Kamal Martin NFL Draft 2020: Scouting Report for Green Bay Packers' Pick

Matt Miller@nfldraftscoutNFL Draft Lead WriterApril 25, 2020

Minnesota's Kamal Martin against Purdue during the first half in a NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King)
Andy Clayton-King/Associated Press



—Impressive straight-line speed and power; will deliver some thump at the line of scrimmage.

—Apparent play strength; can provide some pop when he's locked in.

NFL-ready frame (6'3", 240 lbs) and length (34" arms); will slide right into an NFL weight room competitively.

—Will bring some immediate special teams value and versatility based on straight-line athleticism.



—Poor tackling technique leads to far too many missed tackles or tackles that allow for extra yardage.

—Hesitant and late to diagnose, perhaps because of shifting role at Minnesota; doesn't have sustained experience at one position, and it shows in his lack of comfort in a specific role.

—Fills downhill without rhyme or reason and lacks consistent technique or plan to disengage or avoid blocks; will run himself into blocks without purpose.

—Underwhelming coverage skills, largely due to an inability to change direction with route breaks; upright in his movement and struggles to redirect weight and balance laterally.



Martin moved around quite a bit while playing for Minnesota. While positional flexibility can be seen as a positive for some prospects, it may have hindered Martin's development. He struggles to diagnose blocking schemes from an off-ball linebacker position and often throws his body into the mix haphazardly. He has excellent length on an NFL frame and will surely provide value early in his career. However, he'll have to improve his technical nuance at the position to become any sort of viable starter.



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