Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and The 25 Biggest Showboats in NFL History

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IDecember 31, 2010

Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and The 25 Biggest Showboats in NFL History

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    Favorite Movie: The Incredibles

    Favorite Song: All Eyez On Me

    Favorite TV Show: American Idol

    What do these generic questions have to do with the biggest showboats in football?

    Each player on this list agrees with the answers above.  

    They all think they're incredible, live to have all eyes on them and dream about being America's idol.

    Yeah, there are guys on this list that put the team first, but when they have a chance to be in the spotlight, they don't pass it up.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the 25 biggest showboats in NFL history.

25. Desmond Howard

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    Really?  Posing the Heisman in that game, in that atmosphere, after that play?  

    That had to be the single most legendary showboating performance ever, and he brought that swagger to the NFL.

24. William Perry

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    He wasn't as cocky as many of the guys on this list, but he put himself in the discussion with his celebrations.  

    When a guy his size gets into the end zone, a big deal is made about it, and he got into the end zone a lot.

23. Donovan McNabb

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    McNabb and his happy-go-lucky attitude is almost impossible to dislike.  

    That's why everyone always backs him up, but that's also why he's been traded and benched within the past two seasons.

22. Shawne Merriman

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    "Lights Out" is probably the most famous sack dance in the NFL today.  

    Too bad it doesn't come around all that often anymore.

21. Ricky Watters

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    Ricky Watters has one of the biggest heads not just in NFL history, but human history.  

    Watters could make the list of biggest trash talkers and head cases on top of showboating.

20. Shannon Sharpe

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    There are two types of showboats: the cocky type and the funny type.

    Sharpe was the funny type—more like hilarious type.

19. Joe Horn

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    Horn's "cell phone" celebration alone puts him on this list of biggest showboats in NFL history.  

    Of course, it's not like he never did anything else crazy in the end zone.

18. Thomas Henderson

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    What does this video have to do with "Hollywood" and his showboating?  

    Look closely: the use of "my" and "I" in the video, "Thomas 'Hollywood' Henderson Presents," by thhenderson; this dude made a YouTube account to put all the videos from his career on it.  Check out his other videos: all of them say, "the best linebacker ever."

    I don't know, I just found that hilarious.

17. Homer Jones

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    Homer Jones is the inventor of "the spike."  

    Many believe all of the end zone celebrations of today evolved from it.

16. Elmo Wright

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    Elmo is recognized as the inventor the end-zone dance.  

    He was actually a great player, but he will be forever known for his high stepping ability instead.

15. Jim McMahon

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    One of the few hot dog quarterbacks out there.  

    He tried to act cooler and tougher beyond his talent level.

14. Martin Gramatica

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    Martin Gramatica will forever be known as the kicker who celebrated after every successful field goal.  

    The video is actually of his brother Bill tearing his ACL while celebrating, an injury that made Martin quit putting on his usual post-kick party.

13. Ray Lewis

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    People have tried to mimic or mock "the dance," but Lewis probably couldn't care less.  

    He'll continue to do that, and his post-big-tackle celebrations, until he retires.

12. Ickey Woods

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    We're now in an age where each new touchdown celebration has to be different.  

    The Ickey Shuffle: arguably the most famous signature celebration in NFL history.

11. Brian Bosworth

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    A unique personality: a linebacker that payed more attention to his personal grooming than his tackling ability.  

    All flash, no substance.

10. Joe Namath

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    Who can forget "Broadway Joe's" outlandish guarantee that actually came true.  

    He was one of the earliest quarterbacks to wear white shoes... and fur coats.

9. Warren Sapp

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    Sapp's pre-game ritual involved running through opponents warm-up lines.  

    The mouth that blended in at Miami stuck out in the NFL.

8. Randy Moss

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    If this was a list of cockiest football players, Moss would even be higher on the list.

    Everyone remembers "the moon," but let's not forget everything else.

7. Michael Irvin

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    "The Playmaker" made a lot of plays.  After each of those plays, Irvin's wild side came out.  

    He was hated by the entire league, except for Cowboys fans, of course.

6. Mark Gastineau

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    Gastineau pretty much invented the sack dance.  

    All the "other stuff" about him eventually clouded an accomplished career.

5. Billy Johnson

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    "White Shoes" Johnson and the "Funky Chicken" led to everything you see in the end zone today.  

    He was one of the first to perform extensive end-zone celebrations.

4. Terrell Owens

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    Watch any video of the greatest end zone celebrations ever and T.O. will be in about half of them.

    Boast isn't the same word without a T and an O.

    When rumors of an attempted suicide by Owens surfaced, no one really believed them because, well, he loves himself too much to kill himself.

3. Chad Ochocinco

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    No player in league history can match Ochocinco's creativity on his end-zone celebrations.

    Sometimes I don't know how he thinks of them.

2. Deion Sanders

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    Not many players were more hated than Prime Time.

    Deion Sanders made the high step famous.  Of course, he high stepped faster than a lot of players could sprint.

1. DeSean Jackson

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    DeSean Jackson may not have the resume of showboating that players like Deion Sanders, Ochocinco or T.O. have, but by the end of his career with the pace he's at, he'll retire as the biggest showboat in NFL history.

    With the effort he's putting into his touchdown celebrations, he may earn that title undisputed by the end of next season.

    David Daniels is an NFL Featured Columnist and Writing Intern at Bleacher Report and a Syndicated Writer. Follow him at One Yard or on Twitter.

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