Super Bowl Commercials 2020: Latest Info on Ad Costs, Leaks and Movie Trailers

Jake RillSenior Analyst IIJanuary 28, 2020

MIAMI, FLORIDA - JANUARY 27: A general view of Hard Rock Stadium prior to Super Bowl LIV on January 27, 2020 in Miami, United States. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Mark Brown/Getty Images

Most days, many television viewers tune out during commercial breaks. Not on Super Bowl Sunday, though.

The Super Bowl is known for more than just exciting football, as funny commercials and big movie trailers have frequently been featured during the NFL's biggest game over the years. And there are a lot of people tuned in.

Last year, Super Bowl LIII drew 98.2 million viewers, according to USA Today's Gary Levin, and that was an 11-year low for Super Bowl viewership. That's why a 30-second commercial spot for this year's broadcast on Fox cost up to $5.6 million, according to Sheila Dang of Reuters.

There are several big companies that always have an advertisement during the Super Bowl, and some even tease their spots ahead of time. But there will also likely be some surprises in store.

Heading into Sunday's matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, here's what we know about what to expect from this year's Super Bowl commercials.


Super Bowl Leaks and Trailers

What better way to promote a product than with a celebrity endorsement? That's why several popular figures are sure to appear in commercials on Super Bowl Sunday.

Rap legend MC Hammer is set to appear in a Cheetos commercial, which will be the first Super Bowl ad for the popular snack food since 2009, according to Adweek's Diana Pearl. Cheetos has already been teasing the commercial, which will show the singer eating the product in an ad set in 1989.

If you're more into modern rap music, Lil Nas X, known for "Old Town Road," will also be promoting a popular snack food, as he's set to star with actor Sam Elliott in a Doritos commercial that has already been teased.

It's not a surprise Doritos is capitalizing on the popularity of Lil Nas X, who is now a Grammy-winning artist after winning a pair of awards Sunday night.

Budweiser is another company known for having popular Super Bowl ads, and it will again have a presence during this year's game. Its commercial is focused on typical Americans, showcasing different types of people in the country.

Ahead of the game, Budweiser has already released its ad on Twitter.

One Super Bowl marketing campaign that has garnered a lot of attention in the past week is from Planters, which killed off longtime mascot "Mr. Peanut" during a pre-Super Bowl commercial spot. However, following the death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on Sunday, the company announced on Monday it is pausing the campaign, according to Jessica Wohl of Ad Age.

Other companies that have already teased Super Bowl ads include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, TurboTax, Hyundai, and Olay. There will also be political ads from President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg.

In terms of movie trailers, it's a good bet that Disney could have multiple ads. Onward and Mulan are both set to be released in March, so there's a good chance they could be the films that are featured.

It's also possible the company will advertise its Disney+ streaming service, which was launched in November.

Another upcoming movie that could have a trailer during the Super Bowl is Sonic the Hedgehog. Set to be released less than two weeks after the game, the movie has already drawn a lot of attention after it was delayed so the CGI look of the title character could be changed.

DC's Birds of Prey and No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's fifth James Bond movie, are other highly anticipated films that could have trailers aired during the Super Bowl. But at this point, all of the movie talk is just speculation, as none have been officially announced to be featured during Sunday's big game.