Scott Boras Says He Has Private Jet Protocol for Players Traded at MLB Deadline

Paul KasabianSenior ContributorAugust 16, 2020

FILE - In this Dec. 18, 2019, file photo, sports agent Scott Boras listens as Gerrit Cole is introduced as the newest New York Yankees player during a baseball media availability in New York. Boras recommends his clients refuse Major League Baseball’s attempt to cut salaries during negotiations with the players’ association, claiming team financial issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic have their origin in management debt financing. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)
Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

MLB agent Scott Boras told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and The Athletic on Saturday that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has arranged for his clients to travel via private jet to their new locations if they are dealt before the Aug. 31 trade deadline.

"So that deadline deals are not impacted by COVID, I am letting all owners know if any of our players are traded and asked to leave their existing teams' protocols, we have arranged a private jet protocol to allow players to be safely transported (between clubs)," Boras told Rosenthal, who tweeted out the response and read it on air during the New York Yankees' 11-5 win over the Boston Red Sox.

Rosenthal also provided a follow-up to that report: "Upon seeing report below, other agents immediately questioned whether Boras would be violating agent regulations. Boras clarified that he is merely arranging for jets to be available on short notice. Teams would need to pay for jets with idea of transporting players safely."

Boras sent that information after Rosenthal offered an on-air report regarding the possibility of numerous Red Sox being traded before the deadline, including Boras clients J.D. Martinez and Jackie Bradley Jr.

Not long afterward, Rosenthal revealed that Boras had reached out to him following the report, leading to the revelation about the private jets.

This trade deadline will be an odd one for numerous reasons. In addition to being a month later than usual, it will come less than four weeks before the end of the season.

Furthermore, any team that is looking for minor league prospects will have to assume the gamble of going off scouting information from 2019, with minor league baseball canceled this year.

In addition, the expansion of the playoff field from 10 to 16 teams will keep far more franchises in contention for the postseason than usual come trade deadline time, meaning fewer potential sellers.

That's all on top of other logistics, such as Boras' efforts to fly his clients on private jets if need be amid the pandemic.

The 2020 season has been shortened to 60 games. It is scheduled to end Sept. 27, and the playoffs will conclude with the World Series, beginning in late October.