Fantasy Football Brothers NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Bill ShermanContributor IFebruary 18, 2010

SAN DIEGO - DECEMBER 30:  Ndamukong Suh #93 of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers looks on during the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl against University of Arizona Wildcats on December 30, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The Cornhuskers defeated the Wildcats 33-0. (Photo By Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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This is our last mock draft until after the combine. There will be many players that will see their stock rise and fall based solely on their combine workouts. The combine is a great opportunity to watch the prospects and everyone gets to see their measurables.

Practice sessions are very important as well, but the most important part of the entire event is the team interviews which is something that no one except the teams are privy to. This is where the mis-information starts. Teams will say they love players when they don’t,compliment skill sets that players lack.

The biggest knock on the combine is that a player’s production on the field often gets over looked in favor of a blazing forty yard dash or a high repetition count when bench pressing. The Brotherhood will keep you in the know as our coverage of the NFL draft rolls right into the combine.

DT Ndamukong Suh remains at number one despite all the recent love from all of the mock draft pundits. People are falling in love with DT Gerald McCoy’s potential. Suh might not wow scouts with his measurables but his production on the field during his career cannot be questioned.

RB C.J. Spiller slides out of the first half of the draft and falls all the way to the Texans at 20. RB Ryan Mathews is the only other running back to earn a spot in the first round.

QB Jimmy Clausen remains out of the first round as we feel he has limited pro potential. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a team that needs a quarter-back trade back into the first round to get him late. St. Louis is the first team that comes to mind, or a Seattle team that has picks in the first half of the draft trading back to get him.

1. St. Louis Rams DT-Ndamukong Suh-Nebraska

Rams fans won’t have much to worry about with the drafting of Suh. He is a high motor guy that can stop and disrupt the run and put enough pressure on the QB. The Rams screwed up every 1st round defensive line pick in the beginning of the decade.

With such memorable misses in the 2001 draft with players like Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis being disasters the Rams made the situation worse with the drafting of the biggest bust two years later with the selection of Jimmy Kennedy.

After crapping out the Rams will finally have a decent core of Suh in the middle and have DE Chris Long on the outside. Allowing head coach Steve Spagnoulo some flexibility with DE/DT Adam Carriker. Carriker can move back to the outside or keep him inside.

2. Detroit Lions DT-Gerald McCoy-Oklahoma

Detroit Needs help everywhere, especially on the offensive line. There is not a tackle that rates this high. The Lions are desperate for help but unless they trade out, they would have to take McCoy right here.

He is an instant upgrade to the entire defense.  The offensive line is also in need desperate need of an upgrade. McCoy is all potential here and the Lions would be remiss if they passed on him here and reached on an offensive lineman.

3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers S – Eric Berry- Tennessee

Though the Bucs have glaring needs everywhere else, the Bucs would be wise to select the best available player right here. Berry is a potential game changer and he is often compared to Baltimore’s Ed Reed but if Berry can be half the player Reed is Tampa will have a pro-bowler for years to come.

4.Washington Redskins OT-Russell Okung-Oklahoma State

Okung would be an impressive building block for a newly installed Mike Shanhan offense. Shanahan’s offensive lines are usually built smaller and more athletic than other team’s lines so that they can execute his one-cut zone blocking scheme.

Okung is a hard working mauler with a great frame to add some weight. Especially if it is some good weight to make him an even better run blocker to go along with his great passing blocking.

5.Kansas City Chiefs OT-Anthony Davis- Rutgers

Davis is a great fit here especially for a Chiefs team that is  beyond desperate for offensive line help. This selection will also allow Brandon Albert to move inside to guard to further solidify their offensive line. Davis has the proto-typical size you look for in a franchise tackle. He needs some minor refinements but will start from day one.

6.Seattle Seahawks OT-Trent Williams-Oklahoma

While it may be hard for the Seahawks to pass up a potential franchise quarterback the risk is too great for Pete Carroll to pass by. The new coach would be wise to solidify his team from the inside out. Williams will shore up an offensive line that has been desperately missing Walter Jones.

An offensive tackle is a must with one of the Seahawks early first rounders.

7.Cleveland Browns CB-Joe Haden-Florida

The Browns began to take a step in  the right direction at  the end of the 2009 season. Cleveland has a glaring weakness in the secondary and Haden could potentially be a shut down corner, which would allow an up and coming  Browns defense to become even more aggressive. Haden is by far the best overall corner-back in the draft.

8.Oakland Raiders DE-Derrick Morgan-Georgia Tech

The Raiders get the best all-around defensive end. He can stop the run and put plenty of  pressure on the quarterback. He would be an instant upgrade of an aging Greg Ellis. Morgan can step right in and start. But after all it is the Raiders, and that might make too much sense.

