and Budweiser echoed that sentiment in their ad. We've all called a ref some names that you probably shouldn't call another person, but that's being a sports fan.

    I don't know what the ref thought he saw, but the fans were not pleased.

No. 45: Bud Light's "Escape" Ad (2007)

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    Everyone loves a cold beer on a hot day.

    It's one of the more refreshing experiences and these gorillas at the zoo had been planning to make a move for a cold beer for a long, long time. To make something like that work, you need everyone to be on the same page and that didn't happen.

    Some people are just attracted to the camera.

No. 44: Bud Light's "Designated Driver Dance" Ad (2005)

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    If you've ever been in a club, you know it's not easy to talk to people.

    The music is loud so you have to be right in someone's ear to get your point across. However, if you try to communicate from a distance, sign language becomes a necessity and if you're not careful, you may start a trend without your knowledge.

    Just ask Cedric the Entertainer, who found out the hard way. Is anyone breaking this out in the club?

No. 43: Pepsi's "Security Camera" Ad (1996)

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    Making a mess in a convenience store is always an awkward situation.

    It's not easy to deal with the stares and the broken product, but it happens and it's part of life. However, if you're a Coca-Cola delivery man who gets his hand caught in the cookie jar that happens to be a Pepsi machine, it's another story.

    Good luck explaining that to the boss man. Hopefully Pepsi needs a truck driver.

No. 42: Xerox's "Monks" Ad (1977)

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    When was the last time you saw an ad that really talked about the product?

    Xerox did just that in 1976 when running an ad for their new copier. It's hard to imagine how people functioned without machines like this to make our lives easier. If I had to write out 500 copies, I might cry myself to sleep.

    Luckily for that monk, he had a copier on hand.

No. 41: Anheuser Busch's "Welcome Home" Ad (2005)

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    When our troops go off to war, we always hope that they come back to us safely.

    With soldiers coming back from a war that not many people were supporting, they got our support and the people at Anheuser Busch put an ad together showing their appreciation for our troops and what they do to protect our freedom.

    It warms your heart and makes you feel good that people support our soldiers.

No. 40: Bud Light's "Wine and Cheese Party" Ad (2008)

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    Sometimes, when you're in a relationship, you make concessions to help make the other person happy.

    Sure, you'd rather be at home watching the big game, but you agree to go to a wine-and-cheese party to make your girlfriend happy. However, if you're smart, you can do both at the same time. These gentlemen got their James Bond on to watch the big game.

    God bless their hearts. What innovators.

No. 39: FedEx's "Carrier Pigeons" Ad (2006)

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    FedEx has always been a bit of a sleeper when it comes to Super Bowl ads.

    The delivery company struck gold in 2008 with this ad in which a company decides to use carrier pigeons to make deliveries and it ends in disaster as these birds on steroids wreak havoc on an unsuspecting city below the office.

    You hate to see that, even if the bird did change one man's parking spot for him.

No. 38: Pepsi's "Dancing Bears" Ad (1997)

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    Pepsi can make a person do some crazy things.

    Little did we know that the soda could make animals enter a town and express their love for the soft drink. It's a funny ad that uses a version of the Village People's famous song YMCA to get the point across about how good the soda is.

    Just don't get between those bears and their Pepsi.

No. 37: Bud Light's "Wardrobe Malfunction" Ad (2005)

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    When Janet Jackson exposed herself during the Super Bowl halftime show, it changed things as we knew them.

    Since then, the halftime show has featured safer acts and there was a lot of controversy around the performance, but the people at Bud Light told us the real story behind the infamous exposure on national television.

    If only we could track that man down and ask him why.

No. 36: Budweiser's "Budweiser on The Roof" Ad (2006)

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    Sometimes, you just want to get away with a cold beer.

    This group of men figured out a foolproof system and that was offering to go up on the roof to work on some repairs. It's a great system, unless you're one guy and you get distracted while trying to do some actual repairs on the house.

    That is not what you would call a soft landing.

No. 35: Bud Light's "Body Treatment" Ad (2001)

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    Going to a spa isn't exactly the manliest thing you can do.

    It doesn't have a great stigma, even though it is quite relaxing. Cedric the Entertainer found out the hard way in 2001 when he stumbled into the wrong room at the spa and found himself on the wrong end of a bikini wax.

    You hate to see a man go through that. He never even saw it coming.

No. 34: Budweiser's "Clydesdales Play Ball" Ad (1996)

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    Sometimes animals can do amazing things.

