B/R's Best MLB Ballpark 'ALCS, NLCS' Bracket Voting Results and Top Comments

Paul KasabianSenior ContributorJuly 10, 2020

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JULY 03: Wrigley Field is seen in this aerial view from a drone prior to summer works-outs on July 03, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Fenway Park and Wrigley Field will face off in Bleacher Report's "Best MLB Ballpark" title matchup after winning their respective league championship series voting contests on Thursday.

The Boston Red Sox's iconic park defeated the Seattle Mariners' T-Mobile Park by 1,600 votes. The Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field took down a tough challenger in the San Francisco Giants' Oracle Park by 500 votes.

Here's a look at the results thus far as well as the top comments from users for each championship series showdown. The number to the left of each park indicates its seeding in the playoff portion of the competition.


B/R's Best MLB Ballpark Voting Results

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AL Championship Series

1. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox): 2.6K votes

3. T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners): 1K votes


NL Championship Series

2. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs): 3.6K votes

1. Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants): 3.1K votes


AL Divisional Series: Matchup 1

1. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox): 2.2K votes

5. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles): 1.2K votes


AL Divisional Series: Matchup 2

2. Target Field (Minnesota Twins): 1K votes

3. T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners): 1.4K votes


NL Divisional Series: Matchup 1

1. Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants): 1.8K votes

5. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates): 1.1K votes


NL Divisional Series: Matchup 2

2. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs): 2.1K votes

3. Truist Park (Atlanta Braves): 1.2K votes


AL Wild Card

5. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles): 1.4K votes

4. Progressive Field (Cleveland): 1K votes


NL Wild Card

5. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates): 1.6K votes

4. Citi Field (New York Mets): 1.2K votes


Regular Season

AL East: Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox): 4.7K votes

AL Central: Target Field (Minnesota Twins): 2.3K votes

AL West: T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners): 2K votes

First AL Wild Card: Progressive Field (Cleveland): 1.8K votes

Second AL Wild Card: Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles): 1.7K votes

NL East: Truist Park (Atlanta Braves): 2.1K votes

NL Central: Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs): 3K votes

NL West: Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants): 3.2K votes

First NL Wild Card: Citi Field (New York Mets): 1.8K votes

Second NL Wild Card: PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates): 1.5K votes


Fenway Wins in Landslide over T-Mobile

There was no surprise here as Fenway Park, which has registered the most total votes in the competition, took home the American League pennant over T-Mobile Park.

Fenway is known for its Green Monster left field wall, the center field Bermuda Triangle and Pesky's Pole in right. Fans can sit on top of the Green Monster or hug right field and get close to the action.

Fenway also features a hand-turned scoreboard, a feature since the park's opening in 1912. The iconic Citgo sign still sits out past left field.

T-Mobile is a fantastic stadium in its own right and arguably the American League's nicest. The house that Ken Griffey Jr. built sports a brick facade, a retractable roof and unique areas throughout the park, such as Lookout Landing and The 'Pen.

B/R user zdsmith03 offered a unique viewpoint and looked at the debate from both sides.

"Objectively T-Mobile Park is a superior ballpark, but the history and experience of watching a game at Fenway was incredible (and I'm born and raised in Seattle, huge M's fan and hate the Red Sox)."

ElCidly may have provided the comment of the day in favor of T-Mobile.

"This is kind of like asking which plane is better: A modern cross-ocean commercial jet, or the first plane the Wright Brothers built. Both cool, but one is definitely nicer than the other."

In the end, Fenway took home the pennant. BCode4 got the most liked comment of the thread when the user said: "Fenway, not even close." That's how the voting went down as the Sox moved on to the ballpark World Series.


Wrigley Upsets Oracle

An upset (based on seeding) took place in the National League as Oracle Park, which is widely considered one of the best baseball stadiums, fell to Wrigley Field.

Wrigley carries an incredible century-long tradition and has iconic features such as the ivy outfield wall and its hand-turned scoreboard. It's also uniquely located on a residential block and offers perhaps the best fan experience one can get at any baseball stadium in the country.

Oracle might be the game's best ballpark, though, with incredible views looking past the outfield and fantastic sight lines throughout the park, no matter where one is sitting. It also features the game's best and most diverse food options, ranging from garlic fries and Poke bowls to Caribbean BBQ and gyros.

CALgoBears put in a vote for Oracle.

"Baseball is a family spectator event. What do we do in Wrigley besides watch baseball and eat? Nothing, food was lousy and kids and teen were begging to leave by the fourth inning. At Oracle, lots of side things to do besides baseball. Plus, the food selection is awesome."

Multiple users praised Oracle Park's atmosphere and sight lines, with Zenitram calling the view "the best in baseball."

Wrigley certainly had its ardent supporters, though, with many championing the experience of going to a Cubs game.

"If you want a true baseball experience, you're going to Wrigley Field," jumpman826 wrote.

"Been to both. LOVE both but nothing beats the environment over at Wrigley!" dustydust said.

Salburin also noted that the choice was Wrigley Field "hands down" and that "you can't beat the angles or the closeness of his historical stadium."

Wrigley's tradition beat Oracle's views and features by night's end, leading to a World Series showdown with Fenway.


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