Greatest Ever: Golf: Top Ten Golfers of All Time

Barney Corkhill@@BarneyCorkhillSenior Writer IJune 20, 2008

The fifth installment of my Greatest Ever series is here!

In this series I will look at the greatest talents to grace various sports.

This time I look at Golf, and countdown the top 10 golfers of all time.


10. Bobby Jones (USA) - The child prodigy may have only been an amateur player, but Jones could hold his own against most other golfers on this list.

He is most famous for his "Grand Slam", where he won all four of the major golf tournaments of his era in a single calendar year.

Jones won seven major championships overall, including four U.S Open and three Open Championship wins.

9. Tom Watson (USA) - At the age of 58, Watson still occasionally makes appearances at PGA events, looking to add to his 64 professional wins.

In addition, he won eight major championships, including U.S Open, two Masters, and five Open Championship triumphs.

His rivalry with Jack Nicklaus brought out the best in him, with four of his major championships wins coming against the "Golden Bear".

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8. Gene Sarazen (USA) - Sarazen is one of only five golfers to complete the Career Grand Slam, which consists of winning all the major tournaments in his career. A pioneer of the game, Sarazen is credited with inventing the modern sand wedge.

He has seven major championship wins to his credit, including two U.S Opens, one Masters, three PGA Championships and one Open Championship. He recorded 41 professional wins, with 39 of them in PGA tour events, which is level with Tom Watson as the tenth best of all time.

7. Arnold Palmer (USA) - Nicknamed "The King", Palmer was another trailblazer for the sport of Golf, becoming one of the first stars of the sport's television age.

Probably unlucky to be this low down, he surely would have added to his 94 professional wins and seven major championship wins had he not been in direct competition with the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

His seven major championships included one U.S Open, two Open Championships and four Green Jackets as Masters winner.

6. Gary Player (RSA) - Another one of the five golfers to have completed a Career Grand Slam, the South African won nine major championships including U.S Open, three Masters, two PGA Championships and three Open Championships.

He also has over 160 professional wins to his name, a remarkable tally considering the competition of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

5. Walter Hagen (USA) - Only Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have won more major championships than Hagen, who has 11 to his name.

Those 11 include two U.S Open titles, five PGA Championships titles and four Open Championships. Unfortunately, he never won a green jacket.

4. Sam Snead (USA) - He may only have seven major championships to his name, but no golfer has ever won more PGA Tour events (82) than Sam Snead.

His career spanned over four decades, in which he battled with other greats including Ben Hogan. His seven major championships consist of three PGA Championships, one Open Championships and three Green Jackets.

3. Ben Hogan (USA) - With the fourth most PGA Tour wins ever (64) and fourth most major championships wins of all time (9), Hogan is one of the five golfers to win a Career Grand Slam.

His nine major championships consisted of four U.S Opens, two Masters, two PGA Championships and one Open Championships.

He is a four times PGA Player of the Year and five time PGA Tour money winner.

2. Tiger Woods (USA) - Commercially, he is the David Beckham of Golf, ability-wise he is the Pele.

The only reason he isn't topping this list is because his achievements don't yet match my No.1. Much like Federer in tennis, I have no doubt that Woods will become the greatest of all time.

He has earned hundreds of millions of dollars through winnings and endorsements, and is predicted to become the first ever man to become a billionaire through sports.

He has already broken numerous records, and has currently won the second most major championships of all-time (14) and third in the amount of PGA Tour wins ever (65).

1. Jack Nicklaus (USA) - The "Golden Bear" has won more major championships than any other person with 18. These included four U.S Opens, five PGA Championships, three Open Championships and an impressive six green jackets, the best ever total.

With 73 PGA Tour victories, only Sam Snead has won more, he became the first player to ever win all four major championships twice in his career.

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