    We found that out in 1996 when Budweiser proved that their Clydesdales could play football and that it could be a pretty competitive game. But what shocked me the most is that the horses are usually like Bill Belichick, going for two in a big game.

    You know the coach is going to get some questions about that call after the game.

No. 33: Nike's "Hare Jordan" Ad (1992)

68 of 100

    Long before Space Jam became a huge hit, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny teamed up on the court.

    Nike put together this "Hare Jordan" spot in 1992, four years before the movie hit the big screen, and when you put the greatest of all-time and Bugs Bunny on the same team, you know you've got a winning combination.

    I wonder if Jordan put money on this game. I think we have 2-to-1 odds at the worst on this one.

No. 32: Budweiser's "Wassup" Ad (2000)

69 of 100

    When you create a cultural phenomenon, you've done your job as an advertiser.

    Budweiser did just that in 2000 when they started their "Wassup" ads. There wasn't a person alive who didn't say that at some point and it became such a big pop cultural touchstone for people, even if it got annoying after the fifth time.

    I'm so glad people don't say that anymore. If you do, you should be ashamed of yourself.

No. 31: Budweiser's "Referee Training" Ad (2004)

70 of 100

    Our significant other at some point has screamed at us all at in our lives.

    It's not a fun experience, but one man channeled that experience into his profession and found a way to just tune everything out around him and find some inner peace. I'm not sure many people could do what he does in those situations, so more power to him.

    If only we could all do that when we get yelled at.

No. 30: Nationwide's "Rollin' VIP" Ad (2007)

71 of 100

    Kevin Federline has never been popular.

    He's always been the gold-digging ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears. Federline was a major part of Spears' fall from grace and the butt of many jokes when he came out with his own rap album. However, he was able to make fun of himself.

    You have to commend his ability to turn himself in the joke. Then again, he needed the money.

No. 29: Pepsi's "Diner" Ad (1995)

72 of 100

    Can't we all just get along?

    That's what Pepsi asked when they put truck drivers from Pepsi and Coca-Cola in the same ad as the two rested up at a diner while on their travels. They share their respective beverages with each other, except the Coca-Cola driver gets a little too attached.

    After that, things get really real. I bet that driver learned his lesson.

No. 28: Bud Light's "Jackie Moon" Ad (2008)

73 of 100

    Sure, Will Ferrell might not be as funny as he used to be, but this cracked me up.

    Here, Jackie Moon is trying to sell some Bud Light but can't seem to get the pitches right and crosses the line time-and-time again. It gets funnier and funnier as it goes along and makes me wish for the days when Ferrell knew how to be funny.

    One can dream, can't he?

No. 27: Nissan's "Pigeons" Ad (1997)

74 of 100

    Sure, the 1997 Nissan Maxima is fast, but how fast is it exactly?

    We found out as the car company showed the Maxima being chased by a group of pigeons in training. What were they training for? They were training to mess up your car, of course. However, the Maxima proved too strong for the group to handle.

    That is not what you'd call a comfy landing.

No. 26: Bud Light's "Rock Paper Scissors" Ad (2007)

75 of 100

    When we were kids, we always used to settle things over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    It was the only fair way to break a tie and these two gentleman decided to do it over a nice, cold Bud Light at a party. Too bad one of the participants decided to take it a bit too far and take the game literally. So much for good sportsmanship.

    I love how no one at the party even reacts to what happens. Cold as ice.

No. 25: Sprint's "Crime Deterrant" Ad (2006)

76 of 100

    When you have your phone stolen, it's one of the worst things that can happen to you.

    Don't you wish there was a way to avoid that ever happening to you? Well Sprint found a way and possible thieves aren't going to like it, especially if it ends up with them lying on the ground like this poor guy who caught the business.

    That kind of behavior is not fit for a country club.

No. 24: Budweiser's "Seperated At Birth" Ad (1999)

77 of 100

    Seeing dogs separated from each other at birth is always hard to watch, even if you're the one taking a puppy home.

    This Budweiser ad shows two Dalmatians who were split up when a fire company chose one over the other to go to the firehouse. However, the one left behind has the last laugh and gets to rub it in his brother's face.

    That's why you never give up and never let yourself doubt your ability. Even you can be in a wagon filled with beer.

No. 23: Budweiser's "Rocky" Ad (2007)

78 of 100

    There isn't a person alive that doesn't enjoy the Rocky movies.

