LeBron James Previews Kendrick Lamar's New Album Before Release on Instagram

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistApril 13, 2017
Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

LeBron is playing the new Kendrick Lamar album on his Instagram story (video via Instagram): https://t.co/Tr09p3hWN0

[Warning: Lyrics contain profanity

The day before Kendrick Lamar is slated to release his newest album, LeBron James teased snippets of Damn. through an Instagram story. 

Last year, the influential NBA superstar successfully encouraged Lamar to release an album of untitled tracks. The rapper complied with untitled unmastered

Now the Cleveland Cavaliers icon is using his immense popularity to promote Lamar's music. On Thursday, he amplified excitement for Lamar's upcoming album by jamming out to his unreleased songs. Bleacher Report's Tyler Conway shared some of the 15-second clips on Twitter:

Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

More LeBron/Kendrick: https://t.co/7pLv8v2GTe

Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

Same, LeBron. Same. https://t.co/Afcgo2OAOw

Tyler Conway @jtylerconway



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