Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2014: Watch Company's 'Doberhuahua' Ad

Matt Fitzgerald@@MattFitz_geraldCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2014

The Audi logo is seen on the new 2015 A3 sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, in Los Angeles. The auto show opens to public on Friday, Nov. 22. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

Audi has taken an interesting and ultimately successful approach with its full advertisement during the Fox Super Bowl XLVIII telecast Sunday, Feb. 2.  

An uproarious "Dog Show" teaser for the full ad suggested that canines are somehow involved in the latest promotion, and the full-length commercial that followed didn't disappoint:

This "Doberhuahua" concept will occupy a 60-second slot and it's a funny use of time. The big head and small body creates a humorous hybrid dog that wreaks havoc and creates a sort of apocalyptic setting.

Audi's new A3 model is the car that is being promoted, with the ending tag line reading, "Designed without compromise." So the lesson is to avoid compromising, as the couple in the commercial does in deciding between two types of dogs to own, then deciding to mix them.

Perhaps the best part was renowned songwriter Sarah McLachlan's cameo, imploring viewers to help the "misunderstood animals."

Barry Brecheisen/Associated Press

A known animal rights activist, McLachlan takes this commercial to another comedic level with her deadpan brief performance.

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The teaser was very suspense-heavy and this bold move to grab a 60-second spot was a rather big risk given the investment a 30-second ad is ($4 million, per AdAge.com). That doesn't even include the production costs, either.

An excellent ad emerged as the end result, and it should help Audi sell even more cars moving forward. Now all that remains to be seen is whether the "Doberhuahua" enters the pop culture lexicon upon the advertisement's viewing from the millions tuning in for Sunday's big game.

Let's take a look at the teaser, too, and break down the optimal execution Audi's marketing team pulled off by using this as a mysterious launching point into a strong Super Bowl XLVIII effort:

Two announcers kick off the spot from the 45th Annual Logan Hills Dog Show, where they are discussing an unprecedented dog breed. The camera then scans across what are presumed to be judges, seemingly concerned with what is in front of them. One of the judges exits the frame cringing.

As the dog's haunches become increasingly tense, it becomes clear that something wacky is about to happen. Just then, the screen goes to black and states, "Something scary is coming," then cuts to the frantic announcers scrambling away from the apparent beast.

For all the hoopla generated by this animal, the teaser ended in a cliffhanger, imploring audiences to wait for Super Bowl Sunday before the grand revelation.

Instead of keeping viewers in the dark, though, Audi decided to release the big-game ad before Sunday, Feb. 2.

Audi can chalk this commercial up as a worthwhile albeit expensive investment in pushing its quality product in a savvy, humorous way.