Irish People Watching Baseball for the First Time Is a Joy

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 31, 2014


As I've noted before, baseball is a strange sport.

The game moves at a snail's pace, the scoreboard is a wall of hieroglyphics, and a large cross section of Americans can't decipher the sport's endless statistical abbreviations.

Newcomers to baseball need expert guidance—or, rather, the exact opposite of what these Irishmen received while watching a World Series match this October.

Redditor gapmunky spotted a video by YouTube comedy group Facts, which placed several pairs of Irish people in front of a television broadcasting Major League Baseball's annual championship series.

Warning: Video contains some adult language.


They watched the San Francisco Giants play the Kansas City Royals in Game 1 without any supervision or help, and they came up with some spectacular ideas as to how the game works.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Maybe it was out. Maybe it was a false."

"The ones on the left, where it says zero-zero. That's the main point. So you have to get a few of those other ones...and then you get a big point."

"Rolling in score points."

"RISP…isn't that when you can't say your words?"

"Hunter Pence…these lads have the coolest names…Shields…Belt. They're all like items…inanimate objects."

"What happened there?"


Indeed, something happened, but not at the pace these lads were hoping for. After the first half of the first inning, they were already hoping for a bit more excitement.

"I was really hoping to see some fast-paced homers," said one man, who unfortunately only saw Hunter Pence knock a two-run home run while watching the game.

I only wish the video went longer.

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