2010 NFL Mock Draft: Should Dallas Draft Idaho Guard Mike Iupati?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IApril 19, 2010

The game of football is like fighting in World War I. You win by controlling the trenches. If you can control the main part of the event, you will be favored to win every time.

Dallas has the guys in the trenches to win every time, but it is important to make sure that, just like in war, to be prepared for reinforcements. Football teams need capable men backing up the main starters, so that when a starter is injured, the team doesn’t have to panic.

Dallas has a starting line that are dominant. You have regular Pro Bowlers in right guard, Leonard Davis, and center, Andre Gurode. Left guard, Kyle Kosier, and right tackle, Marc Colombo, are also underrated players.

Now, Dallas has cut long time left tackle, Flozell Adams, so the absence of him not only saddens me as a fan, but also makes me worry about who is going to replace him on that line. Doug Free actually played last year due to Marc Columbo’s injury and apparently… Dallas feels comfortable about him being the starting player over Flozell Adams based on last year’s performance.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, has always been a gambler, so this is just him playing a poker hand with Doug Free as our ace in the hole.

Only one problem. I don’t think there is a single capable backup that has impressed me enough to where I will feel comfortable if an injury should occur.

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I think the best guy is Cory Proctor, and that’s the guy who couldn’t block well enough in 2008 after Kyle Kosier was hurt. Proctor was the main reason that Tony Romo broke his finger against the Cardinals that year, so if he’s our best guy on the depth chart, then we need more guys.

I’d rank the offensive linemen in the draft like this:

  1. Russell Okung, tackle, Oklahoma State
  2. Bryan Bulaga, tackle, Iowa
  3. Trent Williams, tackle, Oklahoma
  4. Mike Iupati, guard, Idaho
  5. Anthony Davis, tackle, Rutgers
  6. Charles Brown, tackle, USC

I don’t have Maurkice Pouncey on here because he is predominantly a center, and Proctor is a center himself. Dallas needs tackles and guards. Although Pouncey may be pounced on because he can also play guard.

The top three are in no way going to drop down to Dallas’ pick. My analysis of Okung is simple. The best lineman in the draft. Simple as that. This is a guy who I think is good enough to be the top overall pick. I’m not exaggerating either. He’s up there with Suh, Berry, McCoy, and Bryant in terms of talent.

Mike Iupati is the one I’m focusing on right now. He’s this 6′6, 330 pound, Herculean Samoan. Raw is the best way to describe him. You can feel his energy and might through the game film, but I think that he doesn’t know how to control his strength and his feet while moving.

The best way to cure that is coaching, and Dallas has great offensive line coaches. In fact, Dallas’ former offensive line coach is actually Tony Sparano, the head coach for the Miami Dolphins right now. Iupati can come here and learn from Leonard Davis and Kyle Kosier on how to dominate the line of scrimmage.

He runs a 5.26 forty time, which is sort of slow, but the same as the number two prospect, Bryan Bulaga. Sometimes Iupati plays too tall and can be pushed around, but he had 27 bench reps of 225 pounds at the combine.

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