9.Buffalo Bills QB-Sam Bradford-Oklahoma

Bradford is our highest rated Quarterback. He will have to show up healthy at the combine to hold on to the number one rank. Bradford has great accuracy, a plus arm and has enough mobility in the pocket to keep defenders off of him.

He has a quick release but his transition from the spread could take a little longer than QB Jimmy Clausen. Clausen is another potential QB for the Bills to grab here he is more NFL ready than Bradford but has limited upside in the pro game.

10.Denver Broncos (From Chicago) LB-Rolando McClain-Alabama

If the Broncos pass on WR Dez Bryant, McClain is the obvious pick here. McClain is a defensive playmaker that is a sideline to sideline player. He possesses great speed, can stop the run and get back into coverage. The Broncos need playmakers in the front seven and McClain is the best value here.

11.Jacksonville Jaguars DE-Carlos Dunlap-Florida

Dunlap has had some run ins with the law and has some character issue, but that will be all forgotten by the time the draft arrives. Dunlap is a play-making beast with great size and motor. He is an upgrade over DE Quinton Groves who has not lived up to his high draft selection. Dez Bryant is a possibility here as well.

12.Miami Dolphins WR Dez Bryant-Oklahoma State

Bryant is the premier wide receiver and the Dolphins would be more than happy if the consensus number one wideout landed in their laps at 12. While Ginn has shown some improvements as a receiver, the Dolphins offense would be well to do with another wide receiver allowing Ginn to play the slot and focus on kick returns.

Bryant has the size,hands and speed to attract the defensive attention the other wideouts do not garner.

13.San Francisco 49ers (From Carolina ) DE Jason Pierre-Paul -South Florida
Pierre-Paul is very raw, but is a powerful speed rusher that is disruptive and hard to contain. He can be lined up as an outside backer in passing downs and inside at the D-End spot to give different looks.

He is a perfect pass rusher in the49ers 3-4 scheme. He needs to add some bulk to stop the run if he is to play the defensive end spot on run downs.

14.Seattle Seahawks (From Denver) DT-Dan Williams-Tennessee

Though there are other offensive linemen available Carroll now focuses his attention to his specialty defense. The elite defensive ends are gone, so Williams is the choice here being the next best defensive tackle available.

He is a big guy that can fill holes and disrupt the pass by pushing the pocket. He possesses a non-stop motor, and upgrades a defense that needs playmakers. RB C.J. Spiller could go here as he begins to fall in the draft.

15.New York Giants ILB-Brandon Spikes- Florida

Though it's a little higher than the Giants would like to grab Spikes he fills a glaring hole at middle backer. Spikes will have to address some character issues at the combine but when on the field he is a leader. He is fast and strong and is a great replacement for the recently departed Antonio Pierce. Spikes will be on the field from day one.

16.San Francisco 49ers OT-Bryan Bulaga-Iowa

The Niners need a right tackle desperately and after filling a need on defense they select the best available offensive lineman. Bulaga is a solid tackle that does have some durability questions but is by far the best available and will solidify the Niners o-line as a complement to OT Joe Staley. RB C.J. Spiller is another possibility here.

17.Tennessee Titans DT-Brian Price-UCLA

Defensive linemen are at a premium in the NFL, and the Titans learned the hard way how much a good one means to a defense. Price is still young and raw but can take on blocks and find his way into the backfield. He has shown good speed and strength with potential to be a disruptive force in the middle.

18.Pittsburgh Steelers G-Mike Iupati-Idaho

With all of the top o-line and d-line guys gone, and too early for OT Bruce Campbell and DT Terrence Cody the Steelers select Iupati.

He is a solid hard nosed-grinder that could play tackle but is more suited to play guard in the NFL. Very strong, but also raw and will have to refine his technique. The Steelers need to improve the offensive line and keep QB Ben Roethlisberger upright.

19.Atlanta Falcons CB-Kareen Jackson-Alabama

The Falcons secondary was horrendous in 2009 and that is being kind. Jackson has the size and speed to match his play-making potential. He should break into the starting lineup no later than the fourth week of the season.

He needs to work on his tackling but what corner back doesn’t?

20.Houston Texans RB-C.J. Spiller Clemson

Spiller slides all the way to the 20th pick landing right in the Texans lap. Despite the Texans needs on defense, Houston cannot pass up the opportunity of the best back in the draft. The Texans have glaring questions at the running back spot.

RB Steve Slaton is coming off of season ending neck surgery and while RB Arian Foster showed some potential late in the season, Spiller becomes a must get.

