What Would It Take for the New York Jets to Trade Darrelle Revis?

Erik Frenz@ErikFrenzSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2013

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 04:  Darrelle Revis #24 of the New York Jets walks to the field before the start of the Jets game against the Washington Redskins at FedExField on December 4, 2011 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
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At his first press conference as general manager of the New York Jets, John Idzik shot down the rumors that the team was exploring trading cornerback Darrelle Revis, calling those rumors "way premature." 

"I haven't even had a chance to sit down and really vet through our roster with Rex and his staff and the personnel staff," Idzik said, "so I think it would be presumptuous to say anything on that."

It may be presumptuous to say they're looking for a trade, but it's not difficult to understand why the Jets would at least look into itIf the Jets conclude they can't keep him beyond 2013 (important to remember: the Jets can't franchise tag him after 2013), it's better to get something for him now than to get nothing for him later, when he walks in free agency.

In determining what the Jets might get for Revis, it depends on how he is recovering from ACL surgery, how other teams feel about his contractual situation and his value to those teams.

Those factors also play a part in what it will take to get Revis away from the Jets.

The injury may not play as much of a factor as some might think; there are so many recent stories of players returning from ACL surgery in short order. Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Adrian Peterson are all examples of players who recovered quickly from the injury and continued to play well, or even better than before.

Revis is not Brady, Welker or Peterson, but he is a competitor and will do whatever it takes to be 100 percent ready for 2013.

Besides, the injury happened in Week 3, early enough in the year that it allows him nearly a full 12 months between the injury and the next regular-season game he'll play in.

What would be fair value to get for him? I polled Jets fans on Twitter and responses were all over the map. One popular response:

@erikfrenz 2 firsts.

— Max Ratliff (@maxratliff13) January 24, 2013

I know Revis is one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but he only has one year left on his deal. Whichever team gets him is going to have to pay him handsomely, and soon.

To give up two first-round picks is mortgaging the future of the franchise, while also paying Revis later this year. 

Also, for the most part, when a star cornerback has been traded recently, it hasn't garnered more than a player in addition to a second-round pick. Here are three somewhat recent major trades that have involved a talented cornerback:

Bailey was coming off an All-Pro season at the time of the trade, Cromartie had his All-Pro season two years before the trade and Revis was an All-Pro in 2011.

That's enough to say, with a fair degree of certainty, that Revis could command a high draft pick at the very least. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Jets try to get a player in addition to the draft pick, though, as NYJetsDaily.com points out.

@erikfrenz if I had to choose, give me a top flight WR for him. Maybe a RB. My point, just an offensive playmaker. Gonna need em in the WCO.

— NYJetsDaily.com (@DailyNYJets) January 24, 2013

Indeed, the Jets lack playmakers at the skill positions on offense. Getting down to specifics is impossible without knowing which teams are interested.

No matter who is interested, though, the value is in the eye of the beholder, and in that regard, the Jets could have a problem on their hands.

 Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has already reported on a source claiming that Rex Ryan doesn't want to deal the star cornerback. However, Associated Press Jets writer Dennis Waszak Jr. pointed out why Rex can't go public in his opinion on Revis like he did in 2010.

Rex Ryan badly wants Revis here. Everyone knows that. He can't say that, though, because his statements "hurt" past #Jets' negotiations.

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) January 24, 2013

When it comes to the topic of fair trade value, this could be an issue. Will Rex get in the way if or when a trade negotiation comes down to brass tacks? If he does, will the other team balk at the offer from Revis' biggest fan?

In looking at the potential trade value for Revis, the Jets should be expecting fair compensation in the form of a high draft pick and/or a player in addition.

There are so many factors at stake we don't know about that it's hard to get a read right now.

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