Josh McDaniels: Patriots Have Room Simulating 4-5 Hours of Sleep in 40 Minutes

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2019

ARCHIVO - En esta fotografía de archivo del 2 de diciembre de 2018, el coordinador ofensivo Josh McDaniels observa el calentamiento de su equipo, los Patrios de Nueva Inglaterra, antes del partido contra los Vikings de Minnesota en Foxborough, Massachusetts. (AP Foto/Elise Amendola, Archivo)
Elise Amendola/Associated Press

If you've ever wondered how the New England Patriots always seem to be one step ahead of the curve, Josh McDaniels may have given us their cheat code.

The Patriots offensive coordinator revealed to reporters Thursday that the Patriots coaches have a room at Gillette Stadium with a float tank that simulates four to five hours of sleep in 40 minutes.

Does the math work out the same if you sleep in there longer? Would, say, four hours of sleep give you the same feeling as a full day? 

Asking for a friend. Because that sounds amazing.

Seriously, though, this shouldn't come as a shock. Sleep science has been pushing the importance of rest for years. Players across all sports have increasingly adopted measures to maximize their sleep schedules, ensuring they're at peak performance.

The same goes for coaches. While they don't necessarily need their bodies to be in peak physical condition, their minds cannot be filled with grogginess when making split-second decisions or studying film. Coaches work round-the-clock, so finding ways to take advantage of small rest windows could be a competitive advantage.

Odds are the Patriots aren't the only ones with this luxury at their team facility. 


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