Astros Player Tries to Bunt in Most Astros Manner Possible

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 15, 2013

Jonathan Villar was tired of waiting around for his chance to bunt, so he just flung the bat at the ball instead. 

Yeah, that didn't work out well for him. 

Logan Rhoades of BuzzFeed spotted one of the more hilarious moments from the Houston Astros' extra-inning win over the Oakland A's on Wednesday. 

We take you to the sixth inning of a scoreless game when Villar comes up to bat against Jarrod Parker. Wanting desperately to get something started, the shortstop decides to open the at-bat by laying one down. 

Let's just say the 22-year-old decides to go with the less formal manner of bunting and tosses the bat at the ball. Hey, it's quicker, flashier and would have been a humdinger had he been successful. 

Instead, he comes away looking foolish, which is par for the course for a team that hasn't enjoyed the smoothest of sailing this season

Rest easy, Astros fans. This tale actually has a happy ending, because Villar would end the at-bat with a single to center, turning an embarrassing moment into a personal triumph. 

If that weren't enough, the team that owns a league-worst 39-80 record actually took its second game in a row, winning 2-1 in the 11th. 

Like the Bad News Bears, the Astros may not win the championship, but they've won our hearts. 

In fact, Villar managed to make the fine art of bunting far more exciting. We say keep on throwing that bat at the ball, because it's sure to work out for you at some point. We will be here waiting. 

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