Spiller is not a big back and gets dinged up a little too much but his play-making ability is unquestioned. He would be a home-run threat in the Texans one-cut system, and his game breaking kick return ability makes him a steal at 20.

21.Cincinnati Bengals S-Earl Thomas-Texas

The Bengals have a glaring hole at Tight-End and a need a receiver but there is no one here that provides enough value at this point. The Bengals continue to improve their defense with Thomas. Though Thomas is on the small side he is tough and athletic enough that he is a multi-dimensional threat and can play either safety or corner-back.

22.New England Patriots DE/OLB Brandon Graham-Michigan

Graham has the size to play either spot but could be smallish for a D-End in a 3-4. He possesses all of the intangibles that Bill Belichik likes in his players. He is a play-maker with a non-stop motor and is always near the ball. Though lacking ideal size he can only improve a line-backing corp that was sorely lacking a pass-rushing threat.

23.Green Bay Packers CB-Kyle Wilson-Boise State

The Packers need help in the aging secondary as witnessed during the playoffs after being torched by the Cardinals. Wilson provides an upgrade at the position.  A strong physical corner-back with speed is a must have for the Packers.

24.Philadelphia Eagles OLB-Sean Weatherspoon-Missouri

Weatherspoon is an athletic freak with speed to burn. He is an instant upgrade at line-backer for the Eagles and has all of the athleticism the Eagles love in defensive players. He is still raw and needs to work on his technique especially in diagnosing play, he tries to often to use his speed to make up for his mistakes and lack of instincts.

25.Baltimore Ravens TE-Jermaine Gresham-Oklahoma

By far he is the most talented tight end in the draft. He has some big durability questions that need to be answered. The Ravens need a wide receiver but Gresham is the best value here.

He has speed,size and soft hands making him a great target for QB Joe Flacco for years to come. His presence in between the hashes will take pressure off of the outside receivers. He needs a ton of work on his pass-blocking.

26.Arizona Cardinals DT-Jarid Odrick Penn State

Odrick will not blow you away with his measurables but he is a football player with great instincts, a hustler and a non-stop motor.  He can disrupt runs and has an uncanny ability to always find the ball. He needs to work on his pass rushing but can collapse and penetrate the pocket with his quick first step.

27.Dallas Cowboys OT-Bruce Campbell-Maryland

Campbell possesses all of the size and strength requirements but is lacking in the durability department. He is a much needed upgrade for the Cowboys offensive line and will see playing time immediately.

If he can overcome his durability issues and technique issues he becomes a huge steal for Dallas this late in the draft. He has the potential to become a franchise tackle.

28.San Diego Chargers RB-Ryan Mathews-Fresno State

Mathews is the Fantasy Football Brothers’ sleeper of the draft. He has prototypical size,speed and strength. He has great ability to make defenders miss and is very smooth in his cuts.

Mathews does not waste any steps when hitting the hole. He also shows great patience and vision often cutting back against the grain and finding a crease in little space.

29.New York Jets WR Arrelious Benn-Illinois

Benn is an unproven commodity at the receiver position. He has all the measurables you look for in a receiver. The size,speed and hands. He is a bit raw but could develop quickly with some coaching especially in the route running area.

Benn is the victim of poor quarterbacking while at Illinois and likely would have rated higher had Juice Williams been his quarter-back. The Jets are beyond desperate at the receiver and will have to reach here to get one.

30.Minnesota Vikings DT-Terrence Cody-Alabama

Cody is a huge presence in the middle.

Cody’s off-season stock has taking a beaten after showing up to the Senior Bowl having gained 16 pounds in a little over a month. If Cody can control his weight he can be a disruptive force in the middle and become and eventual replacement for the Williams.

He is a one-dimensional run stopper, but can collapse the middle in pass rush situations with a strong bull-rush and throwing his weight around.

31.Indianapolis Colts S-Taylor Mays-USC

Mays is a safety in a linebacker's body. He is great at run support and can lower the boom. His coverage skills are lacking and he doesn’t have great speed, but in a Tampa-2 defense he will get the necessary support to hide his weakness.

The Colts are a different team when S Bob Sanders is on the field but his on going injury struggles have forced the Colts to make this pick.

32.New Orleans Saints OLB/DE Sergio Kindle-Texas

Though Kindle is a bit over rated he provides great value here at the end of the draft. Highly productive during his career with the Longhorns, he has shown that he is multi-dimensional but he is at his best when getting after the quarterback.

He is an upgrade at the outside backer position even if it means just using him in blitzing situations until the rest of his skills catch up.


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