Sergio Ramos' 10 Worst Fouls

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014

Sergio Ramos' 10 Worst Fouls

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    Sergio Ramos is a world-class defender with a World Cup, two European Championships, a Champions League and three La Liga title to his name.

    The Spaniard is, however, rather prone to incidents of poor discipline.

    During Tuesday's Spanish Super Cup first leg, the man with 19 career red cards appeared to hit Mario Mandzukic in the face. This unnecessary violence inspires our list of Ramos' 10 worst career fouls... 

Real Madrid vs. Celta Vigo, January 2013

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    During Los Blancos' 4-0 Copa del Rey win over Celta Vigo in January 2013, Ramos was booked for fighting with the opposition.

    Not long after, he was given his marching orders for a horrendous studs-up challenge that caught Augusto Fernandez on the chest and neck. 

    That was easily worth a red card on its own merit. 

Villarreal vs. Real Madrid, March 2012

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    In 2011/12, Ramos broke the Real Madrid red-card record previously held by Fernando Hierro in a match against Villarreal, with his 11th league and 14th total dismissal.

    He earned his second yellow of the night for a fairly graceful-looking pirouette tackle that also saw him elbow opponent Nilmar in the face.

    Shortly afterwards, Mesut Ozil was also sent off for giving the referee a piece of his mind.  

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, January 2012

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    Sergio Busquets may have a reputation for falling down rather easily, but he had a genuine cause for complaint during a King's Cup Clasico in January 2012 when his international teammate elbowed him in the face during an aerial duel.

    Ramos was subsequently sent off and Madrid failed to reach the final.  

Espanyol vs. Real Madrid, September 2005

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    This is where Ramos' beautiful relationship with red cards all began.

    In September 2005, early in his debut season, the fresh-faced long-haired defender earned a second yellow in a league match against Espanyol with a ridiculous body check that sent his opponent tumbling to the floor. 

    Keep watching the clip above to see the rest of his red-card repertoire. 

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, November 2010

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    During an ill-tempered Clasico at the Camp Nou in 2010/11, Mr Ramos managed simultaneously to tackle a teammate and injure Lionel Messi.

    In the aftermath, he shoved Carles Puyol to the ground, at which point the referee decided to unsheathe his red card.

    As he left the field, Ramos also shoved Xavi for good measure.  

Real Madrid vs. Granada, January 2014

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    After tackling an opponent and a teammate in the aforementioned Clasico, Ramos offered us another 2-for-1 special during a match against Granada in January 2014.

    As Marcelo went to close down an opponent, Ramos waded in with a pretty rough slide tackle that stopped both men in their tracks.

    He was not punished for this. 

Real Madrid vs. Villarreal, February 2014

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    There are many ways for a defender to stop an opposing striker, but pulling him to the ground from behind is not among the legitimate methods. 

    This is exactly what Ramos did to Gio Dos Santos in a league match against Villarreal last season. Once again, he was given no punishment for it. 

Osasuna vs. Real Madrid, December 2013

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    In a December 2013 league match against Osasuna, Ramos was already on a yellow card when he dealt with opponent Roberto Torres with a sharp swing of his (rather over-used) elbow. 

    Cue career red card No. 18. 

Real Madrid vs. Galatasaray, April 2013

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    During a Champions League match with Galatasaray in 2012/13, Ramos ended up on the floor after going for the ball with Didier Drogba.

    Perhaps the Spaniard strained a muscle while delivering an acrobatic chest-high kick to his Ivorian counterpart. Regardless, the referee waved off the incident. 

    In Los Blancos meeting with Gala the following season, the gods of karma were watching on as Ramos was instructed to take an early shower

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, December 2007

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    The clip above shows several instances in which Ronaldinho skipped past Sergio Ramos as if he wasn't there.

    Clearly, Ramos had so much pent-up frustration in him that he simply chose to blindly hack the tricky Brazilian from behind when they met in a 2007/08 Clasico (see it from [0.52] in the video). 

    It's not as bad as some of the fouls on this list, but his complete lack of interest in playing the ball is quite amusing. 

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