Brett Favre: A Timeline of the Good and the Bad

Andrew Robeson@SportswriterguyAnalyst IIAugust 6, 2010

Brett Favre: A Timeline of the Good and the Bad

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    By now, we are all used to the drama that comes with Brett Favre in the offseason.

    ESPN's 24 hour coverage of anything related to Brett Favre seems to generate more distaste for him than anything else.

    The worst part is that Favre's legacy has become his inability to retire.

    For all the bad things that have come with Favre, there has been plenty of good as well. Let's take a look.

1987-1990—Favre at Southern Miss

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    Favre was offered a scholarship from one school, Southern Miss, and they wanted him to play defensive back (say what?).

    Favre opted to try out for QB and began the season at seventh on the depth chart.

    By the second half of the third game of his freshman year, Favre was playing quarterback. He led Southern Miss to a come-from-behind victory against Tulane and never relinquished the starting role for the next four year.

    In 1990, just prior to the beginning of his senior year, Favre was in a near-fatal accident.

    His car flipped over three times and crashed into a tree.

    Just six weeks later and minus 30 inches of small intestine that doctors removed during surgery, Favre led Southern Miss to an upset victory over Alabama.

1991—Favre Is drafted

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    The Atlanta Falcons make Brett Favre the 33rd overall pick of the 1991 draft. 

    Coach Jerry Glanville tells reporters it would take a plane crash for Favre to play in a game.

1992—Favre Is Traded to Green Bay

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    After a disappointing rookie season (five pass attempts, two interceptions, and no completions), the Falcons shipped Favre to Green Bay for a first-round pick.

    Packers general manager Ron Wolf thought highly enough of Favre that he overruled his failed physical due to avascular necrosis of the hip.

1992—Favre Becomes Green Bay's Starter

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    It didn't take very long for Favre to get playing time in Green Bay. After a poor first half by quarterback Don Majkowski in the second game of the season, Favre got the duties for the second half.

    However, Favre's unremarkable performance didn't win him the starting job for Game Three. Majkowski would suffer a ligament injury, though, and Favre would once again enter the picture. 

    After four fumbles, Favre was almost removed in favor of Ty Detmer. Instead, he would lead the Packers to a comeback victory with 13 seconds remaining.

    No. 4 was the starter for the next game against the Steelers and that would be the beginning of his record consecutive starts streak.

1993-94—Favre Leads the Packers to Back-to-Back Playoff Appearances

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    Favre would become one of the league's premier quarterbacks in 1993, leading his team to the playoffs and earning his first Pro Bowl selection.

    In 1994. he would once again lead the Packers to the playoffs. It was the first time since Vince Lombardi was coach that the Packers made back-to-back playoffs. 

1995—Favre Wins First MVP Award

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    Favre would lead the Packers to the playoffs for the third year in a row. But, for the third year in a row, the Cowboys would eliminate the Packers. This time in the NFC Championship game.

    Favre's 4,413 yards, and 38 touchdowns were enough to win him his first MVP award and another Pro Bowl selection.

1996—Favre Recovers from Addiction to Win Super Bowl

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    The 1996 off-season was most remembered for Favre's admission he was addicted to the pain killer Vicodin and his entry into rehab.

    Lucky for him, his decision to enter rehab saved him from a fine and suspension (what would Roger Goodell think of that?).

    The Packers would beat the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers en route to facing the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl

    Favre would throw for 246 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for another. The Packers would defeat the Patriots 35-21 to win Super Bowl XXXII. 

    In 1996, Favre would win his second MVP award and be selected to yet another Pro Bowl.

1997—Favre Wins Third Consecutive MVP

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    The 1997 season was almost identical to 1996.

    The Packers made the Super Bowl, Favre won another MVP award, and was selected to another Pro Bowl.

    Only this time, the Packers fell short of another ring.

    Favre passed for 256 yard, three touchdowns, and one interception, but the Denver Broncos still managed to defeat the Packers 31-24.

1998-2000—Favre and the Packers Hit A Wall

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    In 1998, everything began to slow down for Favre and the Packers. 

    For the first since 1994, the Packers failed to make the NFC Championship as they were eliminated by the 49ers in the first round. 

    After the Packers defeat, coach Mike Holmgen accepted a job with the Seattle Seahawks. Also hurting the team was the retirement of Reggie White.

    The Packers dominance was over.