    That music is iconic and so are the training sequences. Budweiser uses that, its Clydesdales and the Dalmatian to put together an ad that would make Sylvester Stallone proud. Now if only the horse could shout "Drago!" at the top of his lungs.

    I guess beggars can't be choosers, though.

No. 22: Bridgestone's "Scream" Ad (2008)

79 of 100

    This was one of the more memorable ads of 2008, even if all you hear are screams.

    In order to show how great their tires are, Bridgestone put together an ad in which a car is about to hit a squirrel at a high speed. The squirrel screams, the driver screams, the passenger screams and so does every other animal watching.

    Obviously the tires save the squirrel and all are happy.

No. 21: Bud Light's "Hitchhiker" Ad (2007)

80 of 100

    When you see a hitchhiker on the road, your first instinct isn't to stop.

    When that hitchhiker is carrying an axe, you really don't want to stop and pick him up — unless the man is carrying some Bud Light. Who cares what your girlfriend thinks? That's beer and you can't pass up that opportunity.

    Now a chainsaw, that might be a different story.

No. 20: Ameriquest's "Bug Zapper" Ad (2006)

81 of 100

    When you're a doctor in a hospital, you have to be careful with what you say.

    There are a lot of emotional people there and you don't want to scare, shock or offend the patients or the families. Well Ameriquest showed a situation just like that in 2006 when a man appears to have killed the father and husband of a family.

    Talk about your awkward situations. Good luck explaining yourself.

No. 19: Budweiser's "Streaker" Ad (2006)

82 of 100

    When a streaker runs onto the field during a sporting event, it's oddly amusing and annoying.

    Budweiser took an interesting take on it with a sheep who really got out of control and interrupted a great football game. You never know what's going to happen when you go to a sporting event and these animals got more than they bargained for.

    No one wants to see that.

No. 18: Bud Light's "Save Yourself" Ad (2006)

83 of 100

    If you run into a bear in the woods, it's one of the scariest things that can happen to you while hiking or camping. 

    When cornered, evidently the solution is to offer up a cold Bud Light to the bear. That should work unless your friend turns his back on you like this poor soul experienced. Luckily, the guy escaped without a major injury.

    You have to love the look on the guy's face when he realized what happened though.

No. 17: EDS' "Herding Cats" Ad (2000)

84 of 100

    EDS is back again and this time it's for their "Herding Cats" ad.

    Again, EDS put out an ad that is just completely off the wall and unexpected. That's what makes it so funny. You almost can't believe that it's happening but there it is in all of its glory. Some of these cowboys tell some brave stories.

    Who knew that cats were so dangerous? I'm a dog person anyway.

No. 16: Ameriquest's "Romantic Dinner" Ad (2003)

85 of 100

    Ameriquest is back for the final time with their "Romantic Dinner" spot.

    Sometimes you want to impress your lady and whip something up in the kitchen and have it ready by the time she gets home. Sure, you may mess it up but at least you tried to do something nice for the special woman in your life.

    For this guy, things went horribly, horribly wrong. I'd hate to have that conversation.

No. 15: Budweiser's 9-11 Tribute Ad (2002)

86 of 100

    After September 11, 2001, our world changed.

    Budweiser wasn't oblivious to that as they put out an ad that only aired once. The iconic Clydesdales are seen running and they end up looking at the New York City skyline with the big gap where the Twin Towers used to stand.

    It was a moving ad and a fitting tribute.

No. 14: Bud Light's "Date Night" Ad (2001)

87 of 100

    When you're on a date that's going well, you're on top of the world.

    However, you have to calm yourself down and not tip your hand too much. You don't want to scare your date off and Cedric the Entertainer made the huge mistake of getting too worked up and it blew up in her face.

    Well it was more his date than him, but I'm sure it didn't go well after that.

No. 13: Budweiser's "Bud Bowl I" Ad (1989)

88 of 100

    Who cares about the Super Bowl when you have the Bud Bowl?

    It's one of the great rivalries in sports. We remember the epic battles between Budweiser and Bud Light. There are so many great players who have come through those teams and gone on to great things. But in all seriousness, it's an awesome ad.

    Who wants to lay down money on this game?

No. 12: Michelob Ultra's "Touch Football" Ad (2006)

89 of 100

    Playing football against women is always an interesting experiment.

    It's always funny to see guys look nervous when trying to tackle ladies in the open field and it's even better to see how serious some people take it. In this ad, some light trash talk turns into some serious business and ends in an ugly incident.

    Either way, it makes you laugh out loud and I love this ad.

