Randy Moss Explains How He Met Deion Sanders, Didn't Get Drafted by Cowboys

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 11, 2014


Randy Moss is syrup. He's a caramel drizzle pouring down into a hot coffee. He is no longer solid.

This, Moss says, is the sensation he felt when he met Deion Sanders for the first time.

Moss recently sat down for a Fox NFL Kickoff segment called "Randy Remembers." The future Hall of Famer told an amusing anecdote about how he thought he would be selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1998 NFL draft.

This did not come to pass (the Cowboys drafted North Carolina linebacker Greg Ellis eighth overall instead), of course, but the buildup to the Cowboys' non-draft was extravagant and weird, to hear Moss tell it.

Jerry Jones told me that 'If you're still on the board when we select, we're going to get you. So I was in Dallas right before the draft, I think it was a five o'clock dinner or something. So I get down there early, but somebody says…‘Randy you don't got to go to the dinner tonight.' So I'm thinking like, 'What have I done? Is everything OK?'

'Yea, there's going to be a limo here to pick you up to take you over to Deion's house.'

This is when Moss turned to soup.

"Prime Time?" Moss exclaims. "I'm going to Deion Sanders'?! ... I'm going to tell you what, you could've melted me and put me in a cup."

Moss arrived at Sanders' house and waited for the Cowboys cornerback to show up on the scene. Like most people who find themselves unattended in a house that's way too nice for them, he opted to stand and not breathe on anything.

After a bit he began fiddling around on Sanders' in-home Pac-Man arcade game and describes hearing Sanders' "church shoes" stomping through the house.

The two met, spoke and Moss claims he doesn't remember how many lies he told to his friends back home about the crazy stuff they did that night—because no one on the Dallas Cowboys did anything crazy in the '90s.

It's a funny story from Moss, who was a rising star from the sticks of West Virginia in 1998. After being burned by the Cowboys, he was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings with the 21st overall pick and immediately began incinerating NFL defenses as no other rookie wide receiver had before.

ESPN will air its 30 for 30 episode "Rand University" detailing Moss' life and career Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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