2001-02—Favre Signs an Extension

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    On March 1, 2001 the Packers and Favre agreed to what they called a lifetime extension. 

    The contract ran 10-years and was worth over $100 million. It would run until Favre was 41 years of age.

    Favre would return to the Pro Bowl in both the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

2003—Favre's Inspirational Monday Night Football Performance

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    A day after his father died in 2003, Favre took the field for Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders.

    Favre would throw for 399 yards and four first half touchdowns.

    "I knew that my dad would have wanted me to play. I love him so much and I love this game. It's meant a great deal to me, to my dad, to my family, and I didn't expect this kind of performance. But I know he was watching tonight," said Favre at the time.

    In 2003, Favre would be named to yet another Pro Bowl appearance.

2004- 2005—Favre's Family Struggles

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    In the year following the death of Favre's father, more tragedy struck his family.

    An ATV accident on Favre's property resulted in the death of his brother-in-law, Casey Tynes.

    Then his wife Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. After aggressive treatment, she would recover.

    As if things were not bad enough, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Favre family home in Mississippi.

    The off-field problems seemed to affect Favre on the field as the 2005 season was one of his worst. He threw 29 interceptions and had a QB rating of 70.9, which ranked him 31st in the league.

2006—Favre Reaches 400 Touchdowns in His 'Last' Season

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    On September 24, 2006 Favre joined Dan Marino as the only two quarterbacks in NFL history to throw for 400 touchdowns.

    Many speculated—and Favre, himself, said—that the 2006 season would be the quarterback's last. However, Favre announced on May 6, 2006 that he would return for the 2007 season.

2007—Favre's Rewrites the Record Books

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    Turns out, it was a good thing Favre didn't retire in 2006.

    September 16, 2007—Favre and the Packers defeat the New York Giants for Favre's record 149th win.

    September 30, 2007—Favre throws his 421st touchdown to surpass Dan Marino for number one on the all-time list.

    November 4, 2007—Favre and the Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. Favre becomes the third quarterback to have defeated all 31 NFL teams, joining Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

    The Packers would return to the NFC Championship in 2007, but lose to the eventual champion Giants. Favre extended his record streak of playoff games with a touchdown to 18 in the losing effort.

    Favre's historic season ended with another selection to the Pro Bowl.

2008—Favre 'Retires'

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    On March 4, 2008, Brett Favre announced his retirement from football.

    As early as July 2, 2008, it was reported that Favre was interested in returning to football. However, the Packers told Favre that Aaron Rodgers was their QB.

    So Favre asked for his release and got it. 

    Favre then applied for reinstatement on July 29, 2008 and it was granted on August 4. 

    Favre would report to the Packers training camp where he and the organization decided it was best to part ways.

2008—Favre Is Traded to the Jets

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    On August 7, 2008, Favre was officially traded to the New York Jets. 

    Favre and the Jets stormed out to an 8-3 record, but quickly faded.

    It was later learned that Favre had injured his arm in the 11th game.

    The Jets would fade in the standings and miss the playoffs by losing the final game of the season to the Miami Dolphins.

2009—Favre 'Retires' Again, Then Unretires Again

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    On February 11, 2009, Favre informed the Jets that he was once again retiring. 

    In late April of 2009, the Jets released Favre from his contract and then cut him in May. Thus, Favre was allowed to sign with any team.

2009—Favre Sides with the Arch Nemesis

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    On August 18, 2009, Favre would sign with the Minnesota Vikings. 

    Favre would be named the starter and, in Week Two, he set the NFL records for most consecutive starts at one position.

    Then, on October 5, 2009, he would become the first quarterback in NFL history to defeat all 32 teams when he defeated his former team, the Packers.

    The 2009 season would turn out to be one of Favre's best. He would once again make the NFC Championship, only to lose to the eventual champion Saints. In the losing effort, Favre set the playoff record for pass completions and passing yards.

    In 2009, Favre would once again make the Pro Bowl.

2010—Favre Still Uncertain

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    Now in 2010, fans are once again left to wonder if Brett Favre will return for another season.

    Favre has had surgery in the off-season to repair an injured ankle and rumor has it that his return will be based on how rehab on the ankle progresses.

    It was reported a few days ago that Favre told teammates and team officials that he planned to retire.

    Subsequently, it was announced the Vikings had offered Favre a $20 million contract, but Favre denied he had plans to retire.

    Favre would turn 41 during the 2010 season.