No. 11: ETrade's "Trading Baby" Ad (2008)

90 of 100

    Everyone loves watching cute babies. No one will deny that.

    When that baby talks in perfect English and makes wisecracks while talking about investments, that just puts it over the top. ETrade put this spot together and the trading baby became a huge part of their marketing campaign.

    If you strike gold, you have to run with it.

No. 10: Bud Light's "Skydiving" Ad (2005)

91 of 100

    One thing I will never, ever do is skydive.

    I hate heights with a passion and no amount of money could compel me to do it. In this Bud Light ad, one man expresses the same hesitations and he's bribed to jump out with a case of beer. The only problem is, so was the pilot.

    I think that would make me jump out of a plane though.

No. 9: Heineken's "Walk In Fridge" Ad (2007)

92 of 100

    There are some women out there who love walk-in closets.

    For men, the pleasures are much different and Heineken knows that. As the women are freaking out over the clothes and the awesome closet, they hear the men doing the same over a walk-in fridge stocked to the gills with ice-cold beer.

    If only these things existed in this world.

No. 8: FedEx's "Desert Island" Ad (2003)

93 of 100

    If you remember the movie "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks, you remember that he was a FedEx worker who got stranded while doing his job.

    FedEx had some fun with this and decided to show how dedicated their employees are. One guy who gets stranded on an island is so determined to deliver this package that he holds on to it until he's rescued. If only he knew what was inside the package the whole time.

    I would have freaked out if I realized what was next to me the entire time.

No. 7: Reebok's "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" Ad (2003)

94 of 100

    Oh Terry Tate, why did you have to do 'em like that?

    In order to motivate employees, Terry Tate was brought in to be the office linebacker and beat down employees who weren't pulling their weight. The best part is how he trash talks them but takes the time to say hello to a female employee.

    He always was such a gentleman.

No. 6: Pepsi's Cindy Crawford Ad (1992)

95 of 100

    Cindy Crawford is one of the most famous women in the world and Pepsi got her to do an ad that was a monster hit.

    Crawford comes strutting out, looking as attractive as could be, as two young boys watched. They gawk over the supermodel and it turns out that it wasn't the woman they were mesmerized by, but the new Pepsi can.

    Give it a few years boys, I'm sure you'd be changing your tune.

No. 5: Budweiser's "Budweiser Frogs" Ad (1995)

96 of 100

    Sometimes the simplest ads can be the most effective.

    Take 1995's Budweiser ad with the iconic frogs. All they did was say "Bud-Weis-Er" and that's all it took for the ad to become a sensation and turn into a prolonged campaign. Those frogs are pop culture icons and we'll always remember them.

    This ad was a lock to be in the top 10.

No. 4: Pepsi's "Apartment 10g" Ad (1985)

97 of 100

    So this ad pretty much had it all.

    You've got a major celebrity in Michael J. Fox, an attractive woman, a bit of a sticky situation, action sequences, a rainstorm and to top it all off — another attractive woman! It was a very famous ad back in the day and it really rode Fox's star power.

    You have to love this ad and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we miss seeing Michael J. Fox act on a regular basis.

No. 3: McDonalds' "Nothing But Net" Ad (1993)

98 of 100

    When you bring two of the greatest basketball players of all-time for a Super Bowl ad, it's a safe bet that you have a winner on your hands.

    In this McDonalds spot, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird play a spirited game of Horse over a Big Mac and fries. With players of this caliber, you know the shots are going to be insane and the ad did not disappoint the fans out there.

    I just love how Jordan, the notorious gambler that he is, couldn't even turn down a bet for a sandwich. You have to love him.

No. 2: Apple's "1984" Ad (1984)

99 of 100

    This ad only ever aired once, but it made a monster impact.

    Apple does things big and this ad was the start of it. The company brought in Ridley Scott to direct this ad that makes analogies to George Orwell's novel "1984." All of this was to promote the Macintosh computer and it was a gamechanger in the ad industry.

    You have to appreciate how awesome this ad truly is.

No. 1: Coca-Cola's "Mean Joe Greene" Ad (1979)

100 of 100

    It all comes down to this—the greatest Super Bowl ad of all-time.

    Coca-Cola brought in "Mean" Joe Greene for this spot in which a small child offers Greene his soda, only for the Steeler to down the entire thing in front of him. However, the player rewards the child by giving him his game-worn jersey, which is a heartwarming end to the ad.

    What I want to know is why security let that kid get through for no apparent reason. If that happened today, he would have gotten the business end of a taser.