Mercedes GP Trying To Sign Michael Schumacher

Stuart BairdCorrespondent INovember 21, 2009

The BBC are reporting that the newly formed team, Mercedes GP, are trying to sign seven time world champion Michael Schumacher for 2010. The new owners of Brawn GP are aggressively chasing Schumacher to join the team.

F1 pundit, and former team owner, Eddie Jordan believes that the German will race for the team.

"The possibility is being actively pursued and I believe it is going to happen ," said Jordan.

"It started with a meeting between Michael, Ross Brawn and Daimler chief executive officer Dieter Zetsche at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. "

Jordan has many close sources within the GP circus, and is usually well informed about the rumours that float around the F1 paddock.

The rumoured plan is that Schumacher would be a stop gap to allow the Mercedes team to steal Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing.

Schumacher's spokesperson, Sabine Kehm has commented on the subject.

"A return would be highly unlikely, but never say never."

Mercedes would have to try and lure Schumacher from the illustrious Ferrari team. Although Schumacher does not race for the team, at the moment, he plays a large role in advising the team, as well as helping to set up the prototype road cars at the factory. Schumacher is still currently linked with Ferrari with a lucrative contract.

But Eddie Jordan also had something to say about that too,

"At the moment, it is not possible for Michael to drive for Mercedes because he has a consultancy contract with Ferrari."

"But I understand he was due to meet Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo with a view to being released - and that it will be approved because it is in the interests of F1."

The evidence that is giving credence to this rumour is that Schumacher would be re-united with technical genius, Ross Brawn, who assisted all of Schumacher's seven world titles.

Schumacher has also previously raced for Mercedes, in his early racing career in sportscar racing, and so has already established a relationship with the company.

Mercedes GP has already said, many times, that the team will be an international team, not a German team, but if they succeed in signing Schumacher, or Vettel, then alongside Rosberg they will have made a German team.

If Schumacher does join Mercedes for a year or two, it would give him the chance to re-sign for Ferrari, bringing a legendary driver back to legendary team.

The F1 community was very excited about Schumacher's return in early August '09, but the plans were scuppered by a neck injury that was aggravated by testing an F1 car. At the time, Schumacher refused to comment on if he would be racing in 2010 or not. This lead to a lot of rumours suggesting that he would return for Ferrari in 2010.

Ferrari president, Luca Di Montezemolo, also added fuel to the fire, by saying that he would love Schumacher to return. The last time Montezemolo said that he wanted something to happen, it was Fernando Alonso to join the team. He also wants the German driver, Sebastian Vettel to join the team in 2012

This also suggested that Ferrari would push hard for a change in the rules to allow the teams to run three cars, instead of two. However, as of yet there has been no signal from Ferrari that it is pursuing this idea.

If Ferrari doesn't push for the third car in F1, then Schumacher may join the Mercedes team in order to get a race seat for 2010.


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