Browns and Cardinals' Back-and-Forth on Twitter Ends Terribly for Cleveland

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2015

A Cleveland Browns fan watches after Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker kicks a 32-yard field goal to defeat the Browns 23-21 in an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Richard)
David Richard/Associated Press

After getting into a battle of quips on Twitter, the Cleveland Browns found out the Arizona Cardinals don't mess around.

They will hit you where it hurts.

On Thursday afternoon, the Browns innocently tweeted a picture of their stadium:

Cleveland Browns @Browns

Looking good, @FEStadium... 😏 http://t.co/yXRcD5MxzC

Arizona is scheduled to visit Cleveland for the first time in more than a decade this year, so the Cardinals wanted to let the Browns know that they were looking forward to their meeting in Week 8:

Arizona Cardinals @AZCardinals

@Browns @FEStadium Looking forward to Nov 1. We have not seen the #DawgPound since 2003 when @BruceArians was on YOUR sideline!

To have some fun, the Browns let the Cardinals know what happened the last time the two teams met in Cleveland:

Cleveland Browns @Browns

.@AZCardinals the #DawgPound is looking forward to it too ❤️ http://t.co/8Yc3bZ4ChG

Game on.

Instead of sitting back and taking it, Arizona responded by dropping the hammer:

Arizona Cardinals @AZCardinals

.@Browns Wow. Ok. And since then? Postseason Games: #AZCardinals 7 #Browns 0 http://t.co/YbMoQ70JmM

The 2015 season has yet to begin, but the Cardinals have already claimed victory over the Browns.