Team Venus Ends Team Gronkowski's Win Streak on 'Game On!'

Blake SchusterAnalyst IJuly 2, 2020

Venus Williams pumps her fist after winning a game against Lauren Davis during first round play at the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament, Monday, Aug. 12, 2019, in Mason, Ohio. (AP Photo/Gary Landers)
Gary Landers/Associated Press

Rob Gronkowski's victorious run on CBS' Game On! has come to an end.

Team Venus, featuring Venus Williams, Joel McHale and Ian Karmel, took home the win on Wednesday night's episode with a 13-12 triumph. Team Gronk featured comedian Bobby Lee and WWE superstar Becky Lynch alongside the new Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

But Gronkowski wasn't the only tight end on the show, and host Keegan Michael Key made sure he knew it. McHale, who has gone on to star in NBC's Community and host his own shows, was a walk-on at the University of Washington and is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan.

McHale couldn't help but rep his team at the expense of Gronkowski and the New England Patriots.

Game On! @gameon

.@Venuseswilliams and @joelmchale's trash talking skills may be the thing that gives #TeamVenus the edge! #GameOn https://t.co/PL6AN0wChq

Gronk was able to shoot back when asked about playing Seattle in the Super Bowl by saying he's been in that game so many times it's hard to keep track.

That was only the setup for the evening's games.

First up, was a battle of human darts, in which Team Gronk was able to hit a bulls-eye with Bobby Lee as the dart, while McHale needed a few tries to hit the target himself.

Game On! @gameon

Second time’s the charm! 🎯 #TeamVenus #GameOn https://t.co/xFUWeUh6Ev

That led straight into an attempt for Gronkowski and Williams to set new Guinness World Records. Gronkowski tried to pop more than 100 balloons in less than 30 seconds by sitting on them one at a time—he only popped 27—while Williams tried to finish a 10-meter heel-to-toe walk in less than 11 seconds.

Game On! @gameon

Poppin’ balloons with his badonkagronk. 😂 #GameOn https://t.co/68NLBpXzlG

Neither came anywhere close to beating the records, but Gronkowski nearly set the record in the heel-to-toe walk after deciding to give it a shot.

Game On! @gameon

SO CLOSE! #GameOn https://t.co/RWvMKe0RuP

Game On! @gameon

A valiant attempt by @Venuseswilliams at setting the @GWR title for fastest 10m Heel to Toe Walk. https://t.co/cyzn1QY1Ry

The third challenge featured a round of trivia that produced a fascinating fact about Gronkowski.

While discussing sports superstitions and pregame rituals, the 31-year-old admitted on every game day he makes sure to have a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich with a chocolate milk, and it's hard to argue with the results.

When Key asked Lynch if she did anything before matches, her response was as fierce as her fans would expect.

"Does a lion warm up before he catches his prey?" Lynch said.

Finally, the two teams had to nominate a member to face a sumo wrestler while the remaining members answered trivia questions. This is where Team Venus made up the ground, as they sent in Karmel to buy them time while Team Gronk tried to use the much smaller Bobby Lee to their advantage.

Game On! @gameon

What a comeback! Congrats on the win, #TeamVenus! #GameOn https://t.co/Gfx5ayFjvZ

It did not work, and Lee had to suffer the consequences as punishment for the loss.

Game On! @gameon

Yup, @bobbyleelive will definitely be sore in the morning. #GameOn https://t.co/95hPYJNXEI

Game On! airs at 8 p.m ET Wednesdays on CBS. Team Gronk will look to get back in the win column next week, while Team Venus looks to make it two in a row over